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July 2, 2021
Nina Lipzyc

Amazon's successful strategy on social media

For the past few years, Amazon has been using a large number of influencers on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube to promote products and their Prime Video streaming service. They work with a few mega influencers like Boyce but also smaller content creators like Kirsten Titus and Sivan Ayla. Overall they have a limited number of big creators but don't limit themselves on the smaller ones who spread their brand in many different communities. Why are so many creators joining Amazon's ambassador program?

Since 2017, Amazon has implemented the ability to have their own Amazon marketplace for ambassadors. This allows creators to aggregate all the Amazon products they use and love so their community can directly purchase the same products. Results? Fans can have the exact same products as the creators and the influencer gets their commission directly from Amazon.

@marvin_anthony x lnb_official 🇫🇷

The Frenchie contestant of the American reality show, too hot to handle participated in a "BasketBall" event 🏀

@kris jenner x Dior & Travis Scott 🇺🇸

Travis Scott released a collection with Christian Dior for the runway show summer 2022, of course his mother-in-law who is none other than Kris Jenner shared her support on social media!

@ninja x takisusa

The favorite chips of the influencers "Takisusa", was promoted by the influencer Ninja of 6m followers 🥔


@takisusa bringin the heat with these chips! #Ad #TakisTransformation #sweepstakes

♬ original sound - Ninja

@alvaroricoladera x fordspain 🇪🇸

Actor and influencer Alvaro known in the series Elite, becomes the new muse of Ford for their electric cars 🌱

@fabioattanasio x zacaparum 🇮🇹

Italian entrepreneur and influencer Fabio needs a high-quality rum after a business meal or in good company, he's promoting a sophisticated Zacapa Rum line 🥃

@dominicthiem x Red Bull Austria/Le grand prix 🇦🇹 

Austrian tennis player Dominic Thiem has been invited to the Grand Prix by Redbull, he is promoting the event and Redbull at the same time 🏎

@aceu x hotpockets 🇺🇸

The number of gamers who stay in front of their screens for hours, one moment they have a small hollow, this influencer specialized in gaming promotes hotpockets with this snack you would be transcended by your game apparently 🎮


#ad You ever just need some Hot Pockets to lock it in #sponsored

♬ original sound - brandon

@Bebe rexha x EA Sims 🇬🇧

The sims is a world of its own, do you speak slimish? Bebe Rexha in partnership with EA teaches you and invites you to sing with her in the sims language! 🎤


Sul Sul! I’ll be headlining Sims Sessions in @thesims 6/29-7/7. Duet “Sabotage” with me in Simlish! #simlishsessions #SponsoredbyEA

♬ Sabotage - Bebe Rexha

@emilesam x primevideo 🏴

For PrimeVideo's new fantasy series "Good Omens", these influencers put themselves in the shoes of the characters and give us a tiktok full of special effects! A nice promo video to see, it almost feels like the series 🔮


#ad Channeling my inner Crowley and Aziraphale from Good Omens @primevideouk

♬ original sound - Sam Lewis

@emmachamberlain & @charlidamelio x Louis Vuitton 🇺🇸

One of the biggest social media influencers pose together for Louis Vuitton's new collection! Emma Chamberlain had already become a new muse of the brand, often invited to the fashion shows! 👯

@asaprocky x klarna 🇺🇸

For the last campaign of the week, we're posting one of the month that you probably missed and it's a shame! Asap Rocky the American rapper also very well known for being one of the fashion icons, muse pde quite a few luxury brands ... he becomes one of the investors of Klarna an application that allows you to indulge in shopping by paying 3 times! A promotional video full of style, always in the universe of Asap 🛍

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