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TOP 10 Australian Creators on Youtube

There are thousands of passionate creators on Youtube and sometimes it's hard to find your way around. That's why we've created a Top 10 specialised Australian YouTubers (with each creator specialised in a specific field)!

November 23, 2022

The best specialized Australian YouTubers

Are you ready to discover all 10 YouTube categories, with a specialized content creator for each of them? Let’s start with the gaming community!

Karl Jobst - @karljobst

Are any gamers in the room? This collab is for you! We present to you the first Australian YouTube content creator and gamer: Karl Jobst. He has an outstanding Favikon Score of 5/5 with an engagement rate of +5% and an excellent buzz ratio! Thanks to his channel, the world of video games will hold no more secrets from you!

How To Cook That - @HowToCookThat

How about a quick cooking lesson? How To Cook That is the perfect YouTuber channel to learn new cooking skills. With Ann Reardon, you’ll find plenty of creative dessert recipes as she also has a blog! This additional content creates true added value for her followers. With a 4.4/5 Favikon Score, Ann is a pro at cooking and content making!

Hugh Jeffreys - @HughJeffreys

The pro of tech content! Hugh Jeffreys is a filmmaking enthusiast who’s passionate about technology. What better profile for being a Tech YouTuber? On his account, you’ll mainly find him restoring broken electronic devices and that’s not all. Hugh also enjoys making each item unique by customizing them. This content creator posts very regularly and consistently and has an excellent buzz ratio!

Penny Barnshaw - @garagefitnessgirl

Let’s get in shape! Workout programs, routines, quick HIIT, strength, and cardio, you’ll find all kinds of workouts on Penny’s YouTube account. From intermediate to advances, this content creator knows how to train like a pro! With a 3.2 Favikon Score, a +6% engagement rate, and an excellent comment/view ratio, Penny is the perfect specialized creator for a sport collab 💪

Lab Muffin Beauty Science - @LabMuffinBeautyScience

What if I told you we found a cosmetic expert content creator? Meet Michelle, a science educator, cosmetic chemist, and content creator. She has a Ph.D. in chemistry and shares beauty hacks and tips with her community. Her goal? Make science accessible to all to share the best beauty products with her followers! Who better to tell your target audience which skincare to purchase than someone who knows what’s in them 😎

Sailing La Vagabonde - @SailingLaVagabonde

Let’s go on an adventure! That’s the routine of this Australian couple who has been sailing for 8 years. With two kids on board, they love to share their never-ending journey on YouTube. With a 2.9/ Favikon Score, this family YouTube account has a nice engagement rate of +4% as well as a positive growth rate. If you are looking for authenticity, adventure, and family vibes for your collab, you have found the perfect content creators!

Mighty Car Mods - @mightycarmods

We’re about to go fast and furious with these content creators! Marty and Moog created their YouTube account to create and share their passion for automotive projects. These two friends always love a good challenge! You can count on them to share quality content every month with big smiles on their face. With a 3.9/5 Favikon Score, their videos generate a lot of comments, a big asset for a collab!

Aiden Kenway - @AidenKenway

Let's groove tonight with Aiden Kenway! This content creator creates educational tutorials to help followers improve their music. He often explains to his audience how the latest songs were made. Aiden shares the entire process from arranging, to editing, mixing, and mastering. With a 4.5/5 Favikon Score, this creator reaches a +5% engagement rate, an excellent buzz ratio, as well as a significant growth rate of +4%.

Paul E.T. - @paul_et

What about a mix of professional cinematographic skills content and humorous videos? Because that is exactly what Paul’s YouTube account is all about. This content creator has a real talent for film editing and enjoys sharing all of his projects with his audience. And it looks like Paul is also excellent at content creation since he reaches a perfect 5/5 Favikon Score with an engagement rate of +7% and an excellent buzz ratio.

inkarlcerating - @inkarlcerating

Can you please spell 'Gabbana'? This creator sure can! Meet Karl, a fashion enthusiast, and content creator. He often shares vlogs in which he brings his followers into his everyday life to talk about fashion and design. As if his glamorous vibes weren’t enough, Karl has an excellent Favikon Score of 4.7/5, an excellent comment/view ratio, and a growth rate of +12. If you’re looking for a creator with a unique sense of style for a fashion collab, you’re looking at them!