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Top French Influencers on LinkedIn

Discover the top 200 LinkedIn creators in France, showcasing innovative content and expertise in various fields.

April 4, 2024
Justine Castany

On LinkedIn, influencers hold a prominent place, playing a key role in steering conversations and shaping industries. These select few, true authorities in their field, garner the enthusiasm of thousands of followers who eagerly track their journeys. Their unparalleled expertise makes them indispensable figures for those seeking inspiration and knowledge in the professional world. Whether seasoned executives or emerging creators, these profiles stand out as leaders of influence, setting trends and fostering exchanges. Join us as we explore the profiles of these remarkable individuals, showcasing the power of influence on LinkedIn. Before diving into the list, let's explore the fundamentals of influence on LinkedIn. If you'd like to go straight to the list, here it is!

How does Favikon rank influencers?

It's important to note that this list is not solely based on the number of followers on LinkedIn. Indeed, this can be a misleading measure of influence. That's why at Favikon, we use an influence score that takes into account several factors, including audience size, account growth, and engagement levels. The most successful influencers receive higher scores, allowing for an assessment of their true impact on the platform. We have developed a handy infographic to provide an overview of our scoring system, based on artificial intelligence, to help you quickly identify the most relevant influencers for your strategy. Whether you're a content creator looking to enhance your influence or a brand eager to collaborate with the most impactful influencers, Favikon is the ideal tool to navigate the dynamic world of influence on social media

Let's now move on to the list of the top 200 LinkedIn influencers based on their Favikon influence score. Here are the top LinkedIn influencers in 2024

1. Anthony Bourbon

Anthony Bourbon is an entrepreneur and investor known for his involvement in startups. He is the founder of Blast. Club and Feed. He has appeared as a juror on 'Qui Veut Être Mon Associé' on M6 and is an active investor in various startups. With a background in healthy nutrition and a strong belief in meritocracy, Anthony advocates for hard work, passion, ambition, determination, and resilience. He has invested in over 50 startups and authored a book titled 'Forcez votre destin.'

LinkedIn Followers: 366.2k

Favikon Authority Score: 385 pts

2. Michel Khoury

Michel Khoury is a motivational speaker and career coach who shares insights on personal development, management, and communication. With a background in humanitarian work and entrepreneurship, he aims to empower individuals to achieve their professional goals. He has a strong online presence with over 600,000 followers on social media platforms, offering optimism and support to those pursuing their career aspirations. Khoury's expertise in business and personal growth has earned him recognition as a top influencer in France.

LinkedIn Followers: 310.1k

Favikon Authority Score: 540 pts

3. Maxime Blondeau

Maxime Blondeau is an entrepreneur, teacher and speaker who currently resides in Brittany with his family. He is interested in the relationships between technology, civilization and territories, and teaches at various universities such as Sciences Po Paris, Centrale Nantes, Centrale Supélec and the École des Mines. He has also co-initiated several projects including the Printemps Écologique and Sailcoop, and founded Alma Mater, a consulting company that supports public and private organizations. He shares various representations of territories, views of satellites, and occasionally reacts to events or shares works he admires on his social media.

LinkedIn Followers: 119.2k

Favikon Authority Score: 244 pts

4. Claire Mounier-Vehier

Claire Mounier-Vehier is a cardiologist at CHU Lille with a passion for advocating and raising awareness about women's heart health. She is a professor in Vascular Medicine at the University of Lille and is dedicated to reducing the inequality in cardiovascular diseases between men and women. Claire emphasizes the importance of prevention and lifestyle changes in reducing the risk of heart diseases. She has developed a comprehensive care program for women's heart health and actively engages in conferences to educate both the public and healthcare professionals.

LinkedIn Followers: 155.3k

Favikon Authority Score: 247 pts

5. Benjamin Louis

Benjamin Louis is actively engaged in the field of disabilities, particularly focused on visual impairment due to his personal experience as a visually impaired individual. As the founder of Coeur Handisport, he is dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity in sports for individuals with disabilities. Through his work, he aims to raise awareness, initiate discussions, and drive positive change in the community. Benjamin's efforts also extend to advocating for accessible healthcare services and promoting the talents of individuals overcoming physical challenges.

LinkedIn Followers: 139.6k

Favikon Authority Score: 212 pts

6. Salomé Saqué

Salomé Saqué is a journalist and author focusing on economics, social inequalities, poverty, ecology, and women's rights. She is known for her book 'Sois jeune et tais-toi'. Through her work, she aims to raise awareness about key societal issues and promote gender equality. Saqué actively engages in discussions surrounding feminism and the empowerment of women, advocating for fair working conditions, equal pay, and shared household responsibilities. Her insightful commentary and dedication to social causes make her a prominent voice in the media landscape.

LinkedIn Followers: 146.2k

Favikon Authority Score: 476 pts

7. Gabriel Attal

Gabriel Attal is a French politician and the current Minister Delegate for Public Accounts in France. He is a member of the La République En Marche! party and has also served as the Municipal Councilor of Vanves. Attal has been actively involved in the political arena and has contributed to several reforms and changes in the country. He has focused on topics such as budget management, social welfare, and tackling drug trafficking. Attal is also an advocate for gender equality and has worked towards promoting paternity leave and parental rights.

LinkedIn Followers: 232.2k

Favikon Authority Score: 475 pts

8. Jean-Marc Jancovici

Jean-Marc Jancovici is a Founding Partner at Carbone 4 and President of The Shift Project. With over 20 years of experience in climate change and energy transition, he is a renowned consultant in low carbon transition, a prominent figure in the NGO sector, a professor, and a published author. His expertise in the field is reflected in his various roles and contributions to the discourse on sustainability and environmental issues.

LinkedIn Followers: 1.1m

Favikon Authority Score: 307 pts

9. Ruben Hassid

Ruben Hassid started his career in the electronic music industry and scaled two techno music labels, reaching more than 7M views on YouTube & Soundcloud. After the Covid episode, he shifted his focus towards branding and building audiences for others, joining Trade Republic in the Fintech industry where he doubled their socials on Twitter & Instagram in just six months. Ruben left Trade Republic and started his own journey, spending most of his days learning about AI applications. He is now an AI enthusiast and branding expert, consistently growing his audience on LinkedIn and gathering his favorite creators in a group.

LinkedIn Followers: 353.4k

Favikon Authority Score: 319 pts

10. Caroline Mignaux

Caroline Mignaux is a growth marketer and the co-founder of Refer. She is a LinkedIn Top Voice 2022, and the host of the "Marketing Square" podcast. With extensive knowledge in integrated marketing strategy, branding, growth and performance hacking, affiliate marketing, website management, and more, Caroline is dedicated to finding the best opportunities for growth for various businesses. Her podcast features talented guests from the marketing, sales, and entrepreneurship industries who share their best growth marketing methods. Caroline's approach to marketing is centered on inbound methods, which attract clients by creating quality content that answers their questions and concerns.

LinkedIn Followers: 112k

Favikon Authority Score: 438 pts

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