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TOP 10 Instagram accounts of January 2021

Instagram Influencer Accounts with the most subscribers and great content know how to start their 2021 the right way! 📈

February 18, 2021

Instagram influencers in 2021

Influencer marketing has become a popular marketing strategy now that provides businesses with promising and successful ROI, visibility, and engagement. That is why we provide you with many articles about the best practices in influencer marketing, a few tips and tricks, and our favorite TOPs. From food accounts, dog influencers, feminist content creators, and granmas rocking on Instagram, it's time to start 2021 with a new TOP!

This week, we wanted to know which Instagram accounts had the best start to this year... and we found these ten profiles that have seen their community skyrocket 📈! In this Top, you'll find the macro-influencers that you must follow in 2021 📲 From gamers to famous personalities and models, you can find any influencer. And that is why it is essential always to choose the right one for your brand! How? By analyzing your objectives, values, and image and matching them with the influencer with similar characteristics. Now without further due, let's get on to this TOP!

1. Алексей Навальный 🇷🇺



Followers earned in January 2021: 1,6 M

🥇Alexey Navalny is at at the heart of the current political and societal issues in Russia. He is an anti-corruption (and therefore anti-Putin) activist ⚒. Following his poisoning in December, he made his comeback in January and began to share his ideas on Instagram. He is right at the top of this list with the most subscribers and has been declared a winner by a mile in January 2021: +1.6 million... impressive! A profile anchored in the news, to be followed absolutely throughout the year.

2. Fernanda Villalobos 🇨🇱



Followers earned in January 2021: 477K

🥈A little lightness for our silver medal. Fernanda is a singer and influencer who has been a big part of Instagram since 2018. Recently, the 16 years old Chilean boosted her number of subscribers thanks to a contest 🎁. Like all young people of her age, she is also present on TikTok where she has more than 10 M subscribers, enough to make the counters of her Instagram account jealous! 🤭

3. Lori Harvey 🇺🇸



Followers earned in January 2021: 385K

🥉In 3rd place on the podium, we find a magnificent new generation model with generous shapes, who appeared on Instagram around 2017. 

With 3.3 million subscribers, we can say that she has managed her business well, with a succession of shootings and partnerships with luxury brands such as Chanel or Balenciaga 💎. She recently made a capsule with the brand Naked Wardrobe! On top of all that, she is also Michael B Jordan’s  girlfriend (Apollo Creed’s son and not the basketball player).

4. Shin Hye Sun 🇰🇷



Followers earned in January 2021: 375K

The South Korean actress is extremely popular in her country! On her Insta feed, you can see her wearing traditional Korean clothes and also some partnerships here and there... 🤗 We graded her with a Favikon score of 5/5: her community is very committed!

5. Kid Laroi 🇦🇺



Followers earned in January 2021: 299K

With his latest track "WITHOUT YOU" having recently been released on TikTok, it's not surprising to find Kid Laroi in this position🔥 With 2.3M subscribers, the rapper has obviously attracted many fans to follow him. A promising career with a community commitment of 29% 💟

6. Julia Gavrilina 🇷🇺



Followers earned in January 2021: 267K

+260K subscribers on Instagram for this young Russian singer! Freshly major, Julia has had success on Instagram but she is above all a great tiktokeuse where she is killing it with her singing videos and a community of 10M subscribers 🎤She is very well on her way to be a real star in Russia! 🌟

7. Wonho 🇰🇷



Followers earned in January 2021: 187K

Big muscles and an angel's face, that's globally what you'll remember about this Instagram account 💪👼. More seriously, this k-pop dancer and singer is being drooled over by more than one: 80% of his community is female! 😏All the lights are green for this influencer, a well deserved Favikon score of 5/5!

8. Nicole Louise 🇧🇷



Followers earned in January 2021: 163K

At only 19 years old, Nicole Louise is considered to be one of the best influencers in Brazil. A very girly audience (88% girls 💁♀️), she has gained her popularity on TikTok where she has almost 7M subscribers. Tiktoks that she posts are also available on her Instagram but in the form of reals 📲

9. Khodepati 🇮🇷



Followers earned in January 2021: 152K

With a predominantly female audience, Khodepati is very popular amongst the 18-24 year olds! Her content? Very funny sketches (or not, we don't really know, we don't actually speak Persian 👉👈) and this is reflected in its engagement rate of almost 22%. An Instagram account full of life and disguises 🤪

10. BJean 🇪🇸



Followers earned in January 2021: 138K

We have a gamer! This influencer knows how to adapt her content to different social media platforms as she is present on various social networks. And if I say she is a gamer... Of course she is on Twitch! She reaches a nice content diversity score as she shares posts of her day-to-day life and more gaming-focused content.

Here is a bonus of three accounts that are also rocking it!

11. Yana Leventseva 🇷🇺



Followers earned in January 2021: 124K

12. Daryl-Ann Denner 🇺🇸



Followers earned in January 2021: 113K

That's it for our TOP, we hope you enjoyed this article! If you are interested in all topics linked to influencer marketing, check out our blog! We share different strategies, TOPs, famous collabs, social media tricks, and more! So stay tuned for future TOPs 🔥