Angus Cloud x Fila - VIYF #48

What did you miss this week in the world of influence? Actor, Angus Cloud is collaborating with the clothing brand Fila and two foodies shared fun and original collabs. That's not it! Have a look at the other partnerships.

April 1, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week’s partnerships were top tier. Brands and influencers worked together to create original and fun collabs. After all, a partnership will be more memorable if it is original rather than just doing a placement product that looks like teleshopping. For instance, we saw a foodie collaborating with a famous brand of makeup, or an actress promoting a new alcoholic drink. Sometimes working with influencers that aren’t directly in your field can also be an interesting strategy.

Paola Locatelli x H&M

Paola is a young French influencer who became famous thanks to her YouTube videos. Her vibrant personality and her sense of fashion, attract many brands. A few days ago, she shared a post of her wearing the new collection of H&M in collaboration with Iris Apfel. Paola has an excellent engagement rate of 6.65% and 1.8M followers so it is not surprising that brands love to work with her.

Laura Genovino x Flink

Laura Genovino is a French actress and influencer with an excellent engagement rate of 3.78%. On Instagram, she shares lifestyle content but also pictures from her different trips around the globe. This week she partnered with Flink, a grocery delivery app, to launch a giveaway. She also shared her personalized promo code that anyone can use.

Poopiblh x Lancome

Another French influencer! Poopiblh is a TikToker known for her food videos. Spoiler alert: she likes to eat A LOT. She is also a huge makeup enthusiast. Her partnership with Lancôme was the perfect mix of her two passions! She tried their new lipsticks and to try their efficacy, she ate some mochis. A fun and original collab to promote makeup!

@poopiblh #encollaborationavec Crashtest mochi x lipstick !! -25% sur Absolu Rouge Drama Matte & Cream💄de @Lancôme + 2 mini makeup offert avec le code POOPILIPS #makeup #absolumentmoi #mochi #mix #fyp ♬ son original - Poopi Blh

Ashyizzle x Cheez-it

Ashley is another TikToker known for her food video. She currently has 2.6M followers, an excellent Favikon score of 4.9, and an excellent buzz ratio. She recently teamed up with Cheez-it, the famous cracker brand. For their collab, she shared a TikTok explaining what her favorite combo with Cheez-it was.

@ashyizzle #ad This @Cheez-It snack is ELITE ✨ Share your fav Cheez-It pairing with #GetThatCheddarEntry ♬ Sunroof - Nicky Youre & dazy

Leonardo Gashi x Boohoo man

Leonardo Gashi is a German artist and an influencer. He currently has more than 508k on Instagram, a perfect Favikon score of 5, and an excellent engagement rate of 4.76%. This week, he shared pictures of him at a lake, wearing an outfit from Boohoo. This isn’t his first collab with the brand, as he has already shared 3 posts in collaboration with the brand this month.

Zola Nombona x Savanna

Zola Nombona is an actress and influencer from South Africa. She currently has 1.4M followers on Instagram, an excellent Favikon score of 4.9, and a very good engagement rate of 2.14%. This week she shared a fun video to promote Savanna cider. A fun and original partnership that was also shared on the brand’s account.

BikegirlParis x Xlmoto

Stop the clichés! Girls can ride motorcycles too and BikeGirlParis is the living proof. On her Instagram she counts more than 125k followers, she shares her passion. Her niche audience is really attractive to motorcycle brands. So it wasn’t surprising to see her collab with XLMOTO

Angus Cloud x Fila

Unless you live under a rock, you have probably heard of the TV show Euphoria and one of its main actors, Angus Cloud. The actor currently has 8.3M followers, a perfect Favikon score of 5, and an excellent engagement rate of 26.08%. A few days ago, he shared his partnership with Fila. The post currently has 1.3M likes, so there is no doubt that the brand will gain a lot of visibility from this collab.

Which partnership did you find the most interesting? Personally, we really loved Poopiblh collaboration with Lancôme. She is progressively trying to create more makeup content and it is great to see that big brands trust her to promote their products even though she is mostly known for her food videos. The fact that she still added food to this partnership was a genius idea as it links her 2 passions together. Moreover, it made sure that this collab would be a success. A part of her audience only follows her for her food videos but by adding this element to her partnership, she made sure that the video would be watched by her whole audience.

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