Doja Cat x JBL - VIYF #49

This week's partnerships were original, to say the least! So if you are lacking inspiration for your next influence campaign, keep reading!

April 8, 2022
Camille Valentin

Some of the biggest influencers and celebrities shared partnerships this week. On the program: Brazilian mega influencer Anitta shared a fun collab with Cheetos, and Doja Cat shared a very memorable partnership with JBL. Hold on, that’s not it! One of the biggest YouTubers, MrBeast, posted a collaboration with DreamWorks on TikTok. One of the first fashion bloggers posted about a new sustainable bag. There is a lot to cover this week, so keep reading to learn more about these awesome partnerships.

Anitta x Cheetos

Anitta is a singer, dancer, actress, businesswoman, and influencer! It seems like there is nothing she can’t do. With her perfect Favikon score of 5 and 61.3M followers on Instagram, she is definitely rocking it. This week, she shared her new collab with the famous brand Cheetos. She posted a picture of her in a shopping cart full of bags of Cheetos, as well as a short video. She added the hashtag #IssoÉMuitoCheetos to her post.

Doja Cat x JBL

Doja Cat is known for her catchy songs but perhaps she should also be known for her social media content as she has a perfect Favikon score of 5 on TikTok and Instagram. Her collaborations with brands are also quite memorable. A few days ago, she shared a TikTok of her wrongly pronouncing “JBL”. An odd collab yet effective, as the video currently has 13.9M views.

MrBeast x DreamWorks

With 92M subscribers on YouTube, MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers, but he also has a huge audience on TikTok with almost 35M followers. For April fool’s day, he shared a partnership with DreamWorks on his TikTok. He pretended that he was going to reveal how to get millions of views but a few seconds later we realized that it is actually an ad for the new animation movie “The Bad Guys”. A genius partnership!

@mrbeast #ad The key to getting millions of followers 😎#AprilFools #TheBadGuysChallenge ♬ Bad Guy - Billie Eilish

Mikayla Nogueira x Elf Cosmetics

This collab got makeup enthusiasts talking! Elf Cosmetics just launched their new collection in collaboration with Dunkin Donuts. Mikayla Nogueria, a TikToker with more than 11M followers was chosen to promote this collection (and she wasn’t the only one… 👀). Mikayla shared a video of her discovering the new products!

@mikaylanogueira The @elfyeah x @Dunkin' collab is the collab of my DREAMS!! Available on for Beauty Squad Members March 31! Or @Ulta Beauty April 3! #elfxdunkin #AD ♬ original sound - Mikayla Nogueira

Veronica Ferraro x V°73

Veronica Ferraro was one of the first Italian fashion bloggers as she started her blog in 2010. She currently has 1.4M followers on Instagram and a very good engagement rate of 1.79%. A few days ago she shared her collab with V°73, an Italian clothing brand. She wore one of their “ I am a responsible bag”, which are made with recycled materials.

Afrin Akthter x Elf Cosmetics

Here’s another collaboration for the new Elf Cosmetics collection! Afrin Akhter is a makeup artist and influencer with 55K followers on Instagram. She has an excellent engagement rate of 15.72%. For her collab with the makeup brand, she shared a makeup look created with the product from the collection and she added sprinkles in reference to Dunkin.

Neer Jaising x Elante Mall

Neer is an Indian influencer with 79.4k followers on Instagram and a very good engagement rate of 3.13%. This week she shared a picture of herself wearing a neon green dress and stylish sunglasses. This post aimed to promote the shopping mall, Elante Mall. When we see how beautiful Neer looks in this outfit, we surely want to run to this mall.

SparkDise x Diesel

Johann aka SparkDise is an influencer and YouTuber. He has a very good engagement rate of 3.14%. Originally known for his humorous YouTube videos, he is now recognized as a lifestyle influencer with a great sense of fashion. This week he shared a picture with a beautiful Diesel jacket. He tagged the brand on this picture and in the caption.

Which collab did you find the most interesting? MrBeast took advantage of April fool’s day to create an original collaboration, which caught people’s attention. Doja cat’s collab was odd but effective as it got people talking. Many people commented on her TikTok, which increased the engagement rate but also increased the views because the algorithm was pushing it to even more users. Doja Cat had already done an odd partnership with Taco Bell a few weeks ago. She first posted a TikTok explaining that she had to post a song about Taco Bell and she wasn’t too pleased about it. Then she posted another TikTok of her singing the actual song. Genius idea or bad marketing? The least we can say is that she is getting a lot of views.

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