Irene Montala x Tommy Hilfiger - VIYF #27

From Diwali in India to fashion in the United States, this week's collabs are pretty impressive! Let's dive in and have a look at these creators' work.

November 5, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

Fashion, jumping rope, doggos, holidays, and many more collaborations are awaiting you! Have a look at effective and creative partnerships of the week; from micro to mega influencers, from the united states to India, influence has neither limits nor frontiers. Based on Favikon's audits, here is our insight on this week's collabs; get ready for our VIYF #27! ⚡️

@chiaraferragni x Passione unghie

Let's start this week's View In Your Feed with the marvelous Chiarra Ferragni! Chiarra is not only a businesswoman, blogger, model, and designer but is also a mega influencer! This Italian creator has more than 25M followers on Instagram and 4M on TikTok, and that's not it; she has a fantastic Favikon score of 4.6/5! Impressive right? In her latest post, she shared her advertisement with the nail polish brand through a picture and tagged the brand in her caption with the hashtag #adv. 💅 A perfect collab for the Italian brand since partnering with an Italian fashion mega influencer will increase their reach with the ideal audience!

@lauren.jumps x H E X X E E

We have a jumper! Lauren does a fantastic job as an influencer: she shares her jumping rope journey, favorite tricks, music inspiration, and tips for her 443K followers to learn as well! 💪 With an excellent account growth of +10.40% and a tremendous following ratio of 825 followers per one following, this macro influencer has a fantastic 4.3 Favikon Score! She recently shared a second post mentioning the brand HEXXE. She specifies her post is an ad and shared a promotional code in her caption. Ready to jump in? 👀

@irenemontala x TommyHilfiger

We are taking you on a trip! Irene is a Spanish influencer with 139k subscribers and a 3.8/5 Favikon score. She shared a post wearing a Tommy Hilfiger outfit that gives very much fall vibes: cozy, elegant, and warm. 🍂 What can we say? With Black Friday just around the corner, the brand sure knows how to plan a campaign! Irene has an excellent hashtag and audience quality score and a great content diversity score of 3/4! 👏

@sanayairani x Havells

Ready for Diwali? 🥳 Havells made a great collab with an Indian mega Influencer for the occasion! With 2.7M subscribers, Sanaya has a 3.6/5 Favikon Score: 3.52% engagement rate, an excellent 1: 78 comment: like ratio, and an excellent following ratio of 39k subscribers for every user she follows! The influencer posted a video in which she shares her festive recipe using Havells’ OTG. 😋 Sanaya tagged the brand and introduced her audience to their product. A great example of a collab that brings extensive visibility and reach!

@bentley.explores x Fera Pet Organics

The cutest collab of the week! Meet Bentley, an Australian Shepherd influencer that shared a post with Fera Pet Organics in two pics. 🐶 This doggo described one of his favorite treats in its caption with the hashtag #ad and shared a discount code with his audience. With a 3.5/5 Favikon score, Bentley has a marvelous engagement rate of 25.17% and a remarkable account activity of 17 posts in the last 30 days. Pretty impressive for this little pup!

@haileybieber x Jimmy Choo

All fashion lovers, raise your hands! The one and only Hailey Bieber shares once again her campaign with the British high fashion house on her main Instagram account. 👠 The “paid partnership” icon appears on the post as the model tagged the brand and used the hashtag #jimmychoo. Hailey has 38.6M followers and an excellent engagement rate of 5.13%. It is quite common for huge brands to partner with mega influencers, wince it guarantees high visibility, an impact on the brand image, and a positive ROI. In this case, with a 3.6/5 Favikon score, Jimmy Choo hit the jackpot! 🔥

@aron.piper x GCDS

Last but surely not least, Aron Piper, a Netflix star known from the show Elite, shared a fashion picture, tagging GCDS, on his main Instagram account. ⭐️ A few pictures tagging the brand will most likely boost GCDS' visibility and sales! With a 3.7/5 Favikon Score, he has an excellent engagement rate of 14.22%, a perfect audience quality, and a great content diversity score of 3/4. An example of how simple yet effective collabs with mega influencers can be! 📈

What did you think of the Top collabs of the week? Pretty impressive, right? Different brands from different sizes and countries partnered with unique influencers to boost their business. Some chose engagement, others visibility; in any case, they were all a huge success! Don't forget; there will always be an influencer to match your brand's needs and expectations; the real challenge is to find them, and Favikon does it for you! 💡

See you soon for our next View In Your Feed! 🚀

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