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The different types of partnerships

Which partnership should i choose for my social media campaign?🤔 This article will help you answer that question ✨

Search: Check ✅

List of influencers: Check ✅

Now on to the most important step, what to do with them? 😟

Out of ideas? Is this the first time you've done this? No worries, this article will give you all the possibilities of partnerships you can do with your influencers🔥

There are SO many different types of partnerships, we will focus on the most common and effective ones :

1. Promotion codes

A small coupon code that not only allows the influencer community to take advantage of an unprecedented discount, but also to track the number of people reached by this campaign. In return, the influencer receives a commission for each sale he generates with his code.

2. Product testing

Simple but effective, this method consists in sending the influencer a product he or she needs to test, in exchange for a post on his or her blog or social networks. The objective? He introduces your brand and gives his opinion on your product or service.

Be careful though, because the risk still exists that the product may not please him,, in which case you can't force him to say good things about it.

3. Sponsored content

Sponsored content is a common practice. The principle is simply to pay the influencer to talk about you in a video, a post or a blog article. You will be able to "control" his speech a little and ensure good publicity!

4. Giveaways

Doing giveaways is the best method by far if you want to boost your number of followers real quick. You can hand out a lot of gifts through the influencer's account with a free giveaway. To participate you will have to like, follow, identify your friends, even share in a story! In terms of visibility you can't do better!

5. Gift

An easy technique to gain visibility: send a free product to he influencer! It's a very appreciated method, especially if you aim right and he likes your gift. Don't forget to contact him to let him know beforehand.

On the other hand, don't be surprised because this technique is not guaranteed to work. Indeed, the influencer may not like what you send him or simply not feel like talking about it.

6. Affiliation

Affiliation consists in proposing to the influencer to promote your product/service and to pay him a commission for each sale it generates. The affiliate has a paid expert profile to talk about you. It is a kind of word of mouth where they will choose themselves the brands they want to work with.

7. Ambassador program

Just like an affiliate, the ambassador will receive a commission on the sales he generates. However, the ambassador has a large community (macro-influencer) and is already a loyal customer of your brand (a bit like a privileged fan who will receive all the excluded, will be invited to your events to talk about you on his networks).

8. Event

The principle is simple: invite influencers to an event that your brand is organizing! The goal is to create a privileged relationship with the influencer. If the event is not programmable (photobooth, activities...), you can be sure to get a story, or even a post! So be creative, you have everything to gain. Also, important thing: don't forget to tease your event.

9. Co-marketing

Co-marketing consists of partnering with an influencer to create a marketing campaign. In co-marketing, you both advertise your partnership so that each partner's audience knows the social profile or brands of the other partner. You both encourage your audience to check out what the other partner is doing and participate in the campaign.

10. Co-branding

Co-branding involves partnering with an influencer to create a product that integrates the knowledge and expertise of both parties involved. In other words, you create an exclusive range that integrates your two points of view. The objectives of co-branding are to have a win-win situation and to create a product or service that you can promote together.

11. Challenge

On Instagram and on Tiktok, challenges are going wild! Propose to the influencer to do a fun challenge, a dance, a concept that people will want to take back and it's guaranteed success! Don't forget the hashtag, it will be used to evaluate your campaign's commitment.

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