Kourtney Kardashian x Daring - VIYF #54

June is finally here! And you know what that means? Pride month! But also Father's Day, festivals and working out for that summer body. So we have a lot to cover this week. Have a look at the best partnerships 👇

June 17, 2022
Camille Valentin

We have a lot to cover this week! The month of June is clearly anything but boring. From pride month to Father’s Day, brands surely are getting inspired by these important events. And if that wasn’t enough, a small TikToker went viral this week gathering more than 6M views while having only 8K followers. We told you, TikTok is the best platform if you want to go viral!

Alejandro Zwartendijk x Scotch & Soda

Alejandro Zwartendijk is a Dutch influencer with 109k followers, an excellent engagement rate of 19.66%, and an amazing account growth of 15.30%. Besides being an influencer, he is also a professional ballet dancer at the National Opera & Ballet in Amsterdam. A few days ago, he shared a post of him at a party organized by the fashion brand, Scotch & Soda. He added the hashtags #ScotchOpenAir #ScotchFestival and #ad to his post.

Lena Situations x Interflora

Lena Situations is the queen of Instagram giveaways, and since Father’s Day is just around the corner, she decided to collaborate with Interflora to offer flowers to her followers. With 3.8M followers on Instagram, Lena is one of the biggest influencers in France.
Lena is currently living in Los Angeles, so she took advantage of the California weather to create awesome pictures for this collab!

Danae Mercer x Women’s Best

Danae is a mega influencer with 2.4M followers and a very good Favikon of 4.4. She is known for promoting self-love and body positivity! This week she shared a reel in collaboration with Women’s Best, a sportswear brand. A short and funny video, in which she showed different outfits from the brand! We can even spot her cute dogs and cats in the video!

Kourtney Kardashian x Daring

A few weeks ago, Kim Kardashian promoted eating vegan on her Instagram in collaboration with Beyond Meat. This week, it is Kourtney’s turn to promote vegan meat with the brand Daring!
She posted a very rock n roll picture of her eating fried chicken nuggets in a car with her husband Travis Barker! The brand’s account shared more pictures of the couple. One thing is certain, they are an iconic duo!

Lisa x Bulgari

Lisa from BlackPink shared a beautiful picture of her at a Bulgari event, wearing one of their splendid necklaces! She added the hashtags #bulgarihighjewelry and #edenthegardenofwonders to her posts. Her three last Instagram posts are all in collaboration with Bulgari. Lisa has 78.9M followers and a perfect Favikon score of 5, she will definitely bring visibility to the brand!

Sjcandleco x Nivea

Another incredible TikTok story! We have already told you stories of brands working with small influencers and going viral on TikTok. This is exactly what happened to Shannon aka Sjcandleco a few days ago. Shannon posted a video in collaboration with Nivea, explaining that as she was a small business owner, she spends her day creating candles and it can sometimes dry her skin, therefore she uses Nivea cream! A simple and effective collab, and despite having only 8k followers, her collab currently has 6.5M views!

Anistxa x Warner Music France

Anissa is a French TikToker with 2.3M followers and a very good growth rate of 3.90%. This week she shared a funny TikTok in collaboration with Warner Music. We can see her listening to Running Up That Hill by Kat Bush. Although the song came out in the 80s, it is gaining new popularity thanks to the TV Show “Stranger Things”. The song is now going viral on TikTok!

Javier Ambrossi x H&M

Javier Ambrossi is a Spanish actor and influencer with 529k followers. He has an excellent Favikon score of 4.5, and an engagement rate of 5.87%. Since June is Pride Month, he shared his collab with H&M celebrating love and self-love. A powerful and colorful collab, which he accompanied with touching words!

Georgia Ellenwood x Reign Body Fuel

Georgia Ellenwood is a Canadian athlete. She currently has 605K followers on Instagram and an almost perfect Favikon score of 4.9. This week, she shared her partnership with Reign Body Fuel, an energy drink that supposedly helps athletes perform at their peaks. So Georgia was definitely the right match for this collab!

What did you think of this week’s partnerships? They were all high quality! Personally, I loved H&M's collaboration with Javier Ambrossi to celebrate Pride month. Often, brands feel the need to do a special communication for pride month but most of the time, it is a disaster and we can clearly tell they are doing it for their image. In my opinion, this collab was a success! It is creative and isn’t trying to take it too far by using clichés or putting the LGBTQ flag everywhere. Finally, I was really impressed with Shannon’s collab with Nivea. It is the second time that I saw a small creator getting their most viewed video with a sponsored video.

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