Carlotta Constant x Michael Kors - VIYF #30

Learning how to build an electric fireplace or learning about the best student discounts... This week's partnerships are all about making your life better one small step at a time!

November 26, 2021
Camille Valentin

If you're a fan of lifestyle content you're going to love this week's partnerships! Building an electric fireplace, or cooking a traditional Asian dish with your kid, these influencers will teach you anything you've always wanted to learn! These collabs are creative and stand out from other content. If you're a brand wanting to step up your marketing game, you definitely will want to have a look at these collabs.

@rileys_travels x Good Tides

With 69K followers and a Favikon score of 3.9/5, this family is doing a fantastic job by posting their travels, adventures, and memories with their community! They post regularly, their feed is consistent, and their pictures follow a color theme that changes from time to time. With this excellent content diversity score of 3/4 and only 4% of suspicious audience, this influencer family has already done a few collabs!

@keliamoniz x ROXY

A simple yet effective collab with Kelia, who shared a celebration with her surfing friends! She tagged the brand in her comment and showcased one of Roxy’s boards in the picture. Known for her fantastic surfing moves, Kelia has a 3.4/5 Favikon Score with a good engagement rate of 3.27% and an excellent following ratio of 683 followers per user followed. This influencer is rockin’ it!

@thelandofboggs x Amazon Prime Student

Here goes a specially creative partnership! Known for collaborating with various influencers, from nano to macro, Amazon has once again found the perfect influencer! @thelandofboggs TikTok account is all about funny and relatable animations: imaginary scenarios, daily life situations, and so on. This creator has an outstanding TikTok Favikon score of 4.4/5 and reached 4.7 TikTok followers! With a fantastic content quality, buzz ratio, and an excellent engagement rate of 19.69%, let’s say Amazon is lucky to work with such a tremendous influencer!


#ad Take that mom! Check out the bio link for access to Amazon Prime Student! It’s a crazy good deal. #boggs #animation #ad

♬ original sound - The Land Of Boggs

@carlottaconstant x Michael Kors

Any fashion lovers? 🛍️ Here comes a true masterpiece! This micro-influencer had an original idea to advertise Michael Kors’ bag: she appears in different daily life scenarios with the product so her audience can relate! Yes, a white bag might not seem like the most easy-to-use accessory, yet here she goes using it at the grocery store. With a remarkable +9% account growth and an excellent hashtag quality score of A+, this influencer and stylist is a catch! 

P.S.: She tagged the brand, mentioned them and used various of their hashtags... What a perfect combination!

@ash.weill x True Protein

Need an example of a classic yet successful collab? Ashley shared hers in her latest post and specified her content is a paid partnership with True Protein. A clear image of the product, brand tagged, and hashtag #ad. This influencer checked all the boxes! (Oh, and she has an excellent saturation rate and account activity!)

@haleysurfergirl x BILLABONG WOMENS

Another surfer! Haley has an amazing style when riding waves on her billabong longboards. With her excellent following ratio, great content diversity score of 3/4, and excellent hashtag quality, Haley has been partnering with Billabong women for quite some time now. What a perfect long term partnership 🤙 

@shawnysander x astridandmiyu

Shawny really has her own style when it comes to her Instagram account. Simplistic, luxurious, classic, elegant, and dark modes can mainly describe her aesthetic. With a 3.6/5 Favikon Score, she reached a +5% engagement rate, an excellent account activity of 25 posts in the last 30 days, and only 6.4% of the suspicious audience. She also tagged the brand, mentioned them, used various hashtags, and shared a promotional code.

@princeharry_ladydarcy x PetSafe® Australia

This one is for the team cat! This adorable kitty cat shared a collab with the pet brand PetSafe. They shared a promotional code with a Christmas look and encouraged their audience to purchase from the brand for the holidays. With the hashtag #ad the brand, this cutie also follows Instagram commercial transparency rules.

@greyandmama x Instacart

@greyandmama became famous for posting videos of her son eating food and being adorable.🍜 Nobody can’t resist a kid being sweet and polite, their 7.4M followers are here to prove it. For their collab with Instacart, a grocery delivery company, they decided to cook congee, a traditional dish from Asia. 


#ad Nothing more comforting (or delicious) than homemade congee and all the toppings 🤤 - this is definitely #howhomemadeismade

♬ Lazy Sunday - Official Sound Studio

@buildandcreatehome x Pura

if you want to know more about home decoration and DIY, @buildandcreatehome is probably the one TikTok account you should follow. With 1.8M followers and an impressive Favikon score of 4.4, there is no doubt that she is as good at decorating as she is at making TikTok. Her last collaboration with Pura, a company that sells fragrance diffusers, is quite original as she is building an electric fireplace. 🔥


#ad DIY electric fireplace build for my brother. Thank you to @Pura for adding to the ambiance with their #smarthome air fresheners! #sponsored #trypura #learnontiktok #diyfireplace

♬ original sound - buildandcreatehome

Did you learn new things with these collabs? We're sure you did! Influencers are getting more and more creative for their collabs, and it's refreshing to see that on our feed. Brands rather collaborate with influencers that fit their brand DNA rather than with influencers who have a large number of followers. We cannot wait to see the Christmas collaborations! 🎅

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