5 Tips For Your Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Here are five tips that will help you plan step by step your influencer marketing campaigns!

April 12, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Are you new to the influencer marketing world? Don’t worry, we are here to share a few tips that will make your influencer journey way easier and enjoyable! Influencer marketing has shown great results for a while and brands are increasingly working with influencers. Partnering with a content creator is quite an experience! But as much as the results can be impressive, the process that precedes the influencer marketing campaigns needs time, work, and some planning. And that is why we are sharing five tips to get you started! 

Build your Influencer Marketing Strategy

Building an influencer marketing strategy is about defining objectives, finding influencers, planning your content and so on. So we’ll be giving you five tips, which are actually five steps you can follow to create a steady influencer marketing strategy and be able at the end, to plan the best influencer marketing campaign for your brand. Let’s start off with the first step: defining your goals!

1. Define your influencer marketing campaigns’ objectives

Before anything else, it's imperative to define what you want to achieve from your campaign and what you want from the influencers you'll be working with. Once you have a clear idea of the audience you will be targeting, it will be much easier to define and put into place your campaign strategy. Depending on your niche audience’s needs and expectations, your campaign's approach will differ! The content will also evolve depending on the type of content creators you intend to collaborate with. For instance depending on the needs of the brand, such as requiring visibility, engagement or an increase in sales, and your brand budget, you’ll be able to define the best influencer tier for your campaign. Then regarding these same needs, the type of content will evolve as well. If you need a visibility boost, you can run a contest or if you need to generate sales, the influencer can offer a promo code with a commission for each sale they generate (so you can follow the ROI of your partnership). Finally if your brand needs to work on its image, then you can work in an event/video with an influencer that matches your values and the image you want to project.

2. Choose the right influencer for your brand

Choose quality over quantity. Work with quality influencers, i.e., influencers with an engaged community and qualitative content. Spending hundreds and thousands on a mega influencer that barely brings you any sales is a common trap and a waste of time! But then, how can you be sure to find the best influencers? 

In short, take the time to choose the nugget that will make your campaign a success. You will avoid wasting money on partnerships with influencers that will not have the desired effect on your sales. Choosing quality over quantity also applies to the number of influencers you want to engage with and promote your brand. It's better to work with a few influencers whose audience is highly engaged and whose interests align with your brand than with 10 or 20 influencers with little affinity.

Tip: by using the Favikon Discovery feature, you will save hours of searching on social media for influencers. Just fill in the search filters with the type of influencer you are searching for with a few keywords like “fitness” if you are a sports brand, “fashion” “lifestyle” “luxury” if you are a fashion brand, their location, number of followers, etc. And finished! You’ll have thousands of influencer options and with the Favikon Audit you can check their profile and key metrics such as their engagement rate and audience quality. This will allow your brand to find the right influencer for your campaign! Easy peasy right?


3. How to contact an influencer

Now that you have found the perfect influencer for your campaign, it’s time to contact them! Check the influencer’s profile in order to see how they are willing to be contacted. Some let their email address in their bio for any collab proposals, others wish to be reached out by message… Don’t forget to contact them using the channel they shared to be sure they get your proposition and your account doesn’t get blocked or your mail ends up in the spam section. 


Onto the message! 66% of influencers refuse partnerships, so take the time to write a relevant email! You can personalize your approach, work on a precise offer and be clear and concise. But we made it even easier for you! With the Favikon Messaging feature, we provide a template you can use and personalize when contacting an influencer. Moreover, you can also check and organize your discussions on the Messaging dashboard. Check which influencer answered your request, which one has seen your message, or which influencer is keen to plan a partnership with your brand!


Regarding the campaign proposition, be very precise on what kind of content you are expecting from them, during which period, how many posts, and what elements you want to be appearing in the post. If you are willing to let the influencer decide, do as they please, and give them full freedom of creating the post, you still need to emphasize on the concept. Should it only be a product placement, should the product be the center of attention or an accessory to the influencer. 


Finally, don't forget the caption! Should the influencer tag your brand and simply mention you with the hashtag #ad or do you want a complete description that explains the concept of the product and its way of use, or maybe the background and story of your brand? In other words, be precise and concise when sharing your campaign expectations and objectives.




4. Track and evaluate your influencer campaigns

Once your collab is up and running, carefully evaluate your influencer campaign by monitoring every requirement of your contract: whether the post was posted at the scheduled times, whether the influencer mentioned your brand and the partnership correctly, that they featured your product/service as you requested, etc. Be careful because failing to mention a partnership could be detrimental to you. Check all the details. Influencers are professionals in their field, so that you can expect professional results at all levels. At the end of your campaign, evaluating the influencer's performance will help you know if your influencer marketing campaign was a success and beneficial. 

5. Work on long-term relationship

Once the campaign is over, don't forget to thank the influencer for their collaboration and keep them informed of the impact they had 🙏Some are quick to forget, but building long-term business relationships is the most crucial part of creating profitable influencer marketing campaigns. For that, communicate with them regularly (once a month, for example) and inform them about your news, invite them to your events... In short, give them a privileged status within your brand. Thus, you will have a more special link with the influencer and, therefore, a head start on your competitors! 😎 


Now that you have all the cards in hand, good luck with your campaign! And if you are curious to know more about influencer marketing check out our Blog!

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