What is a Van Life Influencer?

They live everyone’s dream: traveling the world all year round. Working with them can ensure your brand a high quality collab. Meet the van life influencers!

June 20, 2022
Camille Valentin

Who has never dreamed of traveling the world? No obligation, you could just travel whenever you want to wherever you want. Sounds like a dream, right? Well, some people have made this dream a reality and through their posts, they inspire others. We love to see their posts to escape reality for a little while but also discover secret gems all over the world.

Meet the van life influencers! They are anything but your regular influencers. Always on the move, there is no doubt that they know all the best and most beautiful places in the world. They will never say no to a spontaneous road trip. But what is really hiding behind their breathtaking pictures? But more importantly, how can you work with these influencers? What should you know before collaborating with them?

What is a Van life influencer?

Who they are

To understand who the van life influencers are, you first need to know what “the van life” is.

Van life is a social movement inspired by minimalism and the idea of taking back control of your life. It is also inspired by the hippie movement as it promotes well-being, freedom, and exploring new things. The principle is rather simple: say goodbye to your office job, buy a van and travel the world!

Therefore, van life influencers are part of this movement. The only difference is, that they document their journey on their social media. These influencers live simply as their van is their transportation but also their home. There isn’t much room for superficial things. So why are these influencers followed by thousands of people you asked? Following van life influencers mean seeing a completely different lifestyle from what we are used to. They are often very resourceful as they need to adapt to their environment. But what is really attractive about their content is the fact that they visit beautiful places all year round. They never stay in the same place for long, so you can be sure to discover amazing new places by following them.

The best van life creators

Yvonne Pferrer

Yvonne is an actress and van life influencer with more than 1.5M followers on Instagram and 800k on TikTok. She also describes herself as a globetrotter. Her Instagram is full of perfect pictures of her and her boyfriend. But don’t get the wrong idea, Yvonne is a badass that isn’t only there to get the perfect Instagram picture. She loves nature and if you follow her on TikTok, you’ll get to see what it is really like to travel the world. Trust me, everything is not as glamorous as it seems.


Giulio Groebert

Giulio is also from Germany. He is an influencer and travel photographer with more than 682K followers on Instagram. On his Instagram, you can find breathtaking pictures of videos of landscapes. Giulio also has another account which he shares with his girlfriend Elena: @ giulio.and.elena. On this account, you will get to see more of their daily life in their van.


Michelle Lawrence

Michelle is followed by more than 210K followers on Instagram. She shares beautiful pictures of the places she visits. Michelle loves nature! There is no doubt that you will find hidden gems on her profile.



Valeria (Guznenkova)

Valeria is an influencer with 370k followers on Instagram and she also has a YouTube channel. Valeria doesn’t travel alone, she is always with her dog to explore new places! She is also a personal trainer, so by following her you will discover new places and new workouts! Valeria posts a lot of reels so we can really see what her life looks like.


Sydney Ferbrache

Sydney is followed by more than 260K followers on Instagram. Her account mainly focuses on explaining to others what living in a van is really like, and she also gives tips to people who might be interested in this lifestyle. Sydney has been living in a van for more than 4 years so she definitely knows what she’s talking about.


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How to work with van life creators

Now that you know more about van life influencers, you might be considering working with them. But first here is what you need to know before contacting them.

Advantages of a partnership

There are many advantages of working with van life influencers. As I mentioned above, one of the principles of the van life movement is to leave your office. Therefore for many van life influencers creating content is a full-time job, even if they are micro or nano influencers. This isn’t the case for other influencers who often have a job, create content in their free time and eventually focus solely on influence if they end up being successful at it. By working with these influencers, you can be sure they will be able to meet your deadlines;

Van life influencers are professional content creators so you can expect high-quality content from them. On top of that, they are always in beautiful places so you can take advantage of this for your collabs.

Type of collaborations with a creators

So what type of collaborations should you put in place with these influencers?

As I said, you should take advantage of the fact they are always traveling. When discussing your collaboration with them, ask them what their next destination is. According to their answer, you might want to adapt your partnership.

To promote Four Roses Bourbon, Michelle Lawrence created a Reel in which we can see different landscapes and then her and her friends drinking and having a picnic next to the ocean. This is a nice way to promote this brand because the beautiful landscapes catch people’s attention, and adding the clip of her and her friend it puts context to the partnership. It works really well!


For your partnership, you could also take into consideration their unique lifestyle and explain why your products or services perfectly fit their routine.

This is what Max Haase did to promote Dove cream. In his post, he explained that he was sleeping in a tent for a couple of days, doing a lot of outdoor activities and due to changing conditions and the weather, his skin has become quite dry. Therefore Dove cream was a real lifesaver for him.

Now that you know everything about van life influencers, you are ready to contact them and plan your collaborations! If you decide to work with one of them, remember to take advantage of their crazy lifestyle to take your partnerships to the next level! To do that, you should really discuss it with the influencer beforehand. By working with one of these content creators, you can be sure to have a high-quality partnership that will stand out from the rest.


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