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TOP 10 Brazilian Micro-Influencers

Fitness Influencers, Makeup Artists, Travel Vlogger... Our TOP Brazilian Influencers is full of surprises!

November 22, 2021

From fitness fanatics to makeup artists, these micro-influencers are full of creativity and motivation! They are talented artists longing to share their passion and experiences with their community. Ready to discover who are these stars amongst Brazilian micro-influencers? Then let's go! ⚡️

Maddu Cabral


Favikon Score: 5/5

Maddu Cabral has a perfect 5/5 Favikon Score! This micro-influencer sure knows how to share good quality content. Her engagement rate reached 22%, and her account growth topped 25%. From casual holiday posts to gym content, Maddu often presents different outfits with her community. Her account revolves around fitness, lifestyle, and dance! She even created different story sections for various workout routines. What a pro!

João Victor Ferreira


Favikon Score: 5/5

With 30K followers, Joao reaches a perfect Favikon score of 5/5. As a Brazilian influencer, more than 90% of his audience is located in Brazil 🇧🇷. Our gem is a model and a fitness lover from Rio de Janeiro, and guess what? He also has a TikTok account with more than 90k followers. To top it all, he also has a tremendous following ratio of 51 followers for one account followed.

Alex Dias


Favikon Score: 5/5

Give it up for this makeup artist! This 16y/o young man already reached 36.7k followers! He embraces his creativity and shares his favorite makeup looks with his community. Hey, don't be fooled by his young age! Alex is very organized and knows exactly how influence works: he has different stories like tutorials, tips, backstage, etc. Let's not forget that he has a great audience quality score of A+ and great content diversity (3/4).

James Santos


Favikon Score: 5/5

With 14.6k followers, James Santos reaches a perfect Favikon Score on his Instagram audit. A fitness fanatic and a TikTok creator, James has a 9.39% engagement rate, an excellent saturation rate, and a great audience quality with only 3.6% suspicious audience. Great job! 👏

Jacqueline Almeida


Favikon Score: 5/5

Here is our favorite runner! Jacqueline has 34K followers, a 5/5 Favikon Score, and a 9.7% growth rate. Her feed? She enjoys sharing her routine, achievements, fitness wear favorites, and runner tips with her audience. This micro-influencer enriches her content by alternating from posting pictures to posting videos.

Aline Patriarca


Favikon Score: 4,9/5

We have a model! And a fun one. 😁 Aline enjoys posing with new outfits and sharing new looks. This influencer is already an ambassador of two brands (hair and fitness), so you can be sure she has experience when it comes to collabs. With an excellent Favikon score, Aline combines great account growth (+3.9%) and an excellent engagement rate (5.16%). She is gaining visibility, but by being active and engaging with her audience, she also has a strong community presence.

Victor Fiorenza


Favikon Score: 4,9/5

Another amazing Favikon Score! Let's say this influencer is… quite fit. Victor has already done a few partnerships, so if you plan to contact him for a collab, you can be sure he knows how to present professional commercial content. He has a growing following ratio and engagement rate (12.83%), resulting in a following ratio of 30 followers for one user followed. He also organized his stories by theme such as trips, food, partners, etc.

Jorge Diogo


Favikon Score: 4,7/5

Here comes the second makeup artist of our TOP 🤩. Jorge is an amazing creator who loves to vary his content while keeping a consistent feed. Supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, his message is all about inclusivity, acceptance and kindness. Reckless, extravagant and confident, Jorge is all about inspiring his community of 19.6K followers. He has a Favikon score of 4.7/5 with a great engagement rate of 9.9%, excellent hashtag quality and only 5.5% suspicious audience.

Bruna Visconti


Favikon Score: 4,7/5

Welcome Bruna to our TOP Brazilian micro-influencers! Let's have a look at her feed: a mix of fitness, nutrition, healthy routine, and motivational speeches. Bruna shares her fitness and diet routines, loves to encourage her audience, and... Surprise! She is a dentist! She has a good 5.5% engagement rate, an excellent comment:like ratio (1 comment for every 16 likes), and great account activity of around 13 posts in the last 30 days! Great job Bruna!

Aisla Maximo


Favikon Score: 4,6/5

And last but not least, Aisla will be closing our TOP! This Brazilian micro-influencer loves fashion and makeup! Her content is very regular since she has a good account activity, a great content diversity score of 3/4, and only 3.7% of her audience is suspicious. She includes a caption for each post, followed by a few hashtags, resulting in a perfect hashtag quality score. P.S: She is a blogger!

That's all for our TOP Brazilian Micro-Influencers! If you enjoyed reading all about these awesome accounts, have a look at our other TOPs and stay tuned for the upcoming ones 👀