Gigi Hadid x H&M - VIYF #29

Models, singers, and actors from the U.S to South Korea! Don't miss out on the latest influencer collabs. Will brands choose visibility, engagement, or brand image?

November 19, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Mega influencers, Korea, models, airline companies, fashion, and more collabs are waiting for you! Discover the best partnerships posted this week by all types of influencers from all around the world. From small brands looking to grow their visibility to world-known companies trying to better their brand image and boost their audience engagement, have a look at all different influencer marketing strategy, and their efficiency thanks to Favikon's influencer audits!

sooyaaa__ x itmichaa

Let’s start this View In Your Feed #29 with one of the best collabs of the week! Jisoo, singer from the Korean girl band Black Pink, has a 5/5 Favikon Score. You heard it right, this mega influencer is on top of her game, and this brand was able to reach out to her and get tagged in their latest collab. Jisoo posted a few pictures wearing the brand apparel and got more than 4M likes! She will bring visibility to the brand and a good image since all her partnerships are very professional. She has 50M followers, good account growth (she reached the MAXIMUM following ratio!), and an excellent content diversity score of 3/4. Bonus: she also has a high-quality audience!

@gigihadid x H&M

The iconic American model posted a video wearing different H&M outfits on her main Instagram account. With an exceptional hashtag #HMxME, the video already has almost 3M likes! With a 3/5 Favikon Score and 71.3M followers, Gigi has an excellent following ratio of 56K followers per one following and a great engagement rate of 5.02%. Since H&M and Gigi are both known worldwide brands and influencers, their campaign will generate huge visibility and combine Gigi’s reputation with the brand’s image. Great job!

@oscar_harvey_ x millie and john kids

What a cute partnership for this week’s VIYF! This young man posted a picture wearing a Millie & John green outfit. There is a little caption in which this micro-influencer shared a promotional discount code. It looks like mama is taking care of his account, and she is doing a fantastic job at it! With 12.5K likes, Oscar has a fantastic Favikon score of 3.5/5, an account growth of +11.50%, and an excellent audience quality score of A+!

@carlrichards_sambo x siksilk

Let’s talk fashion! Carl posted a new partnership with the fashion brand SikSilk. The post specifies it is sponsored content. The influencer wrote a caption in which he included the hashtag #AD and a few other related to the brand (#siksilkoutfits, #siksilkusa, etc.). With a 12.87% engagement rate, he has a fantastic audience quality with only 2% suspicious followers.

@ashleytisdale x minted

14M Instagram followers, 7.3M on TikTok and an overall Favikon score of 3.1/5! Give it up for Ashley, who loves to share different content with her users. Her latest posts will get you ready for the upcoming festivities. Holiday cards! This mega influencer tagged the brand, mentioned them in her caption, and added the hashtag #ad to specify she is sharing commercial content. A great example that shows why brands should plan holiday campaigns: for better visibility (fewer posts from the competition) and greater engagement.


@christian__roberto x GAS jeans

And here goes our second male fashion paid partnership! Christian shared a few shots wearing GAS’ jeans. The mid-range influencer reached the 7K likes, tagged the brand on the pictures and in his caption, and used different hashtags linked to the campaign (#ad, #GASjeansFW21, #denimlovers). This Italian influencer has a reasonable saturation rate of 36%, an excellent content diversity score of 3/4, and a fantastic engagement rate of 23.28%, which result in a Favikon Score of 3.3/5!

@zoeydeutch x aero

Who’s ready to go on a trip with your besties! Zoey sure did feel like going on a short vacation with her friends, and for that, she chose to fly with Aero. For this partnership, the mega influencer tagged the brand in her caption. Zoey has an outstanding Favikon score of 4.2/5! Why so? Great engagement rate of 7.5%, exceptional audience quality (A+), excellent following ratio, and good audience quality! Partnering with this influencer might be a challenge when reaching out and negotiating a cost. However, it sure will result in a fantastic evolution of the brand!

Did you enjoy this week's collabs? Then stay tuned for the upcoming influencer campaigns! With Black Friday, Christmas, and new year coming soon, get ready to be mesmerized by amazing influencer content, breathtaking collabs, and of course, awesome co-creations! See you soon in our next VIYF #30

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