Kjapa x Lacoste - VIYF #37

Between Dior, Armani beauty, and Lacoste, big brands are definitely developing their partnerships with influencers. But that's not it, smaller brands are also collaborating with creators. Keep reading to find out who's the next underwear ambassador for Lacoste 👀

January 14, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week, we have seen influencer collaborations from big brands and smaller brands, which proves that Influencer Marketing is indeed accessible to any kind of business. This week's partnerships on TikTok reached millions of views, so you might want to consider implementing TikTok collabs for your next influencer campaign.

C.walinski x Nude Project

Carmen Walinski is a young influencer and model from Mallorca. She is a micro-influencer but has all it takes to grow her account even more! She has a great engagement rate of 24%. She recently collaborated with Nude Project, a clothing brand. She shared multiple pictures of her rocking clothes from the brand.

Kjapa x Lacoste

KJ Apa is known for his role of Archie Andrews in the Netflix show “Riverdale”
but he is also a great influencer. With 19.2M followers, he is a mega influencer. His community is very active since he has a great engagement rate of 7.64%. He just announced a big collab with Lacoste, as he is becoming their new underwear ambassador. So we will definitely see more content between the brand and the actor!

Romee Strijd x Dior

Originally from the Netherlands, the 26 years old model made a name for herself by walking for the most prestigious brands like Zadig & Voltaire, Elie Saab, and so on. With her Youtube channel and Instagram account, Romee is also an excellent influencer. She currently has 7.2M followers on Instagram, an excellent engagement rate of 4.32%, and a perfect Favikon score of 4.2%. It is no surprise that Dior decided to collaborate with her to promote their new bag #diorvibe.

Taytay_xx x Armani Beauty

Taylor has been on social media for a long time as she created her Youtube channel 10 years ago. Her Instagram account currently counts 473k followers and she has a great engagement rate of 6.18%. She recently collaborated with Armani Beauty. For this collab, she shared pictures of her wearing an iconic red lipstick and she added multiple hashtags to her posts like #ArmaniLipPower #inCollaborationWithArmani.

Valeria Lipovetsky x Cover Girl

Valeria Lipovetsky is a model and influencer. Her Instagram counts 1.8M followers and she also has a Youtube channel with more than 1.6M subscribers. She’s an excellent influencer as she has a Favikon score of 5. Her content is mostly about lifestyle, fashion, and beauty. This is why the American cosmetics brand, Cover girl, decided to collaborate with her. Indeed, Valeria shared on her Instagram a Reel of her trying out different skincare products. She added the hashtag #cleanbeauty.

Scott Kress x Scream

Scott Kress is a popular TikToker with more than 2.6M followers. He mostly posts humoristic videos. Scott has an excellent Favikon score of 5, an excellent buzz ratio, and an engagement rate of 22.98%. This week he shared a hilarious collab with the movie “Scream”. In his TikTok, he imagines how Gen Z would react if they had to face Ghostface, the famous serial killer of the franchise. This video got 1.4M likes and 6M views, what a successful collab!

Jarred Jermaine x Needle

Jarred Jermaine is a TikToker with 2.5M followers. He has a good buzz ratio and community ratio. His content is centered around music. This is why Needle, a new social network that focuses on music, decided to collaborate with him. His TikToks are simple yet they can easily reach millions of views.

@jarredjermaine You guys seriously need to get this, I legit found so much music here. In partnership w/ @Needle_Music #music #needlemusic #discovery #songs ♬ original sound - jarred jermaine

Eden Weiss x Dior Beauty

Eden Weiss is an influencer with more than 1.4M followers on TikTok. She has a perfect Favikon score of 5, an excellent buzz ratio, and a very good engagement rate of 19.90%. Eden clearly has her own identity and aesthetic, which makes it easy to remember her. This week she collaborated with Dior Beauty. She showed a quick tutorial on how to achieve a glowy and dewy look. This TikTok reached 3M views.

What did you think of this week's collabs? Pretty impressive, right? More and more brands are willing to take the risk to work with TikTok influencers. The platform is still relatively new, and brands are hesitant to do collabs on there because the algorithm is unpredictable. However, this week's collabs show that influencer marketing can be also successful on TikTok.

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