Armani Beauty x Unicef - VIYF #47

Let's celebrate world water day! And that's exactly what Unicef and Armani Beauty did by partnering with famous influencers. Go check it out!

March 23, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Once again, brands have overdone themselves! We know it can be hard to keep up with all influencer campaigns, as so many are created every day. We share with you the most impactful, famous, and incredible influencer partnerships everyone is talking about every week. From sustainable influencer campaigns for world water day to glamour and in-vogue collabs, get ready to be astonished by our View In Your Feed. We'll give you a hint: did you watch the famous tv series Outer Banks? Euphoria? What about Stranger Things? You are in for a treat!

@hichasestokes x armani beauty x unicef

Let’s finish this week on a good note! Armani beauty launched an eco-friendly influencer campaign, hand in hand with Unicef for world water day. You’ve probably seen it on your feed as Armani Beauty partnered with famous mega influencers and Netflix stars such as Chase Stokes, Camila Mendes, and Sydney Sweeney. All influencers used a few special hashtags such as #worldwaterday and #armanibeautypartner and identified @armanibeauty and @unicef. They followed their post with a description, explaining the concept and meaning of their campaign. Chase has an excellent engagement of +17% and a great content diversity score of 3/4!

@leoniehanne x Salvatore Ferragamo

Did someone say fashion? Leonie is an incredible model who loves to share her most fashionable outfits with her audience. From glamor dresses to extravagant ensembles, this influencer’s feed is the definition of in vogue! In her latest post, she shared her partnership with Salvatore Ferragamo. A classic! With 4.2 Million followers and a 3.6 Favikon Score, Leonie has an incredible Account Activity Score of 25 posts in the last 30 days and an excellent following ratio! 

@sydney_sweeney x SOL by Jergens

The famous actress of the show we all know, called Euphoria, which made a lot of impressions worldwide, is now a mega influencer. The American actress gained a lot of followers since the release of the series, and she recently shared her collab with the brand SOL by Jergens! Sydney has an excellent engagement rate of +25%, an incredible account growth rate of +30%, and splendid audience quality. She is a star!

@emmachamberlain x CeraVe

The social media master! Present on YouTube, Instagram, and other social media platforms, Emma Chamberlain, has already partnered with many brands. Known for her unique style and authentic personality, Emma is an amazing influencer to work with. After collaborating with Louis Vuitton and Pacsun, she shared her latest collab with the cosmetic brand CeraVe. Emma shared a complete description of the brand's values by sharing her experience with their products. Emma is rocking it with 15.3 million followers, a great audience quality, and account activity! 

@milliebobbybrown X Samsung

A 4.3 Favikon Score?! That will be Millie Bobby Brown for sure! The Netflix star, known for her role in the series Stranger Things, shared her latest partnership with Samsung. She used a few of their influencer campaign hashtags such as #withGalaxy #GalaxyS22Ultra and #TeamGalaxy.  And for the occasion, their collab used an original point of view. Their team shares the scenes behind the scenes of her short film, which was filmed with a Samsung! Great content, a great influencer, we can only say this is a great collab.

What did you think about these incredible collabs? From massive visibility campaigns to engaged partnerships, influencer marketing can be adapted to all sorts of strategies to fit different objectives. Just like an influencer campaign can be glamorous, it can also be sustainable and a statement simultaneously! Overall, no matter a brand's needs and goals, influencer collabs can constantly adapt to the situation by creating the right content with the right influencer! If you enjoyed reading our weekly influence overview, keep up with our blog, we post every week!

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