Dua Lipa x Versace - VIYF #45

Fashionistas were all over our social media this week. Versace, Meshki, Paco Rabanne... All these brands worked with influencers to create awesome content. Have a look!

March 11, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week was full of surprises! Dua Lipa shared a photo shoot with her sister for the famous brand Versace, and the result is stunning. These last few days, we also saw a lot of partnerships on TikTok, from very diverse brands. Among the brands that decided to work with TikTokers, we noticed Samsung and Lexus, which both chose the perfect influencer for their brand. That's not it! On March 8th, took place International Women's Day, and some brands decided to create special collabs for the occasion.

Maddie Ziegler x Fabletics 

International women’s day is the occasion to discuss serious matters regarding equality between men and women. Brands also want to make a statement on this day. Obviously, we could discuss this type of practice, which can sometimes be pure feminism washing, but at least they are talking about real issues. This week, dancer Maddie Ziegler teamed up with Fabletics. She shared a picture of her wearing a shirt with the inscription “She can do anything”. A simple yet effective message that aims to empower women. 

Klaudiacloud x Free People 

One glance at Klaudia’s Instagram account and you can directly tell she loves fashion. This is probably why Free People UK decided to collaborate with her. Klaudia is looking gorgeous with her funky pants and her Sagittarius shirt. With a very good engagement rate of 4.08%, she is a great micro-influencer to work with. She even added the hashtags #ad #freepeoplepartner to her post. 

ThatFalzonFamily x SuperCheap Auto

Are you on Clean Tok? This is the name given to the TikTok community who loves sharing videos of cleaning tips and hacks. ThatFalzonFamily’s partnership with SuperCheap Auto will probably be appreciated by people from Clean Tok, as we see them cleaning their couch and car seats. We have to admit, it is very satisfying to watch. This collab was clearly a success as the TikTok already has 1.5M views. 

@thatfalzonfamily Is there anything more satisfying than a deep clean! 😍 Paid partnership with @supercheapautoau #MakeItSuper #SupercheapAuto ♬ original sound - Alexandra Bewicke

Pushing Pistons x Lexus 

Pushing Pistons is passionate about cars, this is why he decided to create his TikTok account. He regularly shares videos explaining the specificities between cars. This week he shared a video in collaboration with Lexus to show their new car the Lexus NX 2022. This is a great partnership since he has 1.8M followers and produces niche content. 

@pushingpistons A solid combo of hybrid electric tech, luxury, and performance #lexusnx #cartech #cartok #LexusPartner (paid partnership with @lexususa ♬ Auto Cardio Instrumental - Lexus

Liam Kalevi x Samsung 

Liam Kalevi is a TikToker with 472k followers and a good buzz ratio. This week he collaborated with Samsung to promote the new Samsung Galaxy S22. In his TikTok, he pretends to show memes to his friend but he has already seen them all. We can all relate to this situation.

@liamkalevi Paid partnership with Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. Which friend are you? #galaxys22ultra ♬ original sound - Liam Kalevi

Dua Lipa x Versace

An iconic duo! For her collaboration with Versace, Dua Lipa shared pictures with her younger sister, Rina Lipa. In her post, she added the hashtag #versacelamedusamini. This isn’t her first time working with the brand, as she was the face of one of their campaigns a few months ago. Dua Lipa is also an excellent influencer with an excellent engagement rate of 2.48%, a great account growth of 2.30%, and an excellent audience quality.

Valen Volinetts x Paco Rabanne

Valen Volinetts is a micro-influencer with 52.7k followers on Instagram. He has a great Favikon score of 3.9 and an excellent engagement rate of 5.46%. He recently collaborate with Paco Rabanne. Yesterday, he shared a post of him with a bottle of 1 million elixir, one of the brand’s most iconic perfumes.

Navik4ur x Meshki 

Here’s another fashionista! This influencer knows how to style clothes and she loves colors. This week, she collaborated with the clothing brand, MESHKI. She posted a picture of her wearing a green suit and a neon pink bag. She definitely looks stunning. This influencer has an excellent engagement rate of 7.81% and impressive account growth of 21.60%.

Which partnership caught your attention? This week's TikTok collabs were particularly well-done. The brands were targeting a defined audience, which they managed to reach by working with niche influencers. It was also quite interesting to see Dua Lipa do a collab with her sister. It definitely added something new and made the collab more memorable.

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