Tom Holland x Prada - VIYF #44

Tom Holland and Prada is definitely a collab we did not see coming. It wasn’t the only interesting partnership of this week. Lena Situations and Lisa from Black Pink also caught our attention with their collab.

March 4, 2022
Camille Valentin

This week’s partnerships were impressive! Not only did we see collaborations between brands and influencers, but also between brands. Gucci and Adidas created a buzz by presenting their collab during Milan Fashion Week. Their new collection was then promoted on social media by different influencers. This was a successful launch for sure! This wasn’t the only genius collab of this week, we also also spotted American Eagle partnering with many young celebrities such as Joshua Bassett or Madelyn Cline.

Lena Situations x Gucci x Adidas

Milan Fashion Week took place last week. The famous Italian brand, Gucci presented its new collection but not only! They also introduced their new collaboration with Adidas. For the occasion, multiple influencers and celebrities were invited to the show such as Lena Situations. The French IT girl also shared a post on her Instagram expressing how excited she was about this new fashion collab.

Antonia Baloneya x Ding Tea

This isn’t actually a partnership but what could have been an awesome collaboration. TikToker, Antonia Baloneya shared a compilation of videos of her putting the straw in her bubble tea from Ding Tea. The video perfectly matches the rhythm of the famous song “Mr. Blue Sky’. This TikTok could have been an awesome idea for a partnership with a Bobba store. The video currently counts 3.3M views and almost 1M likes.

Owen Han x Daring

Daring is a brand that sells plant-based chicken. They decided to collaborate with Owen Han, a TikToker with 1.2M followers. He has an excellent buzz ratio and community ratio of 32%. That’s not it, he also has an almost perfect Favikon score of 4.8. For this collab, Owen shared a recipe of chicken wrap inspired by Hawaiian barbecue.

@owen.han Hawaiian BBQ @Daring. plant-based chicken wrap #daringpartner #daretoswap #getdaring ♬ original sound - MANGIAMOH

Lisa x Celine

Lisa is a singer from the Korean group Blackpink. With 74M followers on Instagram, she is also a mega influencer. This week she shared a picture of her with a Celine bag and she made sure to add the hashtags #CelineCuirTriomphe and #CelineByHediSlimane. This isn’t her first collab with this fashion brand, as she became their international brand ambassador in 2020. Lisa has an excellent Favikon score of 4.9, and a great engagement rate of 10.81%.

Charli D'amelio x FitOn App

Charli D’Amelio is one of the biggest influencers at the moment. She currently has 47.5M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 4.22%. This week, she shared a video of her working out with her family. This post was a collaboration with FitOn, an app that helps people work out.

Tom Holland x Prada

After playing Spiderman and Nathan Drake in Uncharted, Tom Holland is posing for Prada. A few days ago, the actor shared a post with the hashtag #pradaSS22 and #prada. He currently has 63.8M followers on Instagram, an excellent engagement rate of 11.86%, and a Favikon score of 4.8. This is why he makes a perfect brand ambassador.

Madelyn Cline x American Eagle

Actress, Madelyn Cline shared a video in collaboration with American Eagle. She isn’t the only celebrity to take part in this campaign. In the video, we can also spot Joshua Bassett, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan or Michael Evans Behling. She has 12.1M followers on Instagram and an excellent engagement rate of 18.72%, so this new campaign is set to be a success!

ColorMeCourtney x Oui by Yoplait x The Bouqs Company

Courtney, who also called herself “NYC Color Queen” is an influencer with 724k followers on Instagram. When we see her feed, we perfectly understand why she gave herself this nickname. Courtney loves colorful clothes and always shares good vibes with her community. This week, she collaborated with two brands Oui by Yoplait and The Bouqs Company, which offers monthly flower subscriptions. Together they launched a big giveaway to win fresh flower bouquets.

Which collab caught your attention? Charli D’Amelio’s collab with FitOn App shows that it is important to personalize your collaborations when working with influencers. We also loved ColorMeCourtney’s collab, giveaways are always efficient when you are looking for visibility and new followers.

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