D'Amelio Family x Lovesac - VIYF #28

Just Dance launches a new campaign with the world's biggest influencers including Camila Cabello 🔥

November 12, 2021
Camille Valentin

The diversification of brands in influencer marketing highlights the advantages of this acquisition channel.

More and more brands are using influencers to promote their products. Influencer marketing is not only used by beauty and fashion brands anymore. This roundup of the best partnerships of the week shows us that! Here, we have a food delivery brand that communicates via product placement, but also a sofa brand very present on social networks that have partnered with an influential family on TikTok.

The most creative influencer partnerships

Discover all the best partnerships of the week :

@valslooks x Buyk

As a fashion addict, Val always rocks awesome outfits. She lives in New York, and one thing is certain: life in the city can be overwhelming and fast. This is why she decided to team up with Buyk, a grocery delivery app. With an engagement rate of 10.07%, and her “put together” looks, you will definitely want to collaborate with her to promote your brand 🗽

@edenvonweiss x BITE beauty

Eden is a stunning model from Canada. Her content is original and very diverse. With 34k followers on Instagram and 716k on TikTok, it is clear that no one can resist her perfect smile and her laughing eyes. With an engagement rate of 6.68% and a growth rate of 16.30%, she is a true star in the making. It is no surprise if BITE beauty decided to collaborate with her for their new lipstick 🇨🇦

@die4toot x Best in Dogs

Zack Goggins is a Tiktoker and an Instagrammer, with a 4.3 Favikon score, he is a true gem! His adorable dog, Toot Toot, is also one of a kind. But being deaf, half-blind, and having purple hair doesn’t stop him from being awesome. This is why both Zack and Toot Toot decided to join the “Best in Dogs” contest. This competition aims to reward dogs for their uniqueness because each dog is beautiful in their own special way 🐶


#ad Do you think Toot Toot will win? 🥺🦒Enter your special/unique dog to win “Best in Doge” at (the link will also be in my bio)!

♬ original sound - Zack Goggins

@dameliofamilyofficial x Lovesac

There’s no place like home! For their collaboration with Lovesac, a sofa and ottoman brand, the Damelio family created a fun TikTok, showing us that having a cozy home is important. The family has 15.4M followers and a considerable engagement rate of 15%, making them the coolest family on TikTok 👨👩👧👧


#ad There’s nothing like family time on our new cozy @Lovesac Sactionals

♬ Jerk It Out (#Dịch Chuyển Tức Thì) - Caesars Palace

@brodiemackenzie x YOP

Being a mom comes with its shares of surprises and challenges. Brodie Mackenzie could definitely tell you about it. As a mother of 3 beautiful children, it can be hard to cook every day for your whole family, especially when we know how difficult children can be. In her hilarious Reel in collaboration with YOP, she explains that she tries to cook 3 meals a day, but the only thing her children would eat is YOP yogurt. One thing that Brodie has learned to manage is her social media, with 95k followers and an engagement rate of 5.48%, she is an excellent influencer! 🍦

@amanda.bloomquist x Aura Bora drink

Colder days are coming but you can still enjoy a picnic at the beach. This is what Amanda decided to do. Her collaboration with Aura Bora drink, shows her enjoying nice food at the beach with her friends, even on a cloudy day! On another positive note, she has an engagement rate of 45% and an account growth of 32% 🥤

@lovesoreal x Paramount+

Maybelline and Christian have one mission in life: make people smile! With 5.2M on TikTok, they definitely achieved their goal and with a Favikon score of 5 on Instagram, there is no doubt that their community loves them.  Christian decided to impersonate his girlfriend for their partnership with Paramount+. After seeing this hilarious TikTok, we definitely want to run to the movie to see “Cliford the big red dog” 🎬🍿


#ad CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG is in theatres and on Paramount+ November 10th!!! 🎬#ParamountPartner #ActingLikeMyWife #ad

♬ original sound - Love So Real ❤️

@lilhuddy x Dior

Chase Hudson aka lilhuddy became famous on TikTok a few years ago. He now has 32M followers on TikTok and 12M on Instagram, and an impressive 4.8 Favikon Score. Besides his content on social media, Chase has been working on his first album, which was released a few weeks ago. For his collaboration with Dior, he explained that the Sauvage Elixir perfume helps his creativity when he is in the studio ✨

@camilacabello x Just Dance Game

This news is gonna please every Camila Cabello fan… Her song “Don’t go yet” will be featured in the upcoming Just Dance game. The singer, actress, and influencer has a great Favikon Score of 3.9 and she has a total of 72M followers (TikTok and Instagram combined). Collaborating with her will give your brand incredible visibility. So are you ready to shake your body in the rhythm of Camila’s catchy song? 🕺💃


#ad show me how you shake it to Don't Go Yet!! @justdancegame #JustDanceWithCamila

♬ Don't Go Yet - Camila Cabello

@bostonbeaman x Manscaped

You probably came across one of his hilarious videos… 😂 With 3.2M followers on TikTok and almost 400k on Instagram, people surely can’t get enough of his humor. His concept is simple: making fun of toxic masculinity, yet it works every time. With a Favikon score of 5 and original videos, a collaboration with him will make your brand stand out from your competitors. This is probably why Manscaped, a brand selling grooming products for men, decided to team up with him 👌

@samuelharrisonart x WeWork

Samuel Harrison is an incredibly talented young artist, who shares many of his drawings on his Instagram. He has worked for brands such as Vogue, Paypal, or even Adobe. that is a crazy resumé! But as an artist, you sometimes need to find a quiet and cozy place to get your creative juices flowing. This is why he recently collaborated with WeWork, a company that offers workspaces all over the world. 🦄 A very useful collaboration for all of us, hard-working people! 🤓

On TikTok, influencer partnerships are only increasing. Brands are more and more present on this social network and start to dare using influencers collaborations.

Partnerships on TikTok represent a great advantage for brands, especially to have more proximity with their consumers. Videos are more human and less oriented towards pure and traditional advertising as we have always seen.

Users on TikTok buy products very easily when their favorite influencer uses and promotes them. Influencer marketing on TikTok is one of the best acquisition channels and no brand should miss out!

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