Iris Mittenaeremf x Coach - VIYF #40

Makeup artists, cooks, Miss France... These talented influencers partnered with amazing brands this week! Let's discover their collabs together!

February 3, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing strategies to boost brands' visibility, engagement, ROI, and image. That is why every week, content creators share exceptional collabs to promote brands' products. The Favikon House shares the best collabs of the week in our weekly View In Your Feed, so you don't miss a bit and always stay updated about the world of influence! Ready to get started?

@mimles x Coach

Here comes an impressive collab that will blow your mind! Let’s start the 40th edition of our View In Your Feed with the talented makeup artist Mimi Choi. The influencer created a new makeup look for a special collab with Coach. She recreated the brand’s dino mascot 🦖while also celebrating a happy Lunar New Year to her community. And that’s not it! This content creator reaches a 4.3/5 Favikon Score with 1.7M followers, a great content diversity score, and an excellent following ratio.

@cindymello x Costa Brazil

What a soothing post! Cindy shared her skincare routine with her community while using Costa Brazil’s special oil ✨ The influencer promotes the product by specifying the brand’s values and story, a great approach to build a positive brand image! Cindy has a fantastic engagement rate and positive account growth regarding her audit, with a 3/3 Favikon Score and 1.3M followers.

@chunky_cooker x Tefal

A sponsorship to celebrate “la Chandeleur”! Which means, in other words, crepes! 😋 This TikToker loves to share her passion for cooking and baking. Thus this week was the perfect moment to share her best crepes recipes, and what do we need to cook a delicious crepe? A pan! In this case, the influencer showcases Tefal’s product while sharing the process with her followers. With an excellent growth rate of +20% and a good community ratio of +7, Tefal did a fantastic job when planning a collab at the right time with the right influencer.

@behindthefalselashes x Ted Baker

Let’s talk fashion! Hannah (aka @behindthefalselashes) posted a glamorous picture wearing a Ted Baker outfit while casually walking her adorable doggo 💁 The micro-influencer tagged the brand on the picture and in the caption and used the hashtag #ad! It looks like someone knows how to make a collab properly. With a 3.2 Favikon Score, Hannah aced her content diversity score just like she did with her account activity (about one post every two days).

@claudiaalende x Fashion Nova

Claudia is a fascinating TikToker that will impress you in just a few seconds. She does a fantastic job at editing and creating original content. She didn’t miss her chance to share, once again, amazing footage for her collab with Fashion Nova once again. 🎥 Good buzz ratio, positive growth rate, great community ratio… This passionate content creator is perfect for collabs that need an “out of the box” idea or concept!  

@claudiaalende i turned into a painting 🖼 @fashionnova ♬ original sound - Claudia Alende

@littleriverdog x Kurgo

Cuteness overload! 🤩 This is by far the most adorable collab of the week! Kurgo partnered with this doggo influencer with their unique jacket for dogs. The brand chose the perfect influencer to reach the right niche audience. What about its audit? With a 3.6 Favikon Score and 36.3k followers, this Canadian dog is doing great work as an influencer 🐶 River’s account audience quality is excellent, just like the comment/like ratio. In other words, River has great engagement!  

@irismittenaeremf x Lancôme

Ever heard of Miss France? Known for participating in the Miss France pageant, Iris Mittenaere is also a mega influencer! In her latest post, she shared her collab with Lancôme 💋 A special project in which she also appears with her boyfriend. What better way to promote a glamorous and sensual perfume that celebrates love than to advertise it with your loved ones! Iris will be closing the VIYF #40 with an outstanding 4.9/5 Favikon Score, 2.9M followers, and an excellent engagement rate!

What did you think of this week's influencer campaigns? We were particularly impressed with the Coach collab! As seen with these examples, a successful influencer campaign depends on the timing, the influencer, and the content! Ready to enter the world of influencer marketing? Then check out our blog to find our tips, best practices, and advice to start your journey!

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