Chase Stokes x American Eagle - VIYF #36

Clothing, jewelry, skincare... This week's collabs are all high quality. As you will see a lot of brands have decided to collaborate with mega-influencers, a great way to jump into 2022!

January 7, 2022
Camille Valentin

It's the beginning of the year, so it is the perfect time to take New Year's resolutions! Some brands definitely chose to implement Influencer Marketing to their digital strategy. This week's collabs are a big deal. You will see a co-creation between a brand and one of the biggest influencers at the moment, and a big campaign between the biggest influencers, actors, actresses and a clothing brand.

Snitchery x Messenger

Snitchery is an influencer with more than 1.2M followers on Instagram and 2.5M on TikTok. She is mostly known for her cosplays and crazy makeup, but anyone that follows her knows that she is also hilarious. For her collab with Messenger, she made a Reel in which she doesn’t take herself seriously and tries funny filters that you can find on the app. Snitchery has an excellent engagement rate of 9.61%.

Jenna Ortega x American Eagle

Jenna Ortega is known for her roles in many TV shows and movies like You or The Babysitter and she will be in the upcoming “Scream” movie. With 6.5M followers on Instagram, the actress is also an excellent influencer! She recently teamed up with the clothing brand American Eagle. She shared multiple pictures of her with different outfits. Jenna is talented and she has an almost perfect Favikon Score of 4.9, so there is no doubt that any partnership with her will be a success!

Rida Tharana x Olay

Rida Tharana is an Indian content creator but most of her content is in English. She currently has 468k followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 6.67%. This week, she collaborated with the skincare brand, Olay. Rida’s content is extremely appreciated by brands and by her followers because she is always genuine and doesn’t try to sugarcoat her life. This is a good point for brands that want to collaborate with her because it means that her followers are more likely to follow her recommendations.

Corbin Cunningham x The Coldest Water

Corbin Cunningham is a TikToker with 2.3M followers. He has an excellent growth rate of 13.22%, so you should definitely keep an eye on him! He collaborated with The Coldest Water, which is a company that sells can coolers, ice packs, etc. His collab was original because he pretended to be in a decision based-video game. He has already made this concept in the past, so this collab fitted perfectly with the rest of his content.

@c0rbo #ad pov: Life Is a Game of Episode💎 (PT.3❗️) #pov #coldest #sponsored #episode #fyp @thecoldestwater ♬ original sound - Mar

Craftykari x Michaels Stores

Craftykari is a TikTok account that shares easy tutorials to create stickers, ornaments, etc. If you’re a fan of DIY or creating things, you need to follow this account. It makes perfect sense for Michaels Stores, an art supplies company to collaborate with this influencer. Besides her TikTok, Craftykari also has an Instagram account with a perfect Favikon score of 5.

La Chica Bona x Pluto TV

La Chica Bona is a Spanish influencer with more than 6.4M followers on TikTok. And that’s not it, she also has a Youtube channel and Instagram account, which has an excellent engagement rate of 12.37%. This week she collaborated with the streaming platform, Pluto TV. In her TikTok, she explained that she was shocked that one of her friends wasn’t using the platform as it is free. This partnership was funny and efficient!

Addison Rae x Alani Nu

With 86M followers on TikTok and 40M on Instagram, she is one of the biggest influencers at the moment. After recording a song, being the leading role in a Netflix movie, Addison is now collaborating with Alani Nu. And it's more than a simple collab, the brand and the influencer co-created an energy drink called “Berry Pop”. For the occasion, Addison Rae did a photoshoot that was inspired by Barbie.

Chase Stokes x American Eagle

American Eagle surely is investing in influencer marketing, as they are also collaborating with actor Chase Stokes. Chase is mostly known for his role in Outer banks, a Netflix show. He has 7.3M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 16.48%. In her post in collaboration with the brand, he also added the hashtag #aepartner.

Sadie Sink x Chopard

Sadie Sink is an actress and mega-influencer! She has more than 15M followers on Instagram, an excellent engagement rate of 12.49%, and an impressive Favikon score of 4.4. This week she collaborated with the famous Swiss jewelry brand, Chopard. The actress shared a picture of her wearing a red outfit, rings, and a watch from the brand.

What did you think of this week's collabs? As you can see brands are taking Influencer Marketing to the next level. Having an influencer promoting your brand is great but it's even better if you manage to create a campaign that will make you stand out from your competitors. Moreover personalizing your partnership to fit with an influencer's personality or image is also really important if you want it to be a success.

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