Sydel Curry-Lee x OLLY - VIYF #22

Knitting, warm clothes, traveling... Let's start autumn with our View In Your Feed #22! Get cozy, grab a hot cocoa and let's get to it!

October 1, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo
@mydearpuddin x Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co.®

Meet Puddin! An exceptional doggo influencer who loves to send good vibes to her audience! 🐶 With an exceptional 4.9 Favikon score, Puddin sure knows how to share good content quality while keeping an excellent 3.63% engagement rate and a strong buzz ratio! And we’re not the only ones that noticed! Grounds & Hounds Coffee Co. is an animal-supporting organization that uses 20% of its profits to helps pups in need. 💝 They partnered with Puddin and reached 2K+ likes.

@thatcurlytop x UGG®

It’s autumn! 🍂 Better start covering up with comfy clothes and warm shoes like Jazmine! 🧣 In her last post, she shares UGG’s new boot collection. A collab’ planned to share relevant content at the right time of the year! Jazmine has a great 3 / 4 diversity content score followed by a positive 5.4% account growth rate. The mid-range influencer did a great job promoting the brand’s product by presenting an original and colorful post with a complete description sharing information regarding their green Icon-Impact collection, which positively impacts the brand image! 🌱

@suziebfashion x lululemon

Ready to work out? Then join Suzie in her workout routines! 💪 This mega influencer has 1M followers in her main fitness Instagram account and has created a second account to share activewear and fashion content. A great example of content consistency! This way, each account has its purpose, and her audience can decide which one best fits their interests. In her latest post on @suziebfashion, Suzie wears lululemon’s Wunder Puff jacket to enter October in style! This influencer does a great job at keeping a good saturation rate of 28% and a good account activity score in both her primary and second accounts! Furthermore, by posting this collab on her second account, the brand is most likely looking for engagement rather than extensive visibility! 📈

@michelle.lawrencee x True North Energy

11K likes for this great collab' between Michelle and True North Energy! This mid-range influencer has an encouraging 4.3 Favikon Score with an excellent 8.73 engagement rate and an exceptional following ratio of 216: 1. Known for her beautiful landscape pictures and her passion for travel, collaborating with this influencer is an excellent way of working on a positive brand image! 🏔

@sydelcurrylee x OLLY

Who needs a good night’s sleep? @sydelcurrylee shared her collab with OLLY by posting the perfect post: a night routine reel! Influencers can be very creative when it comes to campaigns, collabs’ and sponsored posts ideas. In this case, Sydel did a fantastic job! She has a 4.2 Favikon Score with a very good comment/like and following ratio and a great 3 / 4 content diversity score. 👏

@vicky.knits x Qing Fibre

It’s chill weather! Who wants a hand-knitted sweater? 🧶 Then go check out @vicky.knits account! This creator posts consistent content, showing all of her creations in a simplistic feed. Qing Fibre, an English supplier of Ethically Sourced and Natural Yarn, collaborated with this influencer to promote a few of their yarn options. It is a great partnership that will bring engagement and maybe even increase their conversion since @vicky.knits has a remarkable 5.85% engagement rate and +3.40 growth rate! This collab will not only have a positive impact on the brand’s sales, but it will also positively impact the influencer’s image since it promotes greener fabrics for their creations! 🌿

@haleymmartino x RockDove

The weather is getting colder, and staying home in warm clothes and fuzzy slippers seems like the perfect plan! Haley Martino, a mom influencer, shared a precious moment with her child to collab with the footwear brand! 🤱 With a 3.9 Favikon Score, this nano influencer has a good audience quality and an excellent and encouraging +11.70 account growth! RockDove did a fantastic collab to promote their product to a small community, providing a positive engagement rate and increasing sales! 🤝

@sarahknuth x Walmart

Congratulations to the soon-to-be-married couple! Sarah shared her excitement in her last post and used this opportunity to promote Walmart’s clothing collection. She has an excellent hashtag quality score and a fantastic 804:01 following ratio with 877K followers! Walmart is increasingly present on social media by collaborating with all types of influencers, from France to the U.S., from nano to mega; their campaigns are well constructed and show great potential! 📈

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