Dr. Prem Tripathi x Apostrophe - VIYF #60

TikTok is full of opportunities for brands. With so many influencers on the platform, they're spoiled for choice. But did you know that more and more brands are looking for specialized creators? Here are 5 partnerships of the week with specialized influencers that you have to know about!

November 11, 2022
Margot Daugieras

The best specialized influencer collabs of the week on TikTok 

TikTok is still a fairly new network but has quickly established itself against its major competitors. Today, it is one of the most popular social networks and has almost one billion users! What makes the richness of this platform is the diversity of content you can find there. But did you know that TikTok has a community of influencers specializing in different fields? This type of creator offers very specific content that speaks to expert niches in their field. And the brands have understood it! This is why we see even more collaborations between specialized influencers and brands on the social media. Here are 5 partnerships made with specialized influencers seen in our feed this week.


@drpremtripathi x Apostrophe

Who has better advice for talking about skin care than a professional in the field? This is surely the reflection that Apostrophe must have had when it created its collaboration. The brand partnered with Dr. Prem Tripathi to promote their skincare products. He is a Facial Plastic Surgeon and also a part-time influencer on social media. 


This partnership took place on TikTok. Dr. Prem Tripathi made a video in which he presents his daily skincare using products from Apostrophe. This brand connects its clients with board-certified dermatologists and then creates custom prescriptions for acne treatments and skincare in general. 


For this collab, Apostrophe chose a specialized influencer. This is a great way to bring credibility to the brand. The TikTok is 30 seconds long, it gives enough time to Dr. Prem to share insights and to show how to use the products. Moreover, he chose a spoken format, which allows him to share his opinion, likes, and the benefits of the product. Finally, the influencer even tagged the brand, used the #ad and shared a promo code in the comments. That’s what we call a perfect collab! 💎

@logan_schnider x LetsGetChecked 

If you are an athlete at heart, the next partnership should interest you! Logan Schnider is a creator specialized in freestyle scootering. This is a subject that he is very passionate about as a professional scooter rider. Logan has a Youtube channel and a TikTok account where he only posts scooter related content. 


On his last TikTok, Logan collaborated with the brand LetsGetChecked, which is a virtual care company that offers at-home testing, telehealth services and pharmacy capabilities. They partnered to sensibilize sportsmen to take care of their health thanks to their self-test kits. The good health of an athlete is one of the most important criteria to be efficient during a sports session. That is why it is important for them to check if everything is fine before any session. This is all the more true for freestyle scootering, which is an extreme sport where you can easily get injured.


This is an example of a relevant collab where the brand has done research on the creator and their audience. Indeed, the subject addressed by this partnership is an issue that affects athletes on a daily basis. By collaborating with Logan, a specialized influencer, the brand seeks to directly reach its target: an expert niche in the field of scooter and even sports in general. 🛴

@_giannamartello x Nufabrx

This next collab will allow you to dance until the end of the night without worries! More seriously, if you like dancing as a sport or if you dance as a professional, the products promoted by Gianna could be useful!


Gianna Martello is a professional dancer. She uses her social media platforms to talk about her passion. On her TikTok, we can find dozens of videos of her dancing and doing various choreographies. 


She collaborated with Nufabrx to promote the brand and their products. Nufabrx sells medical clothing that relieves symptoms directly at the source by using medicated infused fabrics. As a dancer, Gianna is often facing pain or minor injuries, these products give relief to her articulation pain and swelling. The collab took place on her TikTok where she made a short video explaining the benefits of the products and sharing her opinion on it. 


Once again, the brand succeeded in targeting the right audience. Indeed, their products can be appealing to people engaged in form-producing activities such as gymnastics or dance. And once again, this is a successful partnership! Her TikTok has an engagement rate of 12.4% with 130.6k views and 14,9k likes. This is without mentioning that Gianna has the very high Favikon Score of 4.4/5!

@_giannamartello The only way I can survive a night of teaching is with my #nufabrx … literally the best ankle support there is! #HealthWear #NufabrxPartner #Ad #sponsored ♬ Work Out (Talkbox) - Adam Tahere

@stephaniemorattoofficial x Purina

For the next collab, let's go to the countryside! Nature, animals and great partnerships await you!


Stephanie Moratti is a TikTok influencer who creates content especially about her farm, her animals and mainly her horses. She recently collaborated with Purina, a pet food brand. 


This collaboration is part of the campaign #TakeAHack that was created by the brand and which takes place on TikTok. Purina wants people to share their barn hacks on the platform and this is exactly what Stephanie has done. She shared her own barn hack to her followers in a short video. 


This collab doesn’t promote a specific product but the brand itself. And it seems like Purina chose the right creator for this partnership! In 16 hours, the video has already reached more than 25k views. The creator has also done a great job by tagging the brand and using the right hashtags. 


Once again, this demonstrates that it is important for a brand to choose its influencer well and that specialized influencers are creators with high potential of success for partnerships!

@stephaniemorattoofficial #TakeAHack A must-know barn hack @purinafeedgreatness! Show me your barn hacks and where you save where it counts! #ad #sponsored #FeedGreatness #PurinaHorseFeed ♬ original sound - Purina Animal Nutrition

@wisdm8 x Mercedes Benz

Who doesn’t like fashion and cars? According to us nobody! But nevertheless, if this is your case, we advise you to keep on reading... You’re going to change your mind with this last collaboration! 


Mercedes Benz made a surprising partnership with a famous creator: Wisdom Kaye, the king of Fashion TikTok. Together they created an original video to promote the brand. To stay in line with Wisdom's usual style and content, they made a short TikTok showing Mercedes’s cars and their drivers at different periods in history. 


This collab shows us that it is possible to create an efficient partnership between two different worlds when it is well done. Here we have a collaboration that gathers fashion and automobile, two fields that seem totally different, even opposite. And whether we are talking about the brand or the influencer, they are both very specialized in their own field. 


So, why did this collab work? They found a common point and made their collaboration around this idea. They used the idea of style : neither Wisdom or Mercedes ever goes out of style. 🤝


And this collab is a real success! With more than half a million views and 75.5k likes, this video has an engagement rate of 14.6%. Without forgetting that Wisdom has a very good Favikon Score of 3.7/5. This Mercedes Benz collab really has everything to shine! ✨

@wisdm8 Travelling through time with @mercedesbenz #ad ♬ original sound - Wisdom Kaye

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