Olivia Culpo x Revolve - VIYF #14

The top 10 influencer campaigns this week in the world. In our feed: actors from a famous netflix's show, healthy milkshakes and back to school outfits!

August 6, 2021
Nina Lipzyc

The top 10 influencer campaigns this week in the world.

In our feed: actors from a famous netflix's show, healthy milkshakes and back to school outfits!

@madelyncline x marcjacobsfragrances 🇺🇸

The beautiful actress Madelyn promotes the Marc Jacobs perfume while highlighting the “body positivity” and self-love message!

@venedaacarter x pilgrimjewelry 🇩🇰

Stylist and influencer Venedaa Carter promotes the new Danish Jewelry collection with a little selfie!

@carolinereceveur x braun_france 🇫🇷

When we say Summer, you say... sunbathing! But beware, we know that tanning can damage your skin; that's why you have to prepare well before exposure. Thankfully Caroline Receveur, and her flawless skin, will advise us with Braun🧴

@anttonracca x soshape 🇫🇷

He tricked 9 tiktokers in drinking a calorie-free soshape milkshape!

Slimming products are often perceived as fake, so this tiktoker planned two tricks to promote Soshape, a drink that tastes exactly like a regular milkshake with obviously not the same amount of calories!🥤


On a piégé des tiktokeurs avec @soshape ! #AD

♬ son original - Antton Racca

@mollymaehague x lauramercier

For a “flawless” makeup, influencer Molly promotes Laura Mercier's new products 💄


#ad Testing out the new Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser Oil Free (shade Tawny) 🤍 Lightweight coverage and blurs pores! @lauramercier #mymercier

♬ VANO3000 Adult Swim DnB version by Waypoint - Waypoint

@jasondurelo x mintapp 🇺🇸

Jason Durelo has become a real Tiktok fan! He signed a partnership to promote an app that manages your spendings 💵! Looks like it worked for him; he was able to buy a rocket! 🚀


#ad @mintapp is out of this world. Download the Mint app to help you achieve your financial goals.

♬ FEEL THE GROOVE - Queens Road, Fabian Graetz

@derya.tavas x Reebook 🇩🇪

An original and creative collaboration! For this collab, influencer and artist Derya designed a city with Reebooks's footprints! We love the concept 🎨👟


#Ad Today’s drawing is inspired by the beautiful Reebok Club C Double GEO 🤍 @reebok #clubcdoublegeo #art #challege

♬ original sound - 𝖎𝖓𝖉𝖎𝖎

@madsbaileybabe x american eagle 🇺🇸

We're still on holiday... yet the back-to-school campaigns have already started! The actress Mads participates in the American Eagle campaign with her Outer-Banks co-star Chase Stokes and tiktok star Addison Rae! 👖


check us outttt! love this crew for the new @americaneagle Back-to-School campaign #aepartner #aejeans

♬ original sound - Maddie L Bailey

@Olivia Culpo x Revolve 🇺🇸

The charming former Miss Universe has gone on a trip to Italy for Revolve! Amalfi: influencers' n°1 destination... everyone's holiday dream location!

@santiandmikay x kfc

This influencer couple never fails to make us laugh! We all have our mood swings when we're hungry, so he promoted KFC's chicken burger by imitating his wife! What about you? What are you like when hangry? 🍗

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