070Shake x Alpha Industries - VIYF #43

A week full of new collabs! This week, we saw 070 Shake doing her first Instagram collab, Cacharel launching a big TikTok campaign and Chiara Ferragni looking stunning for her partnership with Falconeri.

February 25, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week was full of incredible collabs! Cacharel launched a large influencer campaign on TikTok to promote their perfume. More and more brands are looking to invest in TikTok collabs since the algorithm makes it easier to go viral.

070 shake x Alpha Industries

070Shake also known as Danielle Balbuena is an American singer and rapper. She currently has 336k on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 15.36%. Danielle currently has 2 posts on her Instagram, one being her recent partnership with Alpha Industries, a brand that sells military-inspired outerwear. For this collaboration, she shared multiple pictures from a photoshoot with the brand, as well as a video.  A clever partnership that will probably give the brand a lot of visibility.

GloomySarah x Cacharel

GloomySarah is an influencer like no other! With her unique style and crazy outfits, she is definitely someone you can’t forget. This is why she is the perfect fit to promote Cacharel perfumes. The brand recently launched an important campaign on TikTok with many influencers such as andreiflu, MademoiselleGloria, or mlee_sts. This campaign mainly focusing on self-empowerment is set to be a success!

@gloomysarah #publicité Un placement de produit vraiment 🤣🤣🤣#yesiamdelicious @cacharel_parfums les best sa mère #cacharelsistas ♬ son original - Cacharel Parfums

Livvy x American Eagle

Olivia Dune is a mega influencer with 4.8M followers on TikTok and 1.6M followers on Instagram. She also has a very good buzz and community ratio on TikTok, which makes her a great influencer for brands. This week she partnered with American Eagle. In her TikTok, she shows her favorite jeans from the brand. She added a voice-over to the video, which gave a humorous tone to it.

Bonjee x G Fuel Energy

Bonjee is a TikToker with 1.3M followers He has a perfect Favikon score of 5. And that’s not it! He also has an excellent engagement rate of 22.8% and a great buzz ratio. He mostly posts funny videos which rely on surreal humor. For his partnership with G Fuel Energy, a brand of energy drinks, he posted a TikTok sharing his “shower thoughts”.

@bonjee #ad Shower Thoughts 🧠 that will melt your brain 🤯 #showerthoughts #deep #thoughts #bigbrain #gfuel @G FUEL Energy ♬ original sound - Bonjee

Chiara Ferragni x Falconeri

Chiara Ferragni is probably the most well-known Italian influencer. With 26.4M followers on Instagram, a great engagement rate of 1.87%, and a good account growth of 1%, she is killing the game. This week, she did a collab with Falconeri, a clothing brand specialized in cashmere. She shared a picture of her wearing a beautiful blue tracksuit. She is stunning and she didn’t forget to add the hashtag #adv.

Clara Berry x H&M

Clarra Berry is a model, and influencer with 1.2M followers on Instagram. She has an excellent engagement rate of 11.06% and an account growth of 1.50%. No wonder why, H&M chose to work with her. With her nice apartment set up, her cute little dog and confident attitude, she really created the perfect picture for the brand.

Miss_luckypony x Oreo

Here’s a one of a kind collab! Angie Batis Durrant aka miss_luckypony, is a photographer, blogger and content creator from South Africa. She recently collaborated with Oreo South Africa who just launched a special Oreo for the release of the new Batman movie. An original collab that will probably make you run to the store to buy Oreos.

Chelsea Dunoon x JD Sport x Nike

Chelsea Dunoon is a nano influencer from Australia. She currently has 5.6k followers on Instagram, and an excellent engagement rate of 6.3%. A few days ago, she collaborated with the brand JD Sport to promote their new collection with Nike. She shared multiple pictures of her wearing sportswear.

Which partnership did you find the most interesting? We particularly love the collab between H&M and Clara Berry. Clara is a great ambassador for clothing brands as she is also a model and has a large community. We also love the TikTok collabs of this week. TikTok is a great platform to create original partnerships and to go viral. Cacharel's campaign was especially impactful as it was promoting self-empowerment.

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