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🇺🇸 TOP 15 Social Media Experts USA 🇺🇸

Everything you need to know about Social Media and Influencer Marketing, from the best American experts 🙌🇺🇸👨‍💻

Tons of creators share their best practices on Instagram when it comes to social media.

Among them, we've come up with 15 gems, whose content really impressed us📲

Are you a newbie to the social media world? Or do you simply wish you could boost the numbers of your social media? These experts might be able to help you with that! They will teach you how to make viral reels, boost your engagement, create content that match with your brand image and your community. Some are true professionals, others are simple social media lovers, but at the end of the day their advice is precious if you wanna take your social media game to the next level. Having social media is now key to giving your brand visibility. So here is the accounts you should follow 👇

Follow all 15 of them, and your success on social media is pretty much guaranteed! 😎

Enjoy reading! 👀

1. Chelsea Peitz



🥇 On top of our ranking is Chelsea, a social media strategist. Her fun and relevant content will inform you of all the do's and don'ts on your social networks. So don't hesitate to follow her and bring a dose of fun to your Insta feed! A well deserved Favikon 5/5 Score 🏆

2. Shannon McKinstrie



🥈 Shannon will help entrepreneurs grow their businesses and make an impact through organic and proven social media strategies. From inspiring sentences to tips galore, the content of this young mom is inspiring. She listens to her community, and followers share the love: the number of likes beats all records, bravo to her! 👩💻👏

3. Chris Do



🥉 A career development coach, this macro-influencer is a true mentor when it comes to marketing strategy. With his clear and well worked visuals, Chris also shares key moments of his life such as his travels around the world. In podcasts, on Instagram or even in ebooks, there's nothing he doesn't do, so it's impossible with him to miss the latest influencer tips! Bronze fits him well! 🤗

4. Amber SkinCareDiary



A TikToker, an influencer and an Instagram Coach, Amber is an ambitious young woman who's not afraid to give her opinion. As a content creator, she shares her skincare advice as well as her tips for being Insta Famous! Her young age brings a touch of novelty and above all a new point of view to this universe which is in general more professional. 💆🤳

5. Dilyana Stamatova



An Instagram account placed under the sign of watermelon (literally), an expert in social media marketing and branding, Dilyana manages her business with a master's hand! You can find all the information you're looking for on her neat blog 🍉🍉

6. Kimberly Carpenter



Already the founder of 2 companies, Kim will help you take your business to the next level 📈 Strategic influence advice for all networks, that's what her Instagram account will offer you for free of course! You'll sleep more clever tonight ✅

7. Geo Ellen James



The aesthetics of her feed (and the presence of her pets) make all the charm of this Instagram account! 🐶🐱 Geo started his career in influence 10 years ago and has accumulated a lot of knowledge in this field. Her business, "Happy Cat", is already a resounding success! We love her creativity 🎨

8. Arcilia Newman



With an excellent engagement rate and regular posts, the content of this influencer will amaze you 🤩 Her tips are very useful even for a basic Instagram user (i.e. a non-business user). You will also be able to join her Facebook discussion group for all "Modern Mom Bosses". 🤰💼💁

9. Joanna Go



Joanna stands out for her inspiring messages: her account is based on the theme of caring and accompaniment. She still has a long way to go, but it's off to a good start for this young influential woman, her Favikon note is a testament to her good work! We wish her good continuation 😊👍

10. W. Hussain



The fame of this influencer is no longer to be proven 😎 With 100K followers, Mr. Hussain alternates his roles: either Digital Entrepreneur, Multimedia Content Creator or Brand Strategist. This influencer has grown very quickly thanks to his regular posts and his very reactive audience,a big round of applause to him! 👏🌟

11. Kay Hillman



A photographer, mom and entrepreneur, Kay wears her several hats beautifully! Totally transparent about her life, she is very close to her community with an extremely engaged audience! 🤠✨

12. Claudia - Boss Babe Social



Based in California and a founder of a a beauty and lifestyle blog, Claudia is a successful social media manager 🌴☀️She cannot wait to share with you all her knowledge to make your day less stressful and more productive 👀

13. Theresa Depasquale



Make no mistake, even though she has an angelic face and dreamy body, Theresa is the president of Capture Social Group. She will reveal to you the best tricks to increase your audience! Join her Masterclass to learn everything about it 🤓💻

14. Candace Junee



Woman power! Candace brings her fresh touch and draws on her background and knowledge to help women launch their business and master social networks. She is a true mentor for all those who don't dare to take the plunge. 💁💪💥

15. Ashley France



This influencer masters Instagram and Twitter to perfection and will help you do the same. Tips and motivational posts that will boost you energy every day! 🔥🕺

We hope these accounts will help you grow your social media accounts! Which was the most useful tip for you? We can’t wait to see you implement everything you have learned into your digital strategy.

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