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September 17, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo
@alissajanay x Coco & Eve

This influencer sure knows how to promote a product! Alissa made a collab’ with the cruelty-free and vegan beauty product brand. She created a short video explaining how she uses Coco Eve’s deep clean scalp scrub step by step. A great way to build a strong relationship with the brand! 💁

@chiaraking x 4Action Truth or Dare

Who better than a young TikTok influencer to promote an app for a youthful audience! Chiara addresses her community directly to promote 4Action. By showing how she and her friends use the app, she can explain how the product works and bring an authentic aspect to the collab’. 🎲

@mddyelrck x iHerb

Madison is a mid-range influencer! She is all about nature, going on treks and taking pictures of lakes! The Instagrammer tagged iHerb, an online retail company, and promoted their services in her caption. She also mentioned a second brand, Vega, and showcased one of their products in her pictures. The influencer did a wonderful job at sharing her partnership while following her regular feed! ⛰️

@thepitmansisters x American Eagle

The apparel brand created a great contest in which the company encourages any creator to use the hashtag #AEJeansHaveFun to win a prize! With this competition, users are motivated to upload a video wearing the brand’s clothes, bringing extensive visibility! The pitman sisters participated in the challenge and encouraged their community to join them; what a master plan! 👖


sumtimes all u need is 👖 + fun. Post a vid having fun in @americaneagle Jeans w/ ##AEJeansHaveFun & ##aecontest 4 a chance 2 win 👖 4 life! ##aepartner

♬ AE Jeans - AE x Quake Matthews

@laurawgodfrey x Walmart

Ready to meet Rowe Rowe? The Instagrammer mom previously shared her collab' with Walmart's clothing line and now introduces her daughter to her audience. This little pumpkin showcased the American brand's kids' apparel. An original approach to extend their partnership! 👩👧

@elise_cm x Eau Jeune

The French comedian shared her collab with Eau Jeune to promote the brand's perfume! A post that varies from her usual feed, which brings out the partnership. She tagged them and used both the brand's hashtag and the sponsored one. A creative and transparent post, a true example! ✨


##publicité Vous êtes plutôt ange 👼 ou démon 😈 ? @eau_jeune ##DemonInLove ##eaujeune ##sponsorisé

♬ son original - Elise ✨

@patrimediolimon x Planeta Huerto

Any foodies here? @patrimediolimon is a fantastic cook, and she loves to share her tips with her audience! She recently posted a delicious picture of a dish using Planeta Huerto’s products. Her post is simple yet well organized: she shared their promotional codes, wrote a few lines expressing her appreciation for the brand’s products, and ended her caption with a delicious recipe! So who’s ready to dig in? 🧇

@domelipa x Premium

A short and straightforward video to talk about her partnership with Premium! The TikTok influencer explained the different trials in her caption and used two hashtags, one for the brand and one for the Ad.


¡Si nunca has probado Premium, pruébalo gratis por 3 meses, con los planes Individual y Universitario ¡Hasta el 28/09! ##EnamoradosDePremium ##Ad 💚

♬ sonido original - Dominik

@marine_audineau x NA-KD

Fashion lover Marine posed with her new NA-KD outfit! The french influencer shared a discount code in her caption and encouraged her audience to use it rapidly! By doing so, her community gets a call to action, which might result in additional sales and a rise in her engagement rate! 😎

@maulopezzz x StarPlus

What a cute way to present his collab! Maulo surprised his girlfriend with a beautiful setup in which they could both watch their favorite channels on StarPlus! The influencer truly put some effort into making this content creative and original! 📽


SORPRESA PARA MI NENA TE AMO @cristylopezzzz 😍❤️| ##StarPlus ##Ad

♬ original sound - MAU LOPEZ

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