Space Ram x Lego - VIYF #26

Toys, makeup, and video games, looks like this week's collabs are all about having fun.

December 17, 2021

Space ram x Lego

Ramzy Masri is a real breath of fresh air and his colorful Instagram account will more than definitely brighten up your day. ☀️ With his idyllic universe, there is no doubt he was the perfect fit for a collaboration with LEGO! In his heartwarming post, he shared his hopes for the future generations and his conviction that having imagination is essential for kids. All his collaborations with brands are unique, and with a 3.6 Favikon score, he is an influencer you should keep an eye on.

Ariana Grande x Fortnite

That is definitely something that we didn’t see coming! Ariana Grande is having her own Fortnite character as part of the Fortnitemares event. Ariana has more than 273 million followers on Instagram and her post with the video game brand has reached more than 8 million views. 😱

KallMeKris x Vessi

If you’re a TikTok addict, you might have already stumbled across one of her videos. With 38 million followers on TikTok, it is clear that her humour resonates with a lot of people. It seems that she was greatly inspired by Halloween for her collaboration with the vegan shoe brand, Vessi. With an impressive 4.7 Favikon Score, she is a true gem. ✨


#ad Can’t catch me in my @vessi ‘s!👟🩸#nomorewetsocks

♬ original sound - Kris HC

Abby Roberts x Revolution

Abby Roberts has an unusual talent, she is able to become a new person, only by using makeup. 🤯The cosmetic brand ‘Revolution” just launched their new collection inspired by the movie ‘Corpse Bride’, and for the occasion she turned herself into Victoria, one of the main characters from the movie. The result is spectacular, and so is her 20% engagement rate!


it was about time i did victoria too AND THE CORPSE BRIDE COLLECTION AHHH @REVOLUTION #RevolutionxCorpseBride #victoria #ad

♬ Victor's Piano Solo (From "Corpse Bride") - Jonathan Morais

Yu Ling Wu x Anastasia Beverly Hills

After seeing Yu Ling Wu’s post, we are certain of one thing, she can rock any hairstyle. 💇 Not only is she gorgeous but she is also extremely talented. For her partnership with Anastasia Beverly Hills, she created a gorgeous eyeliner look. She has the look but she also has the figures! Yu Ling has an engagement rate of 10% and a very good audience quality.

Pierson x Prada

Who said bucket hats were for fishermen?! 🎣 Certainly not Pierson! In her collaboration with Prada, she shows that your world simply gets better with a bucket hat. As crazy as it might seem, yes you can be stylish with a hat like that. With a 14% engagement rate, and 10 million followers on TikTok, Pierson is clearly the one setting and creating trends.

Paulpayasalad x Heinz

Cozy warm nights and comfort food… 🍅 Paulpayasalad’s partnership with Heinz will make you want to stay at home to watch a movie while enjoying a tasty meal. Paul is an Australian content creator with an impressive engagement rate of 4.6%. If you’re a fan of pretty pictures and food, you should definitely follow him.

Bri Scalesse x UGG

It can be challenging for disabled people to feel represented as they are often forgotten by the media. Bri Scalesse wants to change that. Yes she is in a wheelchair, but she is like anybody else, to the exception that she is super stylish. We can’t get over that black and white outfit, and a touch of color with the red UGGs. Her posts are always very genuine, sharing her struggles, her joy, and journey to self acceptance. 👸 And with a 4.7 Favikon Score, there is no doubt that people really love her content. 

This week's collabs were all very creative. These creators inspire us to go beyond our own limits and create things that make us happy, and are a reflection of our true self. Fashion just like makeup should make you feel empowered! One thing to remember this week is that you shouldn't take yourself too seriously and shouldn't care about other people's opinions about yourself. 😊