Kim Kardashian x Beyond Meat - VIYF #53

With the Cannes Festival, many influencers are sharing high-quality partnerships. Sparkles, gems, and glamorous dresses are on the agenda!

May 27, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week was full of partnerships especially with the Cannes Festival. A lot of brands are present to the festival as it is a great opportunity for them to boost their visibility. It also has an impact on their image, as it is a very prestigious event. For the past few years but even more this year, many influencers are invited to the festival. For instance, Lena Situations, Lea Elui and Noah Beck were spotted on the red carpet. There were even more influencers this year, since the event was sponsored by TikTok.

Francis Bourgeois x Spotify

Francis Bourgeois is a British TikToker with 2.6M followers on TikTok and a perfect Favikon score of 5. He is particularly passionate about trainspotting. He has filmed videos with nonother than Joe Jonas and was featured on a Gucci campaign a few months ago! This week he is partnering with Spotify. In his TikTok he “runs into” Aitch, a famous rapper from Manchester.

@francis.bourgeois Whilst scooting through London, I came across a familiar face on the way to #SpotifySmallTalks! You can see more on @@spotifyuk ♬ original sound - Francis Bourgeois

Kim Kardashian x Beyond Meat

With 313.3M followers on Instagram, there is no doubt that you have already heard of Kim Kardashian. She has a pretty good Favikon score of 3.5 and an excellent account growth of 3%. A few days ago, she collaborated with the famous vegan food brand, Beyond Meat. Knowing Kim K’s influence, there is no doubt that this collab will bring awareness to an important topic: consuming less meat.

Clara Berry x Carolina Herrera

Clara Berry is an awesome model and influencer. So it made perfect sense for Carolina Herrera, a fashion and high perfumery brand to collaborate with her. She shared pictures of her wearing a beautiful red dress in the streets of New York City, while carrying the iconic perfume bottle from the brand.

Lena Situations x APM Monaco

The Cannes Festival is the event not to be missed when you are a movie lover. It’s also an important event for brands as they can get a lot of visibility from it. For the occasion, the jewelry brand APM Monaco, partnered with Lena Situations. A great way to celebrate the brand’s 40th birthday!

Gabrielabee x Bunch O Balloons

Gabriela is a TikToker with 9.5M followers on Instagram. She has a very good Favikon score of 4.2, an impressive engagement rate of 18.77% and an excellent community ratio of 11.49%. This week, she shared a funny TikTok in collaboration with  Bunch O Balloons, in which she throws a balloon filled with water on her dad. The balloon doesn’t explode which makes the video even more hilarious.

Style Tonic x Zalando

Lena Situations wasn’t the only influencer invited to Cannes Festival, we also spotted Style Tonic on the red carpet. She is a French influencer with 823k, and an excellent engagement rate of 11.40%. She shared on her Instagram multiple pictures of her on the red carpet wearing a Zalando brand. The clothing brand was also the one that invited her to the festival. Truth is, she looks stunning!

Stelle x Surface

Stelle is a micro-influencer with  65.2k followers on Instagram. She has an excellent engagement rate of 14.78% and a very good audience quality. While visiting Lyon, she shared her partnership with Surface to promote their new laptop. She added the hashtags #surfaceforus #surfacepro8.

Sabrina Carpenter x Samsung

Sabrina Carpenter is a singer, actress and influencer with 27.3M followers on Instagram. She has a very good Favikon score of 3.9 and an excellent engagement rate of 4.47%. This week she collaborated with Samsung to promote the Galaxy Z Flip 3. She shared multiple pictures of her including a mirror selfie and pictures and videos with her friends.

What did you think of this week’s partnerships? Personally, I was really excited about Francis Bourgeois and Spotify collaboration. Francis managed to build a huge community on TikTok by sharing his singular passion: trainspotting. So seeing him collaborate with huge brands like Spotify and Gucci a few months ago, is always impressive and inspiring to see. It illustrates two things:  you don’t need to do trendy content to build an audience, authenticity is the key and it shows the crazy impact that social media can have on our life, you can go viral overnight.

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