Avemoves x BOSS - VIYF #21

Here come the doggos, cooks, makeup artists, and other talented influencers! Let's go through their collabs!

September 24, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo
@avemoves x BOSS

Let's start with a groovy collab for our View In Your Feed #21. Boss did an excellent job at choosing their influencer for the brand's campaign! 😱 @avemoves is both an Instagrammer and a TikToker, with 12.6M followers on TikTok; this incredible dancer has an excellent Favikon Score of 4.9/5! With a 17.96% growth rate and a 14.92% engagement rate, we can all give him a round of applause for his outstanding work! 🏆

@frafitfoodie x Olio Farchioni

Here comes our second gem! Olio Farchioni, an Italian olive oil brand, partnered with Italian cook and influencer Francesca Mittoni! This talented Instagrammer has an exceptional 4.9/5 Favikon score. 👏 She has great audience quality, account activity, and a nice 3/4 content diversity score! She presented the brand's product in a video by cooking her special Focaccia Fiorita. 🤤

@dixiedamelio x Valentino

Let's suit up! Dixie appeared in a dazzling Valentino look on her TikTok account. Getting ready for the Met Gala sure takes time, yet she makes it look like a piece of cake! 💅🏻 With 55.1M followers on TikTok and 24.9M on Instagram, her Valentino video got viral and reached 4.8M views! A great example of how successful and efficient collaborations can be between worldwide known brands and mega influencers! 🥳

@shivesh17 x Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk

Following the previous cooking collabs, who likes chocolate? 🍫 Shivesh Bhatia is an Indian Instagrammer and a great baker! He recently made a collab with the chocolate brand Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk for a special event! Shivesh will soon join their team to create Silk Mousse Dessert Menu. 😋 What an excellent idea to increase their community's engagement rate!

@jennierubyjane x CHANEL

All Kpop fans, raise your hands! 🙌 Incredible girls band singer and rapper Jennie shared another post for her Chanel long-term partnership. (Oulala!) The Black Pink member has a marvelous 5/5 Favikon Score, a 13.30% engagement rate, and reached the maximum following ratio! 💯Partnering with this influencer can greatly increase a brand's visibility; however, in this case, the objective might be targetting a different field: brand image. The one and only French luxury fashion house is already internationally known, but by collaborating with a Korean mega influencer, they can reach a younger audience! 🚀

@Daniel.labelle x Carmax

Humorist and influencer Daniel posted a funny video for his collab with the American vehicle retailer Carmax. 🚘 He is determined and committed to skating up to you to present the brand's #UsainlyFastOffers! With a breathtaking 5/5 Favikon Score, this influencer has an impressive 14.80% engagement rate and excellent content quality (you can see that in the video!) 😁. The perfect collab to reach a wide audience and strengthen their community!

@kayatheshepherd x ZIWI Pet Food

Any dog lovers? For this collab, we're traveling to New Zealand! 🌏 Kaya & Ashleigh are two adorable doggo influencers! They partnered with a sustainable Pet food brand also from New Zealand! Their Instagram account has a great 4.4/5 Favikon Score and a superb hashtag quality score, not bad for both a White Swiss Shepherd and a Finnish Spitz! 🐶 The brand did an excellent job at finding their perfect influencer: they looked up the location, the audience, and the quality of their work! ✅

@juandavidferrazzo x Sigma Beauty

Meet Juan David Ferrazzo, a Colombian makeup artist! 🇨🇴 He shared a paid partnership post with the makeup brand Sigma Beauty on his Instagram account. The artist worked on a dazzling blue Disney look and tagged both brands in his caption. 🧜‍♀️ With good account growth and great content diversity, this collab might boost their visibility by reaching the influencer's community and strengthening their brand image!

@vanessaroseblair x River Island

This month was full of events! With Dixie at the Met Gala, now Vanessa finished London's fashion week! 💁♀️ To celebrate the end of this incredible event, she appears in a River Island outfit on her Instagram account. Her work shows excellent content diversity and account activity:  collaborating with this influencer is a gogo! 💪

@neffatibrothers x GoStudent UK

Dreaming of travel and discovery? ✈️You'll have to know a few of the basics from the local language... The Neffati brothers got you! They posted their collab with GoStudent to encourage their audience to learn new languages on the platform. 📚Who's ready for 1:1 tutoring lessons with the influencers? 🤓


Learning can be fun with ##GoStudent ! 😂 sponsored by @gostudent_uk ##student ##polyglot

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