Increase Traffic to your E-commerce Site with Influencer Marketing

This article will give you all the keys to launch an influencer strategy that will boost the sales of your e-commerce site 🛒

March 15, 2021
Roxane Aguilar

Influencer marketing can be a formidable weapon when it is well-used. But how do you go about running a successful media campaign and generating traffic to your site when you're not an expert on the subject? 🤔

Here is a FAQ that can help you get started and boost your ROI effectively 📈

What influencer strategy for my e-commerce? 

For an E-commerce site, the best strategy is to contact nano and micro-influencers (i.e. between 0 and 50K subscribers) and offer them a partnership. The reason? 

👉 A cheaper cost: as you can imagine, a small influencer will cost less than a big star. You can even negotiate free partnerships with the sending of a product from your site for example. This lower cost will allow you to contact more influencers and as all the experts say "the voice of several small influencers is better than the one of a big Instagram star".

👉 A more engaged community: where most mega-influencers bombard their community with sponsored posts, small influencers generally have greater proximity with their community. Subscribers will be more likely to listen to their recommendations, which they will consider more reliable and authentic.

This strategy was initiated in 2011 by a brand that, thanks to influencer marketing, has become a giant in the watch industry. You must have seen it at least once on your networks, it is Daniel Wellington. If you're interested, this article will tell you more about the implementation of their media campaign strategy: Daniel Wellington and influencer marketing

How to find the right influencers and activate them effectively?

Having a strategy is one thing, but finding the right influencers to promote your products is another. It's not always easy to find relevant, serious profiles that correspond to your values: bad surprises happen quickly! 😳

Fortunately, there is a solution to avoid all these risks: on the Favikon tool, search in one click amongst +6M influencers profiles, the ones that will best suit your campaign, create lists and contact them easily thanks to the CSV export. This way you will save time in your research and ensure the success of your partnerships!

Now that you've found them, you need to contact them. A personalized message and a give-and-take offer are what work best! Highlight what the influencer will gain from this collaboration, and why you are calling on them in particular. 📩

Find out more about how to contact influencers on the following article: How to contact influencers?

What to offer to influencers?

A partnership can take many forms. Here are some examples that work very well for e-commerce sites:

  • Commission on sales: Pay the influencer on the number of sales he generates. This can be through a promotional code or a contest on his page and will allow you to boost your ROI.
  • Product testing: Send samples to influencers to get their feedback and ask them to share your product on their networks (for a fee or not)
  • Sponsored content: Offer to finance the production of the influencer's content in exchange for a presentation of your brand in their video. This method is very effective, especially on YouTube where content creation is generally more expensive because it is more professional.

To know more about partnerships, read the article: The different types of partnerships

In the long term, what does this mean? 

The benefits of influencer marketing are visible in the short term. Indeed, if you follow our advice, you will see the traffic to your website increase considerably. But this influencer strategy will also benefit you in the long term because you will have established relationships of trust with your influencer partners. 🤝

If you want to strengthen your strategy for the long term, there are solutions like Trustt that will boost your future media campaigns. This SaaS solution allows you to collect authentic opinions about your products and easily collaborate with micro and macro-influencers. 🤳

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