JoJo Siwa x Air Up- VIYF #61

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December 1, 2022
Clémence Del Castillo

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@Isobel Cowell x Pineapple

Let’s start with a special gen Z collab ! This content creator partnered with Pineapple, a professional network for gen Z. Like Isobel says in her LinkedIn post, Pineapple is a "built by gen z for gen z" app. This makes this collab perfect for two reasons:

  • Isobel shared this collab on the perfect social media platform: LinkedIn. Choosing this professional network allows her to access a professional audience 🤓
  • She is a gen Z herself! Which means most of her audience is also also part of gen z. Thus Pineapple is able to access their target audience 🎯

@itsjojosiwa x Air Up

The famous dancer and content creator Jojo Siwa shared her latest collab on her TikTok account: a partnership with air up. As Jojo is a mega influencer, partnering with her provides extensive visibility to the brand which has probably seen its sales blow up after this TikTok was released 🚀

@itsjojosiwa Absolutely obsessed with #airup 😲 my mind is blown every time I use this water bottle🤯. @airup #ad ♬ Summer Goals - Stuart Moore

@alixearle x Asos

Did someone say Black Friday? One of the most common marketing strategies brands use for the Black Friday period is influencer marketing. For instance, Asos has launched a massive influencer campaign for their special Black Friday sales! The company works with various fashion content creators such as Alix, for this campaign. It allows the brand to reach as many niche audiences as possible!

@alixearle All from @asos Black Friday! Let me know which outfit you like best. #ad ♬ original sound - alix earle

@lourdasprec x Amazon

Another huge influencer campaign! Have you heard of Amazon Lens? Well you are about to! Amazon works with many fashion content creators to promote their new tool: Amazon Lens. By collaborating with various TikTok creators, their campaign has achieved massive visibility with most of their TikToks reaching thousands, even millions of views!

@lourdasprec #ad Have #AmazonLens 📸 help you find your perfect fits this Thanksgiving because Amazon Lens makes it so easy for you to find exactly what you’re looking for!! 😌🤪 #AmazonPartner #greenscreen ♬ original sound - LOURD

@poncefleur x Warcraft

Let’s talk gaming. We hope you are familiar with Warcraft! Ponce is a popular streamer and content creator as he shares different content on various social media platforms. With more than 800k followers on Twitch, 88k followers on YouTube, and 352k on Twitter, working with this content creator is a great strategy to reach thousands of views within the gaming community 🎮

@stephanesacre x Galeries Lafayette

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Galeries Lafayette! This content creator shared his latest outfit in partnership with the French chic shopping center, Les Galleries Lafayette. In his Tweet, he specifies his content is an advertisement by adding the #ad at the end of his Tweet 👀

@Galhaswavyhair x LUS Brands

This content creator went live for this sponsored video! Influencer marketing has many possible formats from long or short videos, pictures, carousels, and lives! The latter allows creators to bring authenticity to their collab. They can talk about the product, share their thoughts, show how to use it, and answer any questions or doubts in the comments. This builds a closeness between the creators and their audience, and so trust to purchase the product showcased in the live ✨

@turquoise.tig x Corgiology

This collab will make your day! This brand collaborated with a specialised Instagram creator, or more of a “dog creator”. With more than 26k followers, partnering with a dog influencer is the best way to go if you want to reach the “dog owners” niche audience.  It not only addresses itself to the perfect target market, it also shows how the product looks on the dog. Simple and efficient!

@vikto_garik_runs x ASICS

Let’s end this View In Your Feed series with a fitness partnership! This content creator is a professional runner. He has done several marathons and races and is part of the ASICS FrontRunner community! It is crucial to work with specialised creators when it comes to influencer marketing as it provides credibility and authority to your brand. By partnering with a professional runner, ASICS associates its brand image with professional athletes 🏃

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