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TOP 10 Makeup Youtubers in Spain

These beauty YouTubers are something else! Discover the best vloggers, makeup artists, and YouTube content creators of Spain!

May 23, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Influencer Marketing on YouTube

We hear brands talk a lot about Instagram and TikTok as the two social media platforms' number of active users goes through the roof. However, let's not forget that the rise of influence started with YouTube. YouTubers started by posting funny videos, tutorials, challenges, etc. Now YouTube counts more than 2 billion users in 2022. Not bad, right? Some would have thought that with the rise of Instagram and its image culture, and the rise of TikTok with its short video trends, YouTube would fall behind. Yet there is a social media platform for every kind of content creator, and YouTubers have a specific role that revolves around organization, creation, and editing.

In contrast to Instagrammers who work on a specific feed coherence, or TikTok's users who target authenticity and short-timed entertainment, YouTubers don't have the same objectives. The latter are creators of longer content, which asks for a lot of planning and editing. The YouTube challenge is to make videos appealing to keep spectators entertained for a more extended time.

Why work with a Beauty YouTuber?

But why should a brand work with a YouTuber? What are the advantages of appearing on this social media platform rather than on Instagram?

First, YouTube videos have a superior lifespan than Instagram or TikTok posts. For instance, Instagram is a chronological feed. Thus you'll find all the posts shared on the same day, and if you keep scrolling for some time, you might be able to see posts from last week. So good luck finding a month-old post! Regarding TikTok, the app pushes trendy content and old viral videos from time to time. However, in the case of YouTube, you can find videos posted from one to three weeks ago. And this can be a real advantage when planning a collab with a YouTuber! Since the partnership will have extensive visibility for a more extended period.

As previously mentioned, YouTube is one of the social media platforms with the most significant number of users, thus a massive audience. And on top of that, the beauty community holds numerous niche audiences. For example, you'll find teenagers learning how to do makeup, individuals in their twenties looking for inspiration and product reviews, etc. Thus, when sharing a beauty influencer collab on YouTube, if the content works and gets a lot of visibility and engagement, you can be sure that it will directly impact your sales.

Makeup YouTubers use various formats, content, and approaches to share their videos. Here are some examples of popular beauty content on YouTube:

👀 Product Reviews: many beauty influencers enjoy trying new products, sharing their experience, grading the product, and providing feedback. This format is an excellent opportunity for brands as the influencer will analyze in detail your product.

💄 Makeup tutorial: the most popular format in the beauty community. Having an influencer provide a step-by-step video to teach their community how to recreate a look is a classic! If you are a brand that offers different makeup products, it is a great format to do an entire look by only using your brand.

Moreover, making long-acting and/or editing videos requires specific skills and results in better quality content. In other words, YouTubers are professional influencers. In contrast to TikTok, where content creators focus on catching a user's attention for a few seconds, YouTube videos require more material. For instance, most YouTubers will invest in filming and editing material such as a camera, a microphone, lights, an editing tool, a computer, etc. This detail makes their content next level and creates higher quality videos. And this is crucial for makeup brands as the audience must perceive the details of their products. For example, the glitter of a gloss, the glow of a highlighter, and the color pigmentation of eyeshadow are essential details for a makeup brand.

Top 10 Spanish makeup YouTubers

We have gathered a small TOP makeup influencers to give you an idea of all kinds of content, formats, and influencers you can find in the YouTube makeup community. Here are some Spanish makeup influencers' profiles on YouTube!

Lovely Amy


5/5 Favikon Score

First, in line, we find an incredibly talented makeup artist and influencer who reaches a perfect Favikon Score of 5/5! On her YouTube channel called Lovely Amy, she loves to try out new products and share her comments, overview, and feedback with her community. This influencer knows how to vary her content from accessible brands like KIKO to special collections. As a makeup enthusiast, she enjoys sharing hauls with her favorite brands. A 7.17% engagement rate and an excellent comment/view ratio? That's what we call excellent work!



5/5 Favikon Score

The beauty industry never stops, new products and collections are out every month, and it can be a challenge to know which brand to purchase, which product fits you best, etc. I mean, there are infinite beauty brands! This makeup influencer is here to share some advice with her audience. Miss Glow is here to test new products and share her experience so that her followers know which one is worth trying. And guess what? Miss Glow also has a perfect Favikon Score! Buzz Ratio? A. Account Freshness? A+. I think she aced her Favikon audit!

