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TOP 10 Fitness Influencers in Canada

Canada is a country of athletes and social media shows it with more than 10K influencers on the topic. Discover our selection of the best sports coaches! 🇨🇦

February 26, 2021

Canadian Fitness Influencers

Fitness influencers are very famous in Canada, especially on Instagram. Their content is very varied with workout videos, before/after pictures, sports tips in Reels... The production of sports content has no limits and that's why many brands like it.

What do fitness influencers sell? Many different brands can be interested in fitness influencers to make a profit. In the first place, all the sportswear brands like Gymshark and Ocean Apart but also more classic clothing brands like Fitjeans that mainly target athletes.

The second big topic for fitness influencers is nutrition. Healthy food brands fight for the best fitness content creators because they are influencers who know, often, very well about the topic and do not risk giving false information.

Finally, the third big pillar is travel and adventure. Influencers are famous for being world travelers and fitness content creators are no exception. They don't work on shaping their bodies all year long to avoid going to the beach! However in Canada it's a little different because in addition to the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean, many influencers go exploring snowy mountains in the country. These trips are a little more dangerous but they allow you to have beautiful photos for Instagram (and that's priceless!)

1. Greg Doucette



🥇 At 45 years old, this professional bodybuilder is a real war machine! Our big winner from this list has crafted his lifestyle, his own  business and will give you all the necessary coaching tips through his IG, e-book, or his YouTube channel. An Instagram feed filled with muscles and tablets 💪 Congratulations coach Greg for your Favikon score of 5/5! 👏

2. Laeticia Lavoie



🥈In second place on the podium is Laeticia, a young fitness/motivation/health coach. With a predominantly female audience, this influential woman offers a varied and very qualitative content: healthy recipes and short exercise videos to keep in shape, a must follow if you want to prepare for that Summer body ☀️

3. Vicky Plamenova



🥉With +28% growth on her IG account, Vicky is a real rising star on this network! Sports training videos that motivate people to get into sports, no wonder her community is so engaged 💟. An inspiring woman who is gaining more and more subscribers, we wish her all the best for the future! 😍

4. Vanessa Boucher-Coutu



Vanessa is the feminine counterpart of Popeye: don't bother her. Like any self-respecting sports coach, her Instagram grid is filled with pictures of her impressive body and advice from a real fitness coach! You can also find a couple of storytelling memes that bring a touch of humor to her profile 🤗

5. Kyle Ardill



Coming straight from Toronto, this influencer's content is great if you're looking for sports training videos! Kyle is also a varsity soccer coach and owner of fitness and wellness studios ⚽️🧘. An accomplished man after all, who advocates good health always with a smile on his face. A smile that will charm more than one! 😏

6. Yagirltem



As a body recomposition coach, @yagirlteam shares a very complete and varied content on the theme of sport and physical health. For all sports fans (or all those who hesitate to get into it), this is a MUST follow!

7. Imane



Imane is a certified fitness coach, but also the co-founder of a sportswear brand. A silhouette that we are not used to seeing so much, it is highly muscular. It a constantly growing count, and doesn’t seem like it’s about to stop anytime soon!

8. Vanessa Golec



Vanessa offers her predominantly male audience tips to help you build muscle and stay in shape all year round.

9. Brian Neyugn



Influential on Instagram but also on TikTok (where he already has over 140K subscribers), Brian is a young Canadian fitness coach. Photographer and videographer, we understand where the quality of his feed comes from! Don't hesitate any longer and follow this account for inspirations on exercising 🏋️

10. Daryl Townsend



This former professional American soccer player has an impressive engagement rate on his Instagram page: more than 20%! Today he’s a fitness coach. His motto? "Train like every day is Monday". Daryl is a real boost of energy and motivation!

Instagram Fitness Influencers

Living a healthy lifestyle, exercising daily and eating healthy has never been so trendy especially on social media. This trend is partly due to fitness influencers on Instagram who share a life full of energy, happiness and beautiful bodies. In short, the dream. While we're not sure if this routine is that simple, the content around a fitness routine has largely increased.

Fitness influencer accounts have very high engagement thanks to qualitative formats like workouts and healthy food recipes. Thanks to this engagement, they are easily highlighted by the Instagram algorithm. Working with a fitness influencer represents a great opportunity for a brand to reach a tight-knit and highly engaged community.