Emma Chamberlain x PacSun - VIYF #42

Emma Chamberlain, Marshmello, and other mega influencers shared incredible collabs this week! Check them out!

February 17, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Here come the best influencer partnerships of the week! Influencers like Emma Chamberlain and brands like Calvin Klein created unique content to promote their products and services. Take a look at these content creators and their strategies when working with brands. As you know, influencer campaigns can have different objectives and results depending on the social media platform used by the influencer (Instagram, TikTok, YouTube...). Thus some businesses planed their campaigns on TikTok, others on Instagram, so let's see the results!

@emmachamberlain x pacsun

The one and only Emma Chamberlain shared her partnership with Pacsun, an American clothing brand. The mega influencer tagged the brand with their unique hashtag #inmypac and #pacpartner. Pacsun is known for its fantastic influencer campaigns. They worked several times with famous influencers, often created new partnerships, and are present on various social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, etc.

@marshmellomusic x Amazon//Alexa

Famous DJ Marshmello shared a new collab on his TikTok account! The artist partnered with Amazon and created a funny video in which he speaks to Alexa. Marshmello tagged the brand and used the hashtag #ad. What do you think? What better way to promote a virtual assistant and speaker than to show a musician using it themselves!

@marshmellomusic #ad Alexa's reading minds? Watch Amazon's gameday spot to see. @Amazon @Alexa #AlexaMindReader ♬ original sound - marshmello

@lucindaloisemerson x SHOWPO

A simple and harmonious partnership. With just over 5k subscribers, Lucinda shared a stylish collab with clothing brand, Showpo. The influencer chose an art gallery that blends perfectly with Showpo products as a background. A content creator who knows how to combine commercial content with a touch of creativity!

@vhackerr x Calvin Klein

Next stop: TikTok collab! This TikToker posted his collab with the fashion company by sharing his “get ready with me” routine with his audience.The content creator reaches a Favikon Score of 3.9/5! With an excellent community ratio of 6.22% and a great engagement rate of 19.84% , @vhackerr’s TikTok account is on fire!

@vhackerr #ad Wake up, Get dressed, CK Defy @Calvin Klein #ckdefy ♬ you look lonely - jimbotheboy

@​​the.wee.scottish.explorer x VisitScotland

Discover the wonders of Scotland with this influencer! @the.wee.scottish.explorer posted a collab with the tourist board VisitScotland, which encourages influencers to use the hashtag  #VisitScotland and #ScotlandIsCalling when posting content about their journey in the country, so they can repost it later on. And that is exactly what this influencer did! She also shared pictures of her adventures with her dog and specified all her destinations in the description!

@samseats x  Feasty

Who’s hungry? Here is what we call a well-organized partnership. Sam created a video for his collab with Feasty, an app that allows users to follow delicious recipes with their favorite influencers. Sam shared his exceptional dish preparation and linked his video to the app. In other words, an icon appears, the user can click, and has direct access to all ingredients and steps followed by the chook on Feasty! Genius and delicious!

@samseats #ad Steak Frites 🥩 Click through for full recipe on Feasty #ValentinesAtWaitrose ♬ original sound - Sam Way

@lola_and_popps x Purrini

Shout out to all cat people, this partnership is for you! This adorable kitten has a new gift and was excited to share it with her community. The brand did an amazing job at choosing its influencer! By reaching out to Lola and Poppy’s audience, they will appear on the feed of a niche community of people who like and most likely own cats. Oh, and let’s not forget Lola and Poppy have a wonderful Favikon Score of 4/5!

@theresa.leung x Grubhub

Ding dong, delivery! Theresa shows what having dinner with her boyfriend looks like when they order food with Grubhub. A perfect occasion to showcase their partnership with the delivery app! Theresa and Zach share a joint TikTok food account with 1.4 Million followers and a Favikon Score of 4.2/5. This influencer couple is doing a fantastic job with an excellent buzz ratio and a great community ratio of +12.5%!

@theresa.leung #ad Clean plates ONLY! 😋 Order from @Grubhub today! #GrubhubPartner #foodislife #foodies #fyp ♬ mario sound - mandycap

@vutheara x Huawei Mobile France

Here comes an aesthetic and professional collab to finish our View In Your Feed #42! VuThéara is a talented photographer who shares his best shots with his community! He did a fantastic job in his partnership with Huawei. Instead of simply showcasing the brand's product in one of his pictures, he used the phone to take them—a fabulous way to show his audience the phone's camera quality.

What did you think of these influencer campaigns? Brands partnered with micro- to mega- influencers depending on their objectives and needs. In the case of Emma Chamberlain's collab, Pacsun has quite the budget since most of the brand's marketing strategy is based on influence. Thus Pacsun has set a strong influencer marketing strategy to reach high visibility, a solid engagement, and a popular brand image by working with famous influencers. Which influencer marketing strategy is best for your brand?

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