Mr Beast x Shopify - VIYF #59

Some partnerships are made to shine… The big challenge launched by MrBeast and Shopify has exceeded 6M views in 2 days! But what is their strategy?

October 27, 2022

The power of influencers for Halloween sales

Every year around Halloween, we are overwhelmed with content on social media. And among all this mass of content, there are a lot of partnerships between brands and creators. Whether they sell services or products related to Halloween or not, it’s always a hit for influencers. This time of year is synonymous with strong sales potential and brands clearly have understood that!

@mrbeast x Shopify

@mrbeast Duet this with your best business pitch by Oct 31, post with #PitchMrBeast and @shopify ♬ original sound - MrBeast

This Halloween feels a bit more like Christmas with MrBeast! This year, there is no spooky costume, ghosts or monsters but a special partnership with Shopify. We can say that MrBeast lets his entrepreneurial soul take over with this one!

This partnership allow 10 entrepreneurs to earn $10,000 in investment on the sole condition to pitch their business idea with the #PitchMrBeast before the 31th of October. And there’s already thousands of duets to that video and 6.2M views on the hashtag!

We know that MrBeast has a lovely community but this commitment shows that the offer is relevant to the audience and the collab was well targeted. Sometimes creating an original and meaningful partnership can yield much more results when it’s well done. That’s a terrific job!⚡️

@lenkalul x BoxyCharm

@lenkalul which one is your favourite?🎃 ad using @ciate spice palette from this months @boxycharm 🥰 #boxycharmpartner #halloween #halloweenmakeup #eyeliner ♬ Miss You (Sped Up Version) - _

What is Halloween without a good makeup look? Well, nothing! But we understand that not everyone is a master of makeup! So for people who like to be more discreet on Halloween, we have the perfect collab for you!

Lenkalul collaborated with BoxyCharm to create different bloody eye-liner makeup looks using products from this month’s box. It’s not her first partnership with the brand, the two know each other very well since they have been working together for several months. This collab has more than 2M views and 200k likes! And in only two days, Lenkalul’s engagement rate is 7,8% on this video!🔥

@techbyantrell x Careerist

@techbyantrell Check out the link in my bio and let’s get you paid in tech with Careerist! #tech #fyp #careerist #ad ♬ Memories - Lux-Inspira

It's time to take a break from these Halloween celebrations and talk about a more serious matter with another great partnership! Let me introduce you to Techbyantrell, a nano influencer specialized in tech.🐣

This week, he collaborated with Carreerist, a platform which helps you start a career in tech without any experience. He published a short video on TikTok explaining how the platform works and all its benefits.

With Techbyandrell, you’re not looking for quantity but for quality! Since this video is specialized in a niche, it does not appeal to everyone which is the reason why it does not have an exponential result or a huge buzz ratio. But it’s still a very qualitative video: the offer remains simple and the establishment of a linktree makes the brand accessible. Also, the people who go to the link may not be many, but those who do are a qualified lead.🌟

@justine_snacks x Garden of Life

@justine_snacks #ad and both the chia seeds and the coconut oil can be found at @Garden of Life - they are the longest sponsor of my work and one of my favorite partners. Code JUSTINE20 for 20% off as always! #halva #halloween #candy ♬ Energetic Upbeat, Vocal EDM Track - soundnestro

Who said Halloween candies could not be healthy? Justine Dorion proved everyone wrong with this special candy recipe that she shared on her TikTok account!

She collaborated with the brand Garden of Life to create some Matcha Chia Halva which are matcha and chia seeds based sweets. All the products she used were from the brand and she gave a discount code to her followers.

The brand has done many partnerships with other influencers this week, but this video is the most viewed one. She also has a strong commitment from her community: her video was saved 4047 times and shared 283 times. And one more thing, Justine has a great Favikon Score of 4.2/5 and an excellent buzz ratio! Great job👏

@ellieaddis x Asos

@ellieaddis Women in Horror outfits you can find on @asos this Halloween 🎃 Grab these pieces at 20% off from 8am Wednesday 26th October - 8am Thursday 27th October just in time for Halloween 🖤 #ad ♬ Halloween ・ cute horror song - PeriTune

Classic does not mean boring! To finish our article, we want to introduce you to a more usual partnership, but that still works just as well! And if you still have no idea which costume you’re going to wear this Halloween, you HAVE to keep reading!

Ellie Addis collaborated with Asos to promote their Halloween sales. She created a video on TikTok where she dresses as iconic women from horror films with only clothes from the brand. That should give you inspiration!

Asos also collaborated with other influencers on the platform to gain even more visibility. The brand has been deeply rooted in influence marketing for years. They also have a very interesting TikTok influencer strategy that works really well, such as with the #AySauceChallenge, so it's no surprise to see a flow of Halloween partnerships this year. With 448,6K followers, Ellie’s video has gained more than 23,9K views in 18 hours. She also has a good Favikon Score of 3.5/5 and a very good engagement rate overall! 💎