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Top Belgium LinkedIn Influencers

Discover the top 10 Belgian influencers on LinkedIn! Stay ahead with insights from these dynamic thought leaders.

April 11, 2024
Capucine Munuera

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Explore the Top 10 Belgian Influencers on LinkedIn :

10. Laurent M.

Laurent M. is a Senior Cyber Security Engineer and the founder of the Be•Cyber Community. He is a BlueTeamer and Cyber Threat Researcher contributing to cybersecurity in Belgium. He shares resources on GitHub related to Cyber Threat Intelligence. His posts cover topics such as hardening Windows systems, active directory audits, and Red Team tools. Laurent M. emphasizes the importance of cybersecurity as a continuous journey, not just a destination.

LinkedIn Following : 37.1k

Favikon Authority Score : 177 pts

9. Elena Doms

Elena Doms is a passionate advocate for sustainability and environmental protection. With 18 years of experience in the Arctic, she witnessed firsthand the effects of climate change and has dedicated herself to protecting the planet. As the Head of +EARTH+, Elena focuses on cleaning soils and reducing CO2 emissions through nature-based solutions. She is also a sustainability speaker, artist, and mom, driven by the desire to create a better future for her children and all children. Elena works on projects globally, manages cross-cultural teams, and educates people on sustainability through events, interviews, and her video series. Connect with Elena to learn more about cleaning soils, reducing emissions, and bringing the Arctic's fresh air to your life.

LinkedIn Following : 54.9k

Favikon Authority Score : 177 pts

8. Bram Van der Hallen

Bram Van der Hallen is a digital marketer and advertising enthusiast, specializing in Meta (Facebook/Instagram) Ads. With extensive experience in the industry and several certifications, including Meta and Google, Bram shares his knowledge on his social media and website. He provides tips and updates on Facebook Ads, digital advertising, and all things related to the industry. Additionally, Bram is the Digital Marketing Manager at and supports businesses to accelerate growth through his expertise.

LinkedIn Following : 72.9k

Favikon Authority Score : 201 pts

7. Dr. Ilham Kadri

Dr. Ilham Kadri is the CEO of Syensqo, a passionate advocate for sustainability, AI, technology, diversity, equity, and inclusion. With over three decades of experience spanning four continents, she has led purpose-led transformations in businesses. Dr. Kadri serves on the boards of L'Oréal and AO Smith, and chairs the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. She holds a doctorate in Polymer Reactive Extrusion and actively promotes clean energy transition and decarbonization. #AdvancingHumanity

LinkedIn Followers : 146k

Favikon Authority Score : 207 pts

6. Stijn Baert

Stijn Baert is a renowned professor of labor economics at the University of Gent. He is known for his expertise in the field and frequently shares insights and updates about work and the labor market on his social media platform. Stijn is also an author and recently released a book titled 'Steak met Stijn', where he explores his love for food and his quest for the best steak-fries in Flanders and Brussels. Apart from his academic pursuits, Stijn enjoys photography and often shares snapshots from his travels and experiences.

LinkedIn Followers : 48.2k

Favikon Authority Score : 309 pts

5. Dirk Van de Put

Dirk Van de Put is the current Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International, a multinational snack food and beverage company. He is a foodie and soccer fan who believes in empowering people to snack right. Under his leadership, the company has been named one of the Most Innovative and Sustainable Companies by Barron's. Mondelez International is committed to accelerating women's equality in the workplace and has a strategic plan to achieve 40% women in leadership. They also focus on regenerative agriculture to offer consumers the right snack, for the right moment, made the right way.

LinkedIn Followers : 95.2k

Favikon Authority Score : 182 pts

4. Alexander De Croo

Alexander De Croo is the current Prime Minister of Belgium. He has been instrumental in promoting Belgium's position in the European Union in the energy sector, having played a key role in strengthening Belgium's position as a major player in offshore wind energy. He has also been active in the fight against organized crime, especially in the area of drug trafficking. He has affirmed the Belgian government's support for Ukraine and its people in their efforts to regain control of their country and their freedom. He is also a staunch supporter of LGBTIQ+ rights and has spearheaded an ambitious action plan to fight discrimination and guarantee rights in this area.

LinkedIn Followers : 165.9k

Favikon Authority Score : 371 pts

3. Charles Michel

Charles Michel is the current President of the European Council and is responsible for chairing and driving forward the work of the European Council. He represents the EU externally, including at high-level summits like the G7, G20, and the United Nations General Assembly, and is focused on finding compromises and bringing his vision, common sense, and optimism to the European project. Charles also congratulates Bosnia and Herzegovina on obtaining the status of candidate country and supports Ukraine's efforts to renew the Black Sea Grain Initiative.

LinkedIn Followers : 146.2k

Favikon Authority Score : 320 pts

2. Steven Claes

Steven Claes is a passionate HR leader with a focus on team development, leadership, and sustainable growth. With a background in strategic HR and coaching, he has a hands-on approach to empower businesses and create the best employee and business experience. Steven has experience as a group HR director, global HR executive, and global head of reward in various international companies. He is a skilled communicator, leveraging his writing abilities to share thought leadership and inspire others. Steven's journey of personal growth and resilience has shaped his ability to channel emotions and express his thoughts and feelings effectively on paper. He continues to evolve as a professional and is dedicated to making a positive impact in the field of HR.

LinkedIn Followers : 19.3k

Favikon Authority Score : 195 pts

1. Pieter Slegers

Pieter Slegers, the curator of Compounding Quality, an investment newsletter with 210,000+ subscribers, shares valuable insights from renowned investors like Warren Buffett and Jeff Bezos. The newsletter offers weekly investment tips and articles on managing risk, quality companies, and compounding machines. Slegers engages followers in discussions about favorite investors and provides resources, such as e-books and shareholder letters, filled with wisdom and advice. Join the community for in-depth investment knowledge and discussions.

LinkedIn Followers : 145.3k

Favikon Authority Score : 206 pts

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