Doris Jocelyn


4.8/5 Favikon Score

Ladies and gentlemen, the queen of makeup, has arrived! Make way for Doris Jocelyn, an incredible makeup artist. She will rock any makeup look! Doris loves to share her creativity through her videos by sharing diverse looks, from zombies to baddies. As if that wasn't impressive enough, Doris also enjoys storytelling to entertain her audience while doing her makeup! With a 4.8/5 Favikon Score and over two and a half million followers, this influencer has taken this TOP to a whole new level!

Santis Garcia


4.7/5 Favikon Score

We have seen reviews, tests, and creative makeup, but what about light everyday makeup? Don't worry, we got you covered! Santis Garcia is just the gall we were looking for. With a 4.7 Favikon Score, over 82k followers, and a +6% engagement rate, she is doing quite a good job as a makeup YouTuber. This influencer is also testing the YouTube new format "shorts"! No long videos for her. She is more of a short video kind of makeup lover.

Gsus Serrano Mua


4.7/5 Favikon Score

If you are not a makeup professional and sometimes get confused about using some products, Gsus is here to help! This influencer enjoys sharing his best makeup tips and tricks with his audience. New products, hacks, challenges… Gsus often varies his content. With a 4.7 Favikon Score, 407k followers, and an engagement of almost 10%, this influencer has a great audit.

Lesslie de Anda


4.4/5 Favikon Score

Ask for any look, and Lesslie will show you how to do it. This influencer has a very consistent YouTube channel. She often creates new videos and always tries to create a new look for her audience. Lesslie is creative and rigorous, and we see that on her Favikon audit! This influencer has a great Favikon Score with an excellent comment/view ratio, which means she reaches great engagement. This is very important for brands as it will affect the results of their influencer campaign.

Susana Salo


4.1/5 Favikon Score

Another makeup guru! Meet Susana. She is a beauty influencer with more than 14k followers on YouTube. Her editorial line revolves around testing new products and sharing her review with her community. She can post four to eight times a week! To become a good influencer, it is well known that it is necessary to create content of good quality, work on original ideas, and be very rigorous about your posting schedule. Well, it looks like Susana got the memo! No wonder she reaches a positive Favikon Score and a growth rate of almost 5%.

Sergio Pardo


3.6/5 Favikon Score

We love an influencer that knows how to create original, varied and consistent content. Well, Sergio is all about that! This YouTuber loves to find unique content ideas while keeping the same theme: beauty and makeup. From sharing reviews and trying new makeup looks to vlogs and daily life routines, Sergio knows how to keep his account fresh to entertain his audience. He also has an excellent buzz ratio. However, he could work on his account growth.



3.4/5 Favikon Score

Here comes the mega influencer! Ratolina reached 1.32 Million followers, which is quite an achievement on YouTube. She enjoys sharing makeup hacks, looks, and much more intriguing content. Ratolina's account freshness is outstanding as she has posted very recently and continues to share new videos regularly. If you focus on her buzz ratio, she doesn't have a great score, as her community is already quite massive.



3.4/5 Favikon Score

Last but not least, this is what we call a true makeup routine artist! This YouTuber shares specific makeup looks with her audience and is known for teaching how you can do it yourself step by step. With 144k followers and a 3.4/5 Favikon Score, this influencer has an excellent engagement rate of almost 8% and a great comment/view ratio!

How to find YouTube influencers

Okay, so your brand is ready to partner with a YouTuber? Great! Now you just need to find the right YouTube influencer for your campaign. You have different options for finding the right YouTuber.

You can either look up directly in the YouTube search bar and look for keywords to find the YouTubers you are looking for. However, YouTube doesn't have any research filters such as age, location, audience, etc. Thus you can manually check different profiles and find similar ones by checking the YouTubers they follow or YouTube's recommendations. But once again, you will lack influencers' key performance indicators such as their engagement rate, growth rate, buzz ratio, etc. You can calculate those indicators, but it is a time-consuming process.

The second option is on Favikon. This solution allows you to search for YouTubers by selecting filters such as keywords, location, spoken language, engagement rate, etc. Moreover, the Favikon Score gives you an overall idea of the quality of the influencer's Youtube channel. Thus, I looked for specific keywords and other filters for this example of TOP 10 makeup YouTubers in Spain. I started by searching for "makeup," "maquillage," "beauty," and so on. I added a filter by country and language with Spain and Spanish and asked to only be shown YouTubers' profiles with a higher grade than 3/5 for the Favikon Score. Once you have found your gem, you can look at the rest of your search results, or Favikon enables you to find a similar profile.

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