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TOP 7 Fashion Bloggers

Anna Wintour should be worried because these influencers are fashion experts.

March 16, 2022

They are always the first ones to know about the latest fashion trends. They also have the most stylish outfits and know how to pair clothes like no one else. That’s not it! They are excellent writers. This is why it can be interesting to work with fashion bloggers. Most of them have an audience on Instagram but they also have a blog, which means that if you are featured in one of their blog posts, it could improve your SEO. Moreover, they usually are experts in fashion as they always keep an eye on the news to make sure they are the first ones to talk about a certain topic.

1. Withloveleena

Favikon score 5/5


Leena Snoubar is an influencer with 1.2M followers. She likes to share posts about fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Leena is a fan of warm tones such as beige, light pink, brown, etc. Her blog is very professional and she also has a YouTube channel. And on top of that, she has a perfect Favikon score of 5 and an excellent engagement rate of 2.20%.

2. Hafymo

Favikon score: 4.3/5


Watch out for this girl! Hafsah isn’t afraid to wear neon colors or eccentric patterns. She exudes self-confidence and we bet she could pull off any crazy outfits. She is very active on Instagram and posts a lot of fun Reels that you can get inspiration from. Hafsah has an excellent Favikon score of 4.3 and an engagement rate of 6.58%.

3. Joaoreis

Favikon score: 4.3/5


Joaoreis is an influencer and fashion blogger from Portugal. His looks always seem effortless yet he looks very stylish. He also loves to share about his different travels. He has an excellent Favikon score of 4.3 and a very good engagement rate of 9.76%. Moreover, he has a very good audience quality.

4. Justkawana

Favikon score : 3.7/5


Another iconic woman! Kawana is a fashion blogger and influencer with 7.7k followers, a great Favikon score of 3.7, and a very good engagement rate of 5.91%. She posts regularly on her blog about her outfit ideas, her fashion and beauty tips, etc. She is also quite active on Instagram and loves to do Reels.

5. Kuyetbamai

Favikon score: 3.4/5


Kuyet Bamai is a fashion blogger and art director, so he definitely has an eye for details. Always elegant, he is also a huge fan of hats. His Instagram feed will please anyone that loves aesthetically pleasing content. Kuyet is also a photographer, which definitely helps him to create amazing content.

6. Etrebyclara

Favikon score: 3.1/5


This girl is a working girl, as she is an influencer, blogger, and personal shopper. Her content on Instagram is always high quality. She is always elegant and wears a lot of neutral tones. She has a high Favikon score of 3.1.

7. Mettiforssell

Favikon score: 3.1/5


Metti is a blogger and content creator from Finland. She has a very aesthetically pleasing feed on Instagram. Just like her Instagram content, her blog is very professional and high quality. Besides sharing her passion for fashion, she loves to share pictures of her trips or moments she spends with her family.

Although blogs are less popular than they were a few years ago, it can still be interesting to work with bloggers. First because they often also have an Instagram where they can share and exchange with their community and secondly because if they post on your blog, your brand will appear in more Google searches.