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5 Valentine's Day Post Ideas for Instagram

Are you planning your influencer collabs for the season of love? Check out our social media content ideas for Valentine’s Day!

January 31, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

It's almost the season of love! And we are entering February with beautiful ideas to make the best out of this event. Valentine's Day is about celebrating love (shout out to the single hearts, you are not alone), yet it is well known that it is also one of the most important seasons in the business industry. It is a special day that can boost your sales, visibility, and engagement! If you're wondering which marketing strategy to choose, check out our guide on planning the perfect influencer marketing strategy for Valentine's Day!

Now that you have all the keys to planning a successful influencer campaign for Valentine's Day let's move on to the content section! What content should your brand be planning to share on social media for this special season of love? Let's have a look!

What do I post on Valentine's Day?

🌟 Reels: the secret of success for Valentine's Day

Reels have gained tremendous popularity since the TikTok era. It follows the video platform format, thus creating short and entertaining videos. Unlike Instagram's organic content (pictures and carrousels) the reel section is less about quality and consistency and more about authenticity and entertainment. To create a successful reel, you can use the sound of a trend and create a dynamic video. For that, use a few transitions, big titles, and clear messages.

Okay, we understand what reels are about, but now let's add a Valentine's Day twist! Want to make your brand stand out from your competitors? Look more authentic and modern? Then follow the most viewed trends while adding Valentine's Day setting and message. As we said previously, your video must be dynamic and catch the users' eye in less than five seconds. So have a look at other influencers' versions of the trend and have fun creating yours! Need an example?

The second option is more classic yet very effective. Making a full-on Valentine's Day video! You guessed it! Don't forget that users don't associate Valentine's Day with sales and discounts, but with L-O-V-E. In other words, show your appreciation for this fantastic day and celebrate the season of love yourself. Now we didn't forget you are here to sell, of course. The purpose of this video is to make your campaign fit with this saint's day while explaining or showcasing your products subtly but efficiently.

🌟 Giveaway: give a unique opportunity to win your product or service for free

Moving on to Instagram's organic content: pictures and carrousels! Just like individuals are expecting gifts, flowers, romantic settings for this special day, they will be expecting surprising campaigns from your brand, which means receiving gifts! That's why giveaways are essential in a Valentine's Day influencer campaign. This content will get users excited to win their favorite products too.

A few tips:

💘 Share a clear message: what will the lucky winner get as a present?

💘 Boost your engagement and visibility with the giveaway rules: ask users to follow your brand's account, like the post, share it in their story with your special hashtag, and tag two friends in the comments.

💘 Ask contestants to turn on the notifications: this detail is essential for two reasons. Firstly, for the announcement of the winners. The second one is important for our next option.

All in all, giveaways aren't a long-term solution to gaining visibility and engagement, but they are the perfect go-to plan for boosting them in just a few days!

🌟 Last minute gift guide

This option is very similar to giveaways, but the time setting is different and will make all the difference. Planning a last-minute gift guide has the same benefits as the previous content: boosting your engagement, boosting your account, and extending your visibility.

How? It's all in the timing!⏳

Sharing a last-minute gift guide (with the same tips as the giveaway) is your golden ticket for one last visibility and engagement kick-off! Individuals will feel lucky to have come across your special offer, thus will hurry up to repost, follow your brand, and spread the word so their friends can participate as well.

Special case scenario: giveaway follow-up.

Only a few users will be winning your giveaway, yet they will keep following your brand until Valentine's Day for any change of events or last call. Since they will still have their notifications turned on, they will be notified of your last-minute giveaway! Giving them a last chance to win your present.

🌟 Use influencers to boost the engagement of your posts

And last but not least, get your influencers to communicate with their audience! While your Valentine's Day objective is to boost your sales, it is also about gaining visibility and engagement 🚀

Since influencers represent your brand and promote your products, they must also promote your account. They can tag your brand on the post and in the description and create a call to action. Their followers will then look at your profile and most probably like your content.

How do I organize my Valentine's Day campaign? 🤔

Okay, we have great content ideas, but how do you accentuate the wow effect to enlarge your visibility further? 👀

🌟 Set up valentine’s day promotion on best selling products or special editions ✨

Valentine’s Day is one of the best events of the year to plan new sales and promotions! But since people are willing to get all dressed up, they will be expecting a bit more than last chances or the end of stocks… That’s why your brand should be using the best sellers for the giveaways, promotions, etc. Your campaign will appear more valuable, and users will see a genuine opportunity to purchase your best products with this special pack!

🌟 Creating a special hashtag for your campaign!

This is a crucial point to add to your campaign strategy. Hashtags are the best way to gain visibility and engagement on your posts consistently. They highlight your campaign from other posts and, more importantly, can create a snowball effect!

The key is to create a unique hashtag that combines your brand name with your campaign. Then, the hashtag is used on every post related to your campaign so that individuals can link the influencers’ content to your brand. Anyone can use your Valentine’s Day Campaign hashtag! Thus, influencers, your brand account, and users can use your hashtag, creating a new trend (especially if you made a hashtag for your contest).

Here's an example of the #mycalvins for their Valentine's Day campaign of 2022!

🌟 Organize and promote your valentine’s day themed event

What better way to add value to your new Valentine’s Day campaign than to create an event specially dedicated to it! There are several ways to host a Valentine’s Day event: small gala, expos, festivals, parties, cocktails etc. However there is a great option to attract a large audience, that doesn’t involve a great budget or planning months in advance: go live! Valentine’s Day is a great period for your brand to go live.

But be careful, there are still a few steps to follow to host a successful live! Here is how to improve your customer experience with live shopping!

🌟 Changing your feed: Valentine’s Day vibe 💝

And finally, here is your key takeaway for a WOW effect: create a special feed for this special day! As we said previously, it’s all about creating an exclusive image of your campaign, so build an exclusive feed for Valentine’s Day that stands out from your regular content. That also goes for your influencers! Depending on the number of posts you have agreed to produce for the campaign, you can also help them create a unique feed. Your directives should also consider their actual feed. Thus, adapt your campaign to their organic content while aligning with the Valentine’s Day aesthetic!

That’s it! You have all the keys for a perfect Valentine’s Day influencer campaign! By following all our tips, you’ll be able to boost your visibility, engagement, and sales in no time! Thanks to our previous article regarding the perfect influencer marketing strategy for Valentine’s Day, and today’s best social media content for the season of love, you are officially ready for the big day. Stay tuned for our future TOP Couple Influencers, and check out our previous TOP Influencers for jewelry brands! 🤩

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