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TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators France [April 2023]

They are the most creative, the most authentic, the most dedicated, the most most ! You got it, they are the very BEST LinkedIn creators in France 🇫🇷

April 26, 2023

Who are the best LinkedIn french creators ?

It’s the 4th time that we publish a list of THE TOP 200 LinkedIn influencers in France, and it's still surprising to see the results each time! It's amazing to witness the evolution of this landscape over time. Content creation on LinkedIn is flourishing, and we're noticing plenty of new voices emerging, and that’s great news!!

In France, there's a growing trend of young people voicing their opinions, along with profiles that are passionate about social and environmental issues, who are using LinkedIn to spread awareness. So, without any more delay, here's everything you need to know about the top 200 LinkedIn creators.👇

How to spot the best LinkedIn creators?

At this point, we're pretty familiar with the LinkedIn scene in France, but there are always new gems that pop up and catch our attention. But how do they make it to our TOP 200 ?  First and foremost, our radar picks up on all the top-notch profiles, and we analyze data from over 2000 French creators. Then, we build our ranking by looking at four main metrics:

  • Audience building : creators who can cultivate a strong community over time are the ones who leave a lasting impression and become authentic thought leaders in their respective fields. On average, creators in the TOP 200 France have over 100K followers.

  • Consistent growth : when a creator continuously attracts new audiences and expands their fanbase, it's a sign of their content's dynamism and their ability to stay up-to-date with the latest news and trends in their respective field.

  • Strong presence : In most cases, content creators who make it to the TOP 200 post at least 3 times per week, which helps keep their profile engaging and appealing. While there are exceptions, this is considered the ideal posting frequency.

  • Valuable content : Naturally, it's not just a matter of posting content every day. The top creators are the ones who put in the time and effort to craft valuable content that genuinely resonates with their audience. And get this: there's actually a creator in the TOP 200 who gets over 17K engagements per post!

In addition to these metrics, we are quite strict when it comes to creators who use pods or suspicious followers. On the other hand, we highly value creators who diversify their content creation, expand their knowledge, and demonstrate creativity through useful newsletters or podcasts. In France, more than a quarter of the TOP 200 creators have either a newsletter or a podcast, and there are even 8 creators who have both! One of these gems is Dorith Naon, who is THE absolute rockstar when it comes to LinkedIn growth.

That's all there is to it! If you're interested in the latest updates we've made to the Influence Score and want to gain a deeper understanding of it, we've created a comprehensive article that covers everything you need to know about the LinkedIn Influence Score.

TOP 10 LinkedIn influencers in France 🇫🇷

Believe it or not, the TOP 10 French creators have an average Influence Score of 92/100, which is truly remarkable. There are a few creators in the TOP 10 who have already made a name for themselves and stood out in previous rankings, but there are also some up-and-coming rising stars. Let’s check it out :

1. Jean-Marc Jancovici

It's no surprise that our nuclear energy expert and climate activist is still making waves on LinkedIn and holding his top spot. With an audience of over 800K subscribers and counting, he's making a real impact on the platform.

2. Michel Khoury

Michel Khoury is a treasure trove of inspiration, golden advice, and good humor when it comes to matters of career progression, professional orientation, and navigating the various stages of professional life.

3. Claire Mounier-Vehier

Claire, a cardiologist and educator, offers high-value content on a topic that is still relatively unexplored on LinkedIn - medicine. She shares her knowledge and expertise, and as a bonus, she is a strong advocate for women's health.

4. Anthony Bourbon

Anthony Boubon's impact on LinkedIn is undeniable, and his following is steadily growing, with a gain of 16K followers in just the last month. As an entrepreneur, he is highly motivated and inspiring, sharing content that offers exceptional value.

5. Bruno Le Maire

No, you’re not dreaming, a politician has made it to the TOP 10 list and it's none other than Bruno Le Maire! His presence on LinkedIn has been nothing short of phenomenal and he's gaining new followers by the minute!

6. Arthur Auboeuf

Third time's a charm, here's another fantastic profile in the ecological theme! If you want to stay updated about the latest planet-saving measures, Arthur is your go-to profile! He not only shares all the news, but also inspires and motivates people with his contagious optimism while spreading awareness.

7. Mathieu Rivrin

It's a breakthrough in our TOP 10 rankings! A photographer has made it to the list for the first time ever and Mathieu's content is absolutely magnificent! He highlights the wonders of nature while creating awareness for species preservation.

8. Maxime Blondeau

Maxime is a breakout profile, having experienced a spectacular evolution over the last year on LinkedIn. As a climate activist, he shares highly impactful content on a daily basis, to raise awareness and encourage meaningful actions.

9. Thomas Wagner

Third time's a charm, here's another fantastic profile in the ecological theme! Thomas Wagner is taking LinkedIn by storm with over 100K followers and a series of buzz posts every month. He has mastered the art of LinkedIn and built a vast community of climate advocates.

10. Julia de Funès

We all know career coaching influencers, but have you heard about the sizzling new trend that's taking over? It's all about promoting well-being in the workplace, and Julia is leading the charge as the ultimate pro in this exciting field!

Who else is making an impact on LinkedIn?

