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The 10 most influential campaigns you shouldn't miss this week. In our feed: tennis, mini series and pizza!

June 4, 2021
Nina Lipzyc

The 10 most influential campaigns you shouldn't miss this week

In our feed: tennis, mini series and pizza 🍕

@irismittenaeremf x Prime Video / Roland Garros 🇫🇷

Roland Garros, the event of the year for tennis fans, has launched a brand new concept in Paris: the night sessions that can be found on Prime Video live! Iris, the former Miss Universe, is pleased to announce the news by posing for the camera with a tennis racket in hand! Dj Martin Solveig also made the promo by making a clip with a lot of other influencers! Let's watch a match? 🎾

@harryjowsey x Boohoo 🇺🇸

The Australian reality TV contestant is known for being a heartthrob! Obviously for his collaboration with Boohoo on Tiktok. He can't help but play on humor and his reputation! 😎

@juanpazurita x Be.wyse 🇲🇽

A desire to travel and escape? That's what Juan Pazurita offers, a dive training to get a freediving license with Be.Wyse 🤿 🌊

@domenechcaro x Pantene 🇦🇷

Actress and influencer straight from Argentina, she regularly promotes Pantene products by revealing her beauty secrets for sublimated hair! 💇🧴 x Ysl beauty 🇦🇺

Your fragrance is your signature! It's well known! This influencer swears by Yves Saint Laurent for her beauty products, it goes without saying that she endorsed for the famous Black Opium by YSL 💋

@swayla x Magic Spoon 🇺🇸

Influencer collective Sway House have launched a limited edition cereal with the Magic Spoon brand with two new flavors! You can find illustrations of these Tik Tok stars on the boxes! They're swimming in cereal 🥣

@noahBeck x Tinder 🇺🇸

Following the model of teen dramas, Tinder launched a 90069 mini-series on Youtube with tiktokers like Noah Beck! As an ambassador, he promotes it on his Tiktok account. Between love stories and California, this partnership has everything of an American series 📺


will @markellwashington1 keep sniffing rasberries on set?? check out episode 2 of 90069 on @tinder youtube to find out! #tinderambassador

♬ original sound - noah beck

@how.kev.eats x Pizzahut 🇺🇸

This food reviewer on Tik Tok and food enthusiast loves to post videos of himself eating 🍽 and he endorses Pizza Hut! 🍕Warning his post will make you hungry.

@freddiemercurythecat x Elevate 🇦🇺

It's important to take care of yourself and this little cat has it all figured out! As a good influencer he's engaging his community to be mindful of their diet with the kibble brand Elevate 🐱

@kri.sha_ x Blend Jet 🇮🇳

With the arrival of summer, what's better than sipping on a smoothie? 🍓 This Indian lifestyle influencer is an ambassador for the blender brand, Blend Jet! She shares her own smoothie recipes!

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