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TOP 18 Luxury Fashion Canadian Influencers

Here comes the best of the best fashion Canadian content creators! Vogue is their middle name, so let's dive into their world of luxury and glamour together!

December 21, 2022

The best Canadian Luxury Fashion Influencers

Clare Wadden - @clareadeline_

She is chic, she is vogue, she is the moment! Clare loves to share her personal style with her audience by posting her ensembles as well as daily life pictures. Her aesthetic goes along the lines of dark elegance ✨ And we love a content creator who likes to play with the different content formats from pictures and carrousels to short format videos and stories! 

Alyssa - @alyssanaylor

This girl will make you want to go on a summer holiday and never come back! Alyssa is all about the summer vibes and glamorous looks. She brings us along her journeys from Toronto to Queensland as traveling is important to her. You’ll find gorgeous outfits, luxurious settings, and dreamy destinations 🌎

Sophia - @sophiiaisabella

Did someone say fashion icon? Sophia is taking us to the next level when it comes to luxurious fashion. She knows designers, her content revolves around elegance… In other words, she gives old chic vibes! Regarding her Instagram analytics, she has an amazing 4.1 Favikon Score with +18% engagement rate and an astonishing account growth of +112%! 👏

LEVI - @levixmbwata

I hope you are ready for this one! If you are looking for a content creator that has both great styles and shows great creativity as well, then we have just found your guy. Levi is an influencer based in Montreal, and let me tell you, he is rocking it! He constantly challenges himself with different ensembles from popping colors to all-black outfits, from street style to classy date night ensembles… 🕶

Emily Kosichek - @emilykosichek

She is living in the moment! That’s how I would qualify Emily’s feed. From summer content to winter inspiration, spontaneity is her middle name. She will go from cowgirl and cottage core aesthetic to summertime vibes and winter magic in just a few posts. To any brand looking for a content creator who knows how to adapt their content to seasonal campaigns, you can stop searching! 🌞

Smrithi - @smrxthi

Meet this talented content creator! Smrithy creates unique content by sharing her love for her Indian culture. Whether she wears a cowgirl look, a glamorous outfit, or a beautiful traditional saree, she always adds an elegant touch to her style. With an outstanding 4.7/5 Favikon Score, she excels at her creator skills with an excellent following ratio and content diversity score of 3/4 🫶  

Justin - @justincheung16

Need any fashion advice? Justin got your back! With his styling tips and tricks, you’ll become a fashion icon in no time. Cold weather looks, favorite fragrances, fall essentials, favorite moments in the fashion industry… This is an excellent example to show how a creator can not only share his passion for a specific category like fashion but also bring added value to their content by providing tips, best practices, knowledge, etc. 🔥

Alyssa Belle - @alyssabelletang

 Someone is giving bougie vibes! This content creator is glamorous and we love it. If the dark feminine aesthetic was an Instagram account, it would be Alyssas’s! With a 4.3/5 Favikon Score, an excellent account growth of +8%, and a content diversity score of 3/4, this content creator knows how to work her social media! 🖤

Brandon Balfour - @brandonbalfourr

Now, this is what I call simple and elegant! Brandon is not only killing it on Instagram but guess what? He is also TikTok famous with 1.3M followers and has a YouTube account as well! Working with influencers who are present on various social media platforms is a big plus. It means working with creators who know how to adapt their content to different standards while staying creative at all times. 🎨

Jessica Trépanier - @_jessicatrepanier

She is sleek, she is glossy, she is Jessica Trépanier! If you are looking for a creator who can showcase any type of luxury product from fashion apparel and beauty products, to interior design and artistic furniture or special events, she is your girl! Working with influencers who have a very dynamic, diversified, and aesthetic feed is a huge asset for luxury brands, as the creator knows exactly how to highlight your brand. ✨ 

Anita Aloys - @auneetuh

Fierce is her middle name, so you better not be in her way! We just love a content creator who knows how to share her own style with chic and glamour! And that’s not it! Anita has also a great following ratio as well as excellent hashtag quality, a big asset for any brand looking to collaborate with her. 😎

Bianca Mauti - @biancamauti

This girl is a citizen of the world! Give her a location and she will make it look like it’s her own city. New York, Toronto, Miami, you name it! However, it looks like Ontario keeps a special place in her heart! Bianca works on a very rich feed as she not only shares glamorous looks, and fashionable accessories. She also shares the Beaty of her city, and any destination she has visited. ✈️

Tanvir Gill - @tanvirkg

She is chic! Meet Tanvir Gill, a glamorous content creator who works on a mix of fashion and lifestyle feed. In her latest posts, you will spot her in the mountains wearing astonishing winter outfits. A special detail this creator brings to her content is her love for her culture. She adores sharing south Asian fashion with her community as well. 🌟

kyletheyuan - @kyletheyuan

If you are in lack fashion inspiration, this guy has your back! Kyle knows exactly how to dress for any occasion and any weather! Of course, it can get very chilly in Canada throughout the winter season, yet that doesn’t mean you can’t look fabulous while staying warm! At least what Kyle says! 🎩


The Queen of this top has arrived! Aïcha is truly something else with her amazing style, elegant home decor, and fiery look! She is all about the luxury life with dream vacation destinations, glamorous dresses, chic aesthetics… With an engagement rate of +30% and account growth of +9%, Aïcha reaches a great 3.7/5 Favikon Score!

Vanessa Tiiu - @vanessatiiu

“That health girlie who does fashion”. Well said Vanessa because that is exactly what her Instagram is all about! A healthy lifestyle with dreamy afternoons, delicious breakfasts, little promenades, cafes discoveries, and more. What I love about this account is how elegant she makes her everyday life routine seem! 🍂

Anahita Yildiz - @anahitayildiz

Fierce is her middle name, so you better not be in her way! We just love a content creator who knows how to share her own style with chic and glamour! And that’s not it! Anita has also a great following ratio as well as excellent hashtag quality, a big asset for any brand looking to collaborate with her. �

BRITTANY LAURÉN - @brittanylaurens

We love a colourful content creator! Brittany will be closing this TOP 18 Luxury Fashion Canadian Influencers with her amazing feed. Her posts scream Vogue so you know what to do! By the way, she has a great content diversity score, excellent hashtag quality, as well as a great account activity! ⚡️