There are a ton of amazing LinkedIn creators in France - we could honestly spend hours talking about them! But let's get straight to the point: Who's been absolutely killing it outside of the TOP 10? There are plenty of other LinkedIn creators who've made a huge impact lately.

Justine Roy - LinkedIn revelation

Justine was already killing it on Instagram, but decided to venture onto LinkedIn. And guess what? She picked up the platform's vibe like a pro and gained over 9K followers in just a month, starting from zero, which is totally crazy. In addition to her incredible achievements, she also advocates for an incredibly important cause on LinkedIn: empowering women. Her work encourages women to boost their self-confidence, pursue their dream careers, and raises awareness about discrimination.

Benjamin Louis - LinkedIn Inclusion advocate

We've been tracking Benjamin's journey on LinkedIn from the very beginning, and it's amazing to see how he's rallied the platform around disability awareness, the main cause he stands for. He’ super tuned when it comes to  disability policies and constantly advocates for more inclusivity. Plus, he’s strongly connected with his audience, allowing him to gain valuable insights into the latest issues surrounding disability matters. To sum it up, he's a significant LinkedIn influencer who's making a remarkable contribution towards increasing awareness!

Céline Dirani - LinkedIn top young voices

Céline is a real gem in this TOP 200. Despite still being a student, she's already running her own business in a field she's passionate about: nutrition. She uses LinkedIn to share insights on what it's like to be a young entrepreneur and how to balance academic and professional life. And the best part is, she shares all her know-how and passion about the topic that's close to her heart (healthy foodies).

Alexis Thobellem - LinkedIn buzz master

Being a buzz master isn't about making just one viral post per month. It's about striking the right balance between posting regularly and keeping the hype around your profile alive. And that's exactly what Alexis does better than anyone else in this TOP 200 list. He posts almost every day on LinkedIn and manages to pull in an average engagement per post of about 4.3K, which is seriously impressive. On top of that, his content on technological innovations is totally lit and a major trending topic on LinkedIn these days.

Maud Alavès - LinkedIn newsletter boss

Maud has been crushing it in the TOP 200 for a long time. As a LinkedIn creator, she's built up a huge following by creating awesome content and nurturing her community over time. But that's not all - she also puts in serious work behind the scenes, slaving away late into the night to produce a phenomenal newsletter. So, if you want to know the ins and outs of personal branding and audience building, her advice is seriously top notch.

The latest updates on LinkedIn content creation

LinkedIn is introducing new voices in various fields. From adventurous globetrotters to young entrepreneurs and food enthusiasts, there are so many fascinating profiles out there. If we were to highlight 3 particular trends that are making waves in France, here they are:

The popular topics on LinkedIn in France

🌱 Climate change remains a crucial topic

It's no surprise that ecology is still a major talking point on LinkedIn in France, and creators who share their thoughts on this subject are really killing it. In fact, the number one creator in the TOP is a major climate activist, and a whopping 5 out of the TOP 10 creators discuss the topic in their content. What's even more amazing is that climate advocates actually make up 12.5% of the TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators in France. Hoisting the green flag on LinkedIn is a surefire way to inspire action within companies and raise awareness about important issues like rethinking energy consumption, waste reduction, and more.

🌈 A growing focus on Inclusion and Social Impact

There are some seriously talented content creators out there who are speaking up about important inclusion topics. In fact, they make up almost 6% of the TOP 200 in France and are covering a range of important causes, from women's empowerment to disability rights and LGBT issues. Alongside the creators who are dedicated to these important causes, there are also a bunch of content creators who promote well-being at work. They're all about emphasizing the importance of healthy and inclusive work environments, which is something we can definitely get behind.

🎭 Artists and culture enthusiasts are now joining the LinkedIn game

While there are just 3 creators in the TOP 200 who work in art or cultural fields, it seems that this is only the beginning as LinkedIn is constantly evolving and embracing new forms of creative expression. And one artist who's really making a mark is Bam Graffeur, a graffiti artist with over 20K followers on LinkedIn. It's exciting to see this new wave of artistic expression on the platform and we can expect to see more artists rising to the forefront in the coming months.

Students are leaving their mark on LinkedIn

It's great to see students speaking up on LinkedIn, whether to discuss their entrepreneurial projects, professional ambitions, or issues related to student life.

Having more student LinkedIn creators on LinkedIn can make it less intimidating and more welcoming for younger audiences. Plus, it can also help older audiences get a better understanding of what student life is all about. This is great news for managers who want to improve the work environment and support their interns or work-study trainees.

Sirine Bozetine is one of the most gifted student creators on LinkedIn. With an impressive ability to balance her studies, work, and personal projects, she's quickly made a name for herself and become a rising star with loads of engagement on her posts. Even though she’s still a micro influencer (12K followers), she’s managed to break into the TOP 200.

How to reach the TOP 200 LinkedIn Creators?

If you've ever wondered how to make it into the prestigious TOP 200 on LinkedIn and if it's a goal you're aiming for, it's time to get started, it's a very rewarding adventure. So take this advice : create authentic content, listen to your community, keep up with your industry trends, and track your LinkedIn performance.

Monitor your LinkedIn metrics and rise to the TOP

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