Kendall Jenner x Alo Yoga - VIYF #46

What's up this week? Kendall Jenner continues to shine the Alo Yoga collection, Prada gets a Manu Rios post on Instagram...

March 18, 2022
Camille Valentin

Sit down and fasten your seat belt because this week’s partnerships are high level! Some mega influencers like Kendall Jenner and Anitta shared some awesome collabs. That’s not it, Manu Rios also collaborated with the famous Italian brand Prada. We also spotted an interesting partnership on TikTok between Mdmotivator and Mcdonald, which accumulated more than 5M views.

Kendall Jenner x Alo

While being an awesome model, Kendall Jenner is also one of the top influencers at the moment. She has an excellent Favikon score of 4.5, a great engagement rate of 2.49%, and a very good audience quality. This week she collaborated with Alo, a brand that sells yoga clothes. She added the hashtag #aloyogapartner to her post.

Anitta x Sol de Janeiro

Anitta is a girl boss, she is a singer, model, dancer, and influencer. She has more than 60M followers and a great Favikon score of 4. She shared a picture and a video in collaboration with Sol de Janeiro to promote a fragrance that they co-created. She looks stunning!

Maia Knight x Home Chef

A few days ago, the TikToker Maia Knight posted her collaboration with Home Chef, a meal delivery service. She explained that she is often too busy to have the time to cook and that’s why Home Chef was a good option for her because she could choose to make quick recipes. This partnership fitted perfectly with Maia’s values and lifestyle. On top of that Maia has more than 8M followers on TikTok, thus the brand is sure to see its visibility increase.

@maiaknight #ad We love Home Chef! Use code MAIA90 for $90 off! #hookedonhomechef #ad ♬ original sound - Maia Knight

Mdmotivator x Mcdonald’s

That’s a collab we didn’t really see coming! Mdmotivator is known for his TikToks which inspires people to help and care for each other. For his collab with Mcdonald’s, he asked a stranger for money to buy a Crispy Chicken Sandwich. The stranger accepted right away. To thank him for his kindness, Mdmotivator gave him 500$. This type of video often goes viral, and this collab was no exception as it already has 5.4M views.

@mdmotivator #ad I didn’t expect him to do this at the end w/ the Crispy Chicken Sandwich from @McDonald's 🥺❤️ #kindness #strangers #homeless #fyp ♬ original sound - Zachery Dereniowski

Ilishask x Miniso

Ilisha is an Indian influencer with 74.2k followers. She has a very good Favikon score of 4 and an excellent engagement rate of 27.16%. So it is definitely interesting for brands to work with her. This is what Miniso, a brand that sells products inspired by Japanese culture, decided to do. For their collab, Ilisha shared a few pictures of her surrounded by adorable stuffed animals.

Omar Spaneshi x River Island Man

Omar Spaneshi is an influencer with more than 625k followers on Instagram and 350k on TikTok. He has an excellent Favikon score of 5 and a very good engagement rate of 3.02%. He mostly posts Fashion tips and his outfit ideas. This week, he collaborated with River Island Man. For this collab, he shared pictures of him wearing 5 different suits for different occasions. This partnership was a success as it fitted perfectly with the rest of his content. 

Manu Rios x Prada

Manu Rios is a famous actor, singer, and mega influencer with 9.9M followers on Instagram. He has an excellent engagement rate of 9.67%. Manu is known for being always stylish so it wasn’t surprising to see him collaborate with the well-known brand, Prada. Manu shared pictures of the iconic triangle bag from the brand. He didn’t forget to identify the brand and added the hashtag #ad and #PradaTriangle.

Which partnership did you like the most? These partnerships were all success because they fitted perfectly with the rest of the influencers’ content. They also shared common values with the brands, which is an important factor for partnerships. For your collaborations to be efficient, you need to work with influencers that match your brand image, otherwise, your collabs won’t be seen as genuine and will be just seen as ads. 

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