Shay Mitchell x Cacharel Parfums - VIYF #31

Discover the best collabs of the week: from small creators to pop stars. P.S.: Our VIYF includes Christmas vibes!

December 3, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo

These brands have chosen different influencer marketing strategies. Some target extensive visibility, others work on their brand image, and some need to boost their engagement. That is why every influencer collab is unique: they don't have the same purpose. Let's go through the different kinds of influencer partnerships of the week together!

@shaymitchell x Cacharel Parfums

The talented American actress and model Shay Mitchell shared a glamorous collab with Cacharel's perfume brand. 💋 Shay tagged the brand, mentioned them, and added special hashtags such as #cacharelperfumes and #felinegood (funny pun). With a 3.2 Favikon score and 31.6 Instagram followers, Cacharel did quite a good job choosing the perfect influencer!

@oyinda_fitness x Gymshark

Meet our warrior Oyinda! She was spotted wearing a fantastic Gymshark black ensemble in her last post. This collab fits perfectly with her Instagram account and feed (as we can hear in her username) that revolves around fitness. With +2% account growth and a great comment/like ratio, this mid-range influencer sure knows how to plan a successful partnership! 💪

@kimberly.loaiza x Bang Energy

She is Mexican, she is a YouTuber, and now a mega influencer! Kimberly has +56M followers on TikTok and +32M on Instagram, what a boss! Her latest collab was posted on her TikTok account with the energy drink brand Band Energy. She appeared drinking their product, tagged the brand, and used a few hashtags. Well, the least we can say is that this partnership will bring extensive visibility! 👏

@s.a.foodie x Pizza Hut

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎵 Amanda and pizza hut shared their collaboration with a Christmassy setting that makes you want to go home and have a bite of that pizza! 4.5/5 Favikon Score, great following ratio (7K followers for one account followed), excellent hashtag quality… What can we say? This creator is doing a fantastic job as an influencer. 🎄

@amywilsondesigns x Harry & David

Are you a decor lover? Then this collab is for you! Amy loves to share different house setups that follow the modern cottage aesthetic. Her feed is consistent, and she has a great account activity score of 25 posts in the last 30 days. 44.3k followers and a 3.5 Favikon Score, this influencer is a pro! ✨

@sausagelord x boohooMAN

Our next influencer truly has a style of her own! Working on angles, posing, diverse fashion looks… 🤩 This could explain why she has +13% account growth, and her excellent like/comment ratio results in a fantastic +11% engagement rate! In her last post, she tagged BoohooMAN, mentioned the brand in her caption, and used the hashtag #ad.

@jasonderulo x Walmart

Another Christmas-themed collab! 🎅 Jason Derulo, a fantastic singer, and dancer, partnered with the giant American retail company Walmart. This mega influencer has +50M followers on TikTok and a remarkable 3.2 Favikon Score! It seems like Walmart has an extensive influencer marketing strategy. From partnering with pop stars and mega influencers to micro-influencers and small creators, the brand is targeting both visibility and engagement!

@jasonderulo #ad SHOP LIVE with me & @walmart on Nov. 28 at 7pm ET & watch on #Sponsored #CyberDealsSunday ♬ original sound - Jason Derulo

@leanneansar x Madison Reed

This post is all about self-care, which means taking care of your hair as well! Léanne has a dark-tone Instagram feed and an excellent content variety score of 3/4. In the last post, she tagged the brand on the picture, mentioned them in her comments, followed by a few hashtags such as #MadisonReedpartner and #ad, and ended her caption by sharing a promotional code with a discount. 🎁

@blackprints x Cotton

Any environmental-conscious brands here? 🌱 This influencer made a collab with a unique brand. Cotton created a clothing line called Blue Jeans Go Green, which uses influencer marketing to promote their eco-friendly jeans! @blackprints joined the movement by promoting their apparel in her last post, tagging both the brand and their #BlueJeansGoGreen program. And she did a fantastic job at explaining the concept to her audience!

What did you think of these creators? Did you enjoy this week's partnerships? Then stay tuned and check our previous VIYF! P.S.: Christmas is coming soon, so get ready to find Christmassy vibes all over social media! ⛄

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