Carla Ginola x Intimissimi - VIYF #41

The best influencer collabs of Valentine's Day! Lingerie, chocolates, the sweet perfume of love... Discover the best Valentine's Day partnerships!

February 11, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Valentine's Day 2022 Best Collabs

We meet again to discover the best influencer collabs of the week! And we have a little surprise… This view In Your Feed edition will be gathering the best Valentine’s Day collabs! Since Influencer Marketing can boost a brand’s visibility, engagement, sales, and image, it is essential to plan unique campaigns for special events! Thus, brands have created outstanding partnerships with talented influencers for Valentine's Day, and we are here to share them with you! Let’s get into the magic of Valentine’s Day influence:

@tammyhembrow x Lounge

Let’s start with the collab everyone has heard about and seen at least once on their feed. Lounge planned a massive influencer campaign to promote their unique lingerie collection for Valentine’s Day by collaborating with hundreds of famous female influencers worldwide. From middle to mega influencers like Tammy, who has 14M followers, the brand created a special hashtag #loveletterswithlounge, used in more than a hundred posts. Lounge did a fantastic job targeting these influencers’ communities, the perfect niche for their sales. What a masterplan!

@lionelisa_ x Lancôme

Here’s another Valentine’s Day Campaign that made some noise! What better way to promote a product for the season of love than to let a couple promote it for you? Well, that’s exactly what Lancôme did for their valentine’s Day influencer campaign. The brand partnered with numerous influencer couples like Lionel and Elisa! The two love birds have a shared Instagram account with 313k followers, with an excellent content diversity score of 3/4, and a great account activity of 21 posts in the last 30 days. For the Lancôme campaign, the brand takes beautiful pictures of each couple in the same setting and finally interviews them as well. A perfect strategy to build a campaign that stands out from other competitors and can be easily recognized.

@barbiedollbabe x Bloom Nutrition

Moving on to a TikTok collab! Bloom Nutrition also planned a huge influencer campaign, promoting their nutrition products for Valentine's Day. They collaborated with female TikTokers like @barbiedollbabe, who reached 4.1M followers and showcased the brand's product in one of her TikToks. She mentioned the brand and used the hashtag #ad to follow TikTok's commercial guidelines. The influencer has a 3.1 Favikon Score and has an excellent growth rate! By collaborating with numerous TikTokers, the influencer campaign boosted the brand's visibility, great job!

@barbiedollbabe In order to look hot, you have to feel hot first! 😘💖💘✨@Bloom Nutrition #Ad ♬ OMW - Jane & The Boy

@carla_ginola x Intimissimi

Another lingerie campaign! Carla shared her collab wearing Intimissimi’s lingerie on her Instagram account. The brand and influencers did a great job promoting Intimissimi lingerie for Valentine’s Day while adapting to the content creators’ organic content. Carla tagged the brand and used a catchy phrase to mention them. With a 3/5 Favikon Score and 450.2K followers, Carla has an excellent engagement rate of +6%, remarkable account growth, and outstanding account activity, with 25 posts shared in the last 30 days!

@leitalienne x SWAROVSKI

A chic partnership to give your loved one a gorgeous piece of jewelry! Marika shared her collab with the one and only jewelry brand, Swarovski. Just in time for Valentine's Day. With their special heart-shaped line of earrings and necklaces, it looks like the brand is not only targeting visibility and engagement but also brand image. Creating a fun influencer campaign for the special day builds a young and fresh image and thus, enlarges the brand's audience!

@kallmekris x Adore Me

This collab will make your day! Kris is a mega influencer who creates humorous content for her 42.7 million followers on TikTok. Adore Me, a lingerie brand, partnered with Kris, and let me say, their collab is hilarious! For their Valentine’s Day strategy, the brand partnered with all kinds of influencers. From comedians to fashion bloggers and musicians, Adore Me is longing for more comprehensive visibility. Thus, they showcase their products to different niche audiences for the big day.

@kallmekris #ad Janet & Katrina getting ready for Valentines Day with @Adore Me ♬ original sound - Kris HC

@_goodwinegirl x martincodax_uk

Any wine connoisseurs here? Because this partnership is for you! Martin Codax did a great job when planning its influencer marketing strategy. They only collaborated with influencers whose accounts are related to…? You guessed it, wine! Simone loves to share her tips, experience, and professional advice when it comes to the fantastic world of wine. Thus collaborating with this brand for Valentine’s Day is simply a perfect match! Moreover, with 3.9k followers, the influencer reaches a 3.4 Favikon Score with a +16% engagement rate and an incredible account growth of +17%!

@missudette x Jeff de Bruges

Finishing off this View In Your Feed with a classic yet timeless collab for the season of love! Here’s a clue: what is delicious and the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day? Chocolate! Jeff de Bruges is a famous chocolatier who created an ideal influencer campaign for the big day. They collaborated with an influencer couple to promote their delicious cholate, which you can give to your special someone very soon! (shout out to the single hearts, you’re not alone)

That's it for our unique Valentine's Day View In Your Feed edition! What did you think of these fantastic collabs? As we have gone through all sorts of partnerships, it's safe to say planning an influencer campaign for special events like Valentine's Day is a great marketing strategy to gain visibility, boost your engagement, and better your brand image! These collabs were a perfect example of what a successful influencer campaign looks like. Stay tuned for future VIYF and check out our Blog. We share TOPs with talented influencers reviews, as well as tips, and best practices in the influencer marketing industry! See you soon!

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