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TOP 10 student influencers in the U.S.

Discover the Top student influencers in the U.S. for a fantastic back to school! Get to know them, their passions, and their content!

September 8, 2021

This young influencer is full of creativity! She is passionate about music and acting; thus, she posts many videos where she sings and participates in concerts. Her feed goes from casual posts and art-related content to targeted partnerships.


Brad is a Harvard student and influencer! He is mainly known for his TikToks and has started to gain more visibility on Instagram. He has an excellent engagement rate and posts very diverse content revolving. His posts mostly show him singing, dancing, or sharing gymnastics and student life hacks humorously.


This female student influencer is an Instagrammer, and her feed gives very much summer vibes! She shares diverse content showcasing different fits, locations as well as other hobbies! Did you know? She's a soccer champion!


The American influencer Emma has an excellent +4 Favikon score! She poses in all her posts, sharing sunny and happy vibes. You can discover her taste in music in her stories!


Meet Marcelo, an amazing TikToker! He casually shares humorous dancing videos with his friends and family. His content is regularly uploaded in English and Spanish (you guessed it, he is Latino-American!).


Here comes our favorite med student! This exceptional influencer shares student tips to help her audience with their studies and lifestyle. Her content contains notes, workouts, habits, student tools, and many other great ideas! Her captions are well constructed and complete since she develops her ideas and discusses with her audience through the comments. She is also secretly in love with charcuterie boards and coffee, which she shares in her stories! (she also shares stories in which she posts her Q&As!).


Gabi is an Instagrammer with a fantastic 4,1 Favikon score! She loves to communicate with her audience and created a fanart story section. This influencer shares her passion for music through pictures and videos. She also posts other simple activities she enjoys doing, like cooking and spending time with her family!


Aleah is a student, gymnast, and influencer! She has an excellent account activity, and her content varies from casual student pictures to gymnastics videos and photos of practice sessions and competitions!


Sylvia is an Instagram influencer with experience! She posts very regularly, shares various types of content, and has already done many collabs’. She also shares shots she takes with different photographers! Sylvia loves changing styles from street and fit wear to hipster and skater vibes.


Ellie is a talented Instagrammer and TikToker! She is a fashion passionate college student that loves to create original content and has already done a few partnerships. This influencer likes to share her outfits and advises her community on outfit jewelry associations, skincare routines, life hacks, etc. She has a consistent feed on both platforms that follows an aesthetic and simplistic vibe.