Lea Elui x BOSS - VIYF #57

Fashion week isn’t over yet! Lea Elui, Diana Silvers, and Charli D’amilio shared their collabs with high-end brands. That’s not it, we also spotted some really cool collaborations with makeup brands.

September 30, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week was full of amazing partnerships. Content creators were very creative with their collabs. Fashion week isn’t over in Paris, so we also spotted many partnerships with high-end brands. Fall is finally here so we are going to see a lot of posts about pumpkin spice and comfy sweatshirts. This week an influencer already shared one of her favorite fall cake recipes in collaboration with Garden of Life. Let’s find out what were the best partnerships of the last two weeks! 

Laura Lee x Nova Beauty 

Laura Lee is an influencer with 1.8M followers, an excellent engagement rate of 2.24%, and excellent hashtag quality. She mostly posts about makeup. This week she shared her collab with Nova Beauty, a cosmetics brand. She created a beautiful and elegant look with their products. 

Maisie Smith x AirUp

You have probably already seen an ad for AirUp. It’s a company that flavored pods that you put on top of your water bottle. This product is supposed to help you drink more water, as you can taste the flavor by only smelling the pod when you drink. This week the brand collaborated with Maisie Smith, a TikTok creator with 2.5M followers and a very good buzz ratio. 

@maisielousmith Youre girls drinking water these days 😗 #airup #ad ♬ original sound - Maisie Smith

Charli d’Amelio x Prada 

Charli d’Amelio and Prada is a true love story. This isn’t the first time she collaborated with the brand. It’s actually her 3rd partnership with the brand in September. She shared pictures of her wearing a black outfit with a Prada bag. Despite being a TikToker, she also has 49.2M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 2.59%.

Justine_snacks x Garden of life

Justine is a TikToker with 1.9M followers. She loves sharing her recipes with her followers. She has an excellent buzz ratio, a good Favikon score of 3.9, and a good engagement rate of 13.58%. This week she collaborated with Garden of life! She shared a recipe for a Fall cake made with beet!

@justine_snacks #ad Cozy baking season and don’t knock this cake until you try it 🥺 Also coconut oil is by @Garden of Life, one of the longest sponsors of my work and my favorites to work with. Code JUSTINE20 if you want 20% off anything they make - link in bio bby #golpartner #beetcake #fallrecipes ♬ You Wonder with Me - Nimino

Lea Elui x Boss 

Lea Elui is a French influencer but she is also really popular in the United States. She has 17.3M followers on TikTok and a good buzz ratio. This week she shared a really cool collaboration with Boss. We can see multiple Lea Elui walking around and dancing. The editing is perfect, so the result looks super fun to look at. 

Style_tonic x Bash 

Style_tonic is also a French influencer with 821.7K followers on Instagram. She has an excellent engagement rate of 8.13%. A few days ago, she collaborated with the clothing line Bash. She shared a Reel of her in the metro station, recreating a TikTok trend. 

Mei Pang x Dickies

Mei Pang is an influencer with 1.6M followers on Instagram and 2.4M followers on TikTok. She is known for her incredible makeup look.  She has an excellent  Favikon score of 4.5, an excellent engagement rate of 11.11%, and great account growth. She recently created a beautiful makeup look inspired by the colors of Dickies. 

Diana Silvers x Celine

Diana Silvers is a fashion influencer with 981.3K followers, an excellent engagement rate of 7.05%, and a good Favikon score of 3. A few days ago, she collaborated with Celine to promote one of their iconic handbags. She shared a fun picture of her wearing the bag around her neck and she accompanied it with 4 other pictures, in the style of a photo dump. 

What did you think of this week's partnerships? I personally really liked Lea Elui’s collaboration with Boss. It was high quality and fun partnership. The other partnerships were also quite creative. Influencer collaborations are always more effective when they don’t really look like an ad or product placement. You should think about that when you want to collaborate with a creator. If possible, don’t just message them to collaborate with them but already come up with an idea or format you would want to see.

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