TikTok for Dummies

Want to hop on TikTok but don't know where to start? Have a look at our "TikTok for Dummies"!

October 18, 2021
Clémence Del Castillo
TikTok for Dummies: Become an expert in less than a week

Are there still people who are not on TikTok? Really? No, impossible, we don't believe you!

Ah phew! You've signed up... But haven't started yet? How do you not get addicted to the magic of their algorithm?

Let us introduce you to the world of TikTok!

First, find the content, topics, and people that interest you.

How do you search for content on TikTok?

On TikTok, you will find billions of posts; to find the ones that correspond to your taste, you can use different filters when searching:

👉 Top: The most popular videos on TikTok. You will notice that Top Videos have millions of views; this is recent content, often following the latest trends.

👉 Users: This filter allows you to find influencers you know and want to find quickly easily.

👉 Videos: This is a more comprehensive filter, gathering all videos containing your keyword, whether it appears as a hashtag, description, or username. It is not a question of bringing together the most viewed videos, but they still respect a threshold of popularity (which is often in the thousands of views).

👉 Sounds: Have you come across a trend, but you don't remember the influencer or the name of the trend, yet you can't get the lyrics of the song out of your head? This filter will come in handy! Type in your favorite lyrics, and TikTok might be able to find the sound influencers used.

👉 Hashtags: Looking for specific content, sectors or creations? Hashtags are the solution! You need to enter keywords so that the app offers you content that meets your expectations. Example: are you a cat food brand looking for influencer kitties who can improve your visibility? Start with the hashtags #chat #animals #cat #tiktokcat and so on. TikTok will then show every posts related to the few keywords you entered in the search bar.

When you subscribe to an influencer, TikTok introduces other similar accounts that may interest you.

Need a small list of the few accounts you should absolutely follow? Find our TOP influencers articles! ✨

Our TOPs collect the best accounts varying from one category to another. Are you planning a Halloween campaign? A campaign for dogs? A campaign for your coffee brand?

Find the TOP that corresponds to your field. Favikon publishes relevant TOPs based on the quality of the influencers and their content.

Should you trust the number of subscribers, likes, and shares? 🤔

The more videos are known, the more reactions they will get. However, a small account can create a buzz and still keep a small number of subscribers. If a video seems appealing, take a look at the influencer account! If their feed is regular and consistent, subscribe!

Remember, TikTok is full of surprises! Small creators can gain thousands of subscribers or even millions in a matter of weeks. It’s just a matter of time (and content!). Tip: Trust your instincts; if their content match your expectations and values, don't lose sight of them! They might become mega influencer in no time.

Why like?

One like is a boost for the influencer, but it is also a reaction that TikTok will detect and use to offer more suitable content. ❤️

What is the #ForYouPage aka #FYP?

Are you familiar with the term "Instagram feed"? Well, it's the same! (Maybe even better!)

While the Instagram feed contains all the content from the accounts you follow, TikTok's For You Page offers you varied content from thousands of different accounts that match your expectations.

In concrete, the algorithm is so powerful that it will know you better than your family in just a few days.

But how can we help? 🧐

To ensure you have the right content, watch the content that interests you and quickly scroll when you are not interested.

For example, you are on your For You Page, and you came across a live video. TikTok lives are clearly not your thing; you might as well go to Twitch. Solution? Scroll quickly every time you see a live in your For You Page. You can be sure that in the next hour you won't come across any more live!

Now and then, TikTok will offer you live shows to make sure you are 300% sure you're not interested, but rest assured that won't happen too often.

Another solution to tame the algorithm: keep pressing the TikTok and click on “Not interested”. It might be a bit harsh for the influencer, but in the end, it's your user experience that matters!

How to keep in sight my favorite TikToks?

There are several more effective ways to remember the TikToks that interest you other than harassing your best friend with links on WhatsApp. By liking a TikTok, you automatically save it on your profile and you are the only one that has access! Practical, efficient ... But you click on like too easily?

Ok, we have a second solution! 💡

Tap and hold to add it to your favorites, and you're done!

Are you bothered by the TikTok mechanic of revealing the interesting part of the video at the very end?

On TikTok, many content creators have understood that to be boosted by the app, their videos must be played till the end. Conclusion? We end up with lots of long TikToks with boring content until the last 5 seconds.

Want to get straight to the point? Look at the bottom of the screen; if the TikTok is longer than 30 seconds, you will be able to move forward. It just goes to show that we don't waste that much time on TikTok!

Speaking of wasting time, if you end up having a TikTok video that prompts you to quit TikTok for a few minutes, you've been on it for over an hour! Time to take a break!

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