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Top 10 DACH LinkedIn Creators

Discover the Top 10 German-speaking influencers and know who are shaping conversations and driving change in 2024. Get ready to be inspired by their expertise and insights!

April 17, 2024
Justine Castany

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Explore the Top DACH Influencers on LinkedIn :

Düzen Tekkal

10. Düzen Tekkal

In tenth position, Düzen Tekkal. She is a German journalist, human rights activist, and filmmaker with Kurdish roots. She is the CEO and founder of Germandream and Há, as well as the co-founder of Mutrepublik. She is known for her work as a war reporter, focusing on Syria and Iraq. Tekkal is an expert on Yazidis, Iraq, and antisemitism, and has been recognized with several awards for her contributions to human rights. She has published two books and directed two documentary films. Through her organizations, she advocates for the rights and protection of the Yazidi community.

LinkedIn Score : 82/100

Favikon Authority Score : 305

Céline Flores Willers

9. Céline Flores Willers

Penultimate on the list is, Céline Flores Willers. She is a successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, and top voice on LinkedIn. She is the founder of The People Branding Company and Merryloo, and is known for her expertise in personal branding and corporate influencing on LinkedIn. With over 160,000 followers, Céline has become one of the top 20 accounts in Germany. Her company, The People Branding Company, consists of a team of 20 talented individuals who specialize in enhancing the visibility of clients in the digital world, particularly on LinkedIn. Céline's achievements and networking power have made her a respected figure in the industry and a go-to agency for personal branding and corporate influencing.

LinkedIn Score : 82/100

Favikon Authority Score : 220

Yasmin Weiß

8. Yasmin Weiß

In eighth position Yasmin Weiß. She is a professor of business administration, startup founder, and author. Her research focuses on the impact of artificial intelligence on the workplace and the future skills necessary for success. She is also an expert in digital education and has authored the book 'Best Education in the World: How to Secure Our Digital Future'. With her expertise, she aims to promote a learning society and help individuals adapt to the changing demands of the future of work.

LinkedIn Score : 85/100

Favikon Authority Score : 218

Annahita Esmailzadeh

7. Annahita Esmailzadeh

Coming in at seventh place is Annahita Esmailzadeh. She is a Tech Manager at Microsoft and a bestselling author. She is a passionate leader, speaker, and certified business coach. With a focus on diversity and inclusion, she uses her voice to advocate for modern leadership approaches in the corporate world. Her book 'Von Quotenfrauen und alten weißen Männern' quickly climbed the bestseller lists, showcasing her influence in the business world. As a mentor and advisor, she actively supports initiatives promoting entrepreneurship and innovation among students. Recognized for her accomplishments, she has received awards for her contributions to the German economy.

LinkedIn Score : 86/100

Favikon Authority Score : 201

Tina MuellerAt

6. Tina Mueller

At sixth place Tina Mueller. She is an international business leader, author, and activist with over 25 years of experience in the beauty industry. She is a purpose-driven innovator, always seeking better ways to solve problems and reach visions. Tina is passionate about change and transformational leadership, particularly for women in leadership. She is a mentor and partner of the initiative Women into Leadership (IWIL) and was awarded the German Diversity Award in 2020. With a background in marketing and a strong focus on the future, Tina is a game-changer in her field.

LinkedIn Score : 87/100

Favikon Authority Score : 202

Volker Quaschning

5. Volker Quaschning

Taking the fifth spot is Volker Quaschning. He is a professor for regenerative energy systems at HTW Berlin. He is an expert in renewable energy, energy transition, and climate protection. He is a book author, YouTuber, and podcaster. Through his research, education, and media presence, he aims to contribute to establishing a sustainable energy supply and raising awareness about the threats of climate change.

LinkedIn Score : 88/100

Favikon Authority Score : 331

Thomas Müller LinkedIn

4. Thomas Müller

Coming in at Fourth place is Thomas Müller. He is a professional football player known for his passion and dedication to the sport. With a successful career playing for teams like FC Bayern München, he has achieved numerous victories and experienced unique moments as a team player. He believes in the power of teamwork and understands that shared success is the most fulfilling. Thomas is grateful for the support he receives from fans, teammates, and his family, which has enabled him to pursue his dream profession. In addition to his love for football, he is also interested in promoting healthy nutrition and has co-authored a book on the topic. With his reach and influence, Thomas aims to raise awareness about the importance of healthy eating and provide valuable information to others. As a professional athlete, he constantly strives to improve his performance and explore ways to optimize his physical abilities. Thomas looks forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in his career.

LinkedIn Score : 88/100

Favikon Authority Score : 2 266

Yaël Meier

3. Yaël Meier

Holding the third position is Yaël Meier. She is a co-founder of Zeam and Jobshot, a bestselling author, and a prominent figure in the field of Generation Z. She is known for her book 'Gen Z' and her expertise in advising companies on how to effectively communicate with young people. With a background in consulting and public speaking, Yaël Meier has become a recognized voice in the business world. She has been featured in Forbes and has received numerous accolades for her work. Yaël Meier's passion for empowering young entrepreneurs and promoting gender equality is evident in her advocacy for more women in leadership positions and her efforts to provide visibility and support to inspiring female entrepreneurs. She is an influential figure in the industry and continues to make a significant impact through her writing, speaking engagements, and mentorship programs.

LinkedIn Score : 90/100

Favikon Authority Score : 254

Robert Habeck

2. Robert Habeck

In second place, Robert Habeck. He is a German politician serving as the German Vice Chancellor and Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection. He is a member of the German Green Party and has been actively involved in shaping policies related to climate protection and economic development. Habeck is known for his commitment to promoting sustainable and innovative solutions to address climate change and create a prosperous future for Germany. He has also been engaged in international collaborations, particularly with the United Kingdom, to explore opportunities in areas such as artificial intelligence and offshore energy infrastructure. Habeck's work focuses on balancing economic growth with environmental sustainability and addressing societal challenges through strategic partnerships and policy reforms.

LinkedIn Score : 93/100

Favikon Authority Score : 288

Carsten Maschmeyer

1. Carsten Maschmeyer

Leading the pack, Carsten Maschmeyer, he is an entrepreneur, startup investor, and mentor. He is passionate about fostering the next generation of entrepreneurs, sharing his entrepreneurial experience, and investing in future-proof tech startups. With his teams in Munich, Berlin, Hanover, and San Francisco, he works to help young companies grow by providing capital, coaching, and a strong network. Carsten has invested in over 140 startups in Germany, Europe, and the USA. He is also known for his role as an investor and mentor on the TV show 'Die Höhle der Löwen'. Carsten believes that there are no good companies, only good entrepreneurs, and encourages people to seize the opportunity to create innovative products and services. He is dedicated to making mobility and HR processes simpler, more efficient, and more digitized. Carsten is a speaker and advocate for innovation, and he is always looking for 'islands of hope' - places that are driving positive change in the world.

LinkedIn Score : 97/100

Favikon Authority Score : 373

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