Gigi Hadid x Frankies Bikinis - VIYF #52

Swimsuits, food and skincare, this week's collabs were quite diverse! Have a look 👇

May 13, 2022
Camille Valentin

I hope you’re ready because we have some very interesting partnerships this week! TikTok really seems to be the place to create original collabs. We found 2 awesome TikTok collabs that we are sure you will love too. The biggest collab of the week is signed by Gigi Hadid, who decided to co-create a swimsuit collection with one of her best friends. And she has been posting many pictures to promote it. Another supermodel, shared her collab with Hilton 👀  

Leana Deeb x Gym Shark

Leana is a TikToker with 5.4M followers. She has an almost perfect Favikon score of 4.9, an excellent buzz ratio, and a good engagement rate of 17.07%. She is known for her inspirational and gym videos. This week, she shared her partnership with Gym Shark: an aesthetic video carrying an important message. In her TikTok, she explained that you don’t need to restrict yourself in order to get “your body goal”. This isn’t her first time working with the brand, and this long-term partnership seems to work as her video currently has 2.5M views.

@leanadeeb everything in moderation 🤍 wearing @gymshark #ad ♬ original sound - AnxietyGangOfficial

Pidgin Doll x Pop-Tarts

This is probably the most original collab of the week! Pop-Tarts decided to collaborate with Joshua David McKenney. Joshua is an artist, he creates and designs original dolls, sculptures, and illustrations. He also has a TikTok account with 1.3M followers and an excellent engagement rate of 22.38%. The brand asked him to create a doll inspired by a flavor of one of their Pop-Tarts. The result is awesome!

Gigi Hadid x Frankies Bikinis

Supermodel, Gigi Hadid just created a collection of swimsuits. She collaborated with Frankies Bikinis, a brand created by one of her friends, Francesca. Gigi shared multiple pictures on her Instagram to announce the launch of their collection. With 74.1M followers and an excellent engagement rate of 3.09%, the launch will surely be a success!

Lolwla x Nutella

Lola is a French influencer with 57.8k followers and a very good engagement rate of 3.44%. She mostly shares lifestyle and food content. This week she posted a picture of strawberry and Nutella toasts. She added the hashtags #NutellaTartinesClub, #NutellaLovers, and #Sponsorisé. A simple yet effective collab!

Taylor Hill x Hilton

Taylor Hill is one of the most famous models at the moment. She currently has 19.3M followers on Instagram. This week, she shared pictures of herself at the Miami Grand Prix. She thanked Hilton and Mclaren for inviting her and she added the hashtag #HiltonPartner. She even shared a picture with none other than Paris Hilton!

Daizy and Ankit x Garnier

Daizy and Ankit are a couple influencer. They currently have 256.3k followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 4.12%. A few days ago, Daizy shared a Reels of her trying the new vitamin C serum from Garnier. She added the hashtags #VitaminC #AD and #BrightComplete.

FashionInMySoul x Motf  

Barbora is an influencer with 593k followers on Instagram, a very good Favikon score of 4.1, and an excellent engagement rate of 3.74%. She posts stunning pictures of herself during her travels. She recently shared a post in collaboration with Motf, a clothing brand. She posed in a beautiful blue dress in the streets of Prague!

Julia Hussein x Versace

Julia Hussein is an influencer with more than 1M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 2.54%. Julia posts a lot of fashion content and especially from high fashion brands. So it made perfect sense for her to collaborate with Versace to promote their new collaboration with Fendi.

What did you think of this week’s partnerships? Personally, I am obsessed with Pop Tarts' collaboration with Joshua David Mckenney. It is always interesting to see brands collaborate with influencers that don’t create content directly linked to their industry. It pushes creators to be more creative and original. It is often more memorable as people wouldn’t expect to see such collabs. FashionInMySoul’s collab with Motf was also interesting. As she travels a lot, she can take pictures in beautiful places, which definitely helps to promote products.
Instagram collabs are still mainly pictures, but as Instagram is pushing more and more video content, it will be interesting to see brands and influencers adapt to these new changes.